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From Russia With Muaythai Power

9 Nov

by Patrick Cusick (The Nation) (2004-11-09)

Siberian muaythai powerhouse “The Terminator Khickhenko says his quest for a world muaythai championship is more a matter of Siberian pride rather than any personal achievement.

And he says he would welcome a superfight with British champ Wakeling, Australian John Wayne Parr or Thailand’s legend Jongsanan Fairtex who’s living in San Francisco.

“In Serbia there are many who like to fight muaythai – it is the test of our courage as a people and shows our determination to win as a nation even when much of the world doesn’t know where we are. There’s a lot of Siberian pride …that’s just the way we are.

Khickhenko has yet to be defeated in muaythai and he has fought compatriots all over Russia.

“It’s hard to stay at the top in Siberia and Russia, it’s very completive but that keeps us strong.

It was expected that the former Soviet States of Russia, Kazakhstan, and The Ukraine would dominate the world muaythai championships held in Bangkok (November).

However, the Eastern European fighters didn’t dominate and were pushed hard by the Europeans and the strong teams from Australia and the USA.

The bridge between the Thais and the rest of the world continues to narrow. But unlike in Thailand where the sport is dominated by men, on a global scale women are embracing muaythai equally as it is regarded as ideal sport for fitness and one of the best techniques for self-defense.

And while most men have more power, more women are demonstrating strong resolved and overall fighting skills in the heat of full contact ring combat.

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