“Big Bang” end for Lumpinee Stadium

22 Feb

by Fairtex (2005-02-22)

Lumpinee Stadium – the great bastion arena of muaythai – celebrated its last anniversary on November 7 with a superfight card that brings together the best of Thailand’s professional fighters.

The event billed as “Super Tuesday�? marked 51 years of history for the historic Lumpinee stadium which will close its doors as a premier ring arena early next year to make way for a new modern venue at Lunlinchee 3, Trok Chan.

The stadium called on all its promoters to “bring out their best �?for Lumpinee’s “Big Bang�? farewell. And the hundreds of thousands of muaythai fans were rapt, as the event of the century featured a 13 all-star card with the best fights going live on Channel 5.

In the fight night of the century Singdum Giat Muh (128 lbs), the fighter who has taken on all challenges with a long winning streak, showed again why he is the best.

Keow Fairtex (122 lbs), considered one of the most gifted fighters of modern times, failed by just one point to beat Pet Manee.

And the sensational Orono Majestic Gym (127) who giving away a two pounds advantage to Yodborgngam Lookbunya lost out in what was a titanic showdown.

All 26 fighters on the card were in the elite league of muaythai.

Lumpinee Stadium set new standards for muaythai when it opened for the first time in 1953 – five years after rival Rajadamnern stadium was built. With the arrival of the Lumpinee venue – and the revision of the national rules and regulations including five-round contests – muaythai set new standards of professionalism, which enabled the sport to evolve as a contest of skill and not just stamina.

Today Muaythai is not only the national sport of Thailand it is an important part of Thai culture. More recently, the sport has shot into international recognition and is bidding for Olympic Games status.

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