WBC Muay Thai for the World

10 Mar

by Patrick Cusick (The Nation) (2005-03-10)

WBC MUAYTHAI is a division of the World Boxing Council and recognized by the Sports Authority of Thailand as the official sanctioning body for muaythai rankings, championships and world titles.

The Chairman of the WBC MUAYTHAI is Pol.Gen.Kovid Bhakdibhumi, Vice-president of the World Boxing Council and President of the Asian Boxing Council.

WBC MUAYTHAI purpose is provide an appropriate and reputable international organization to service the growing popularity and international competition of MUAYTHAI through official rankings and world championship title events.

The primary objective of WBC MUAYTHAI is to promote MUAYTHAI internationally as an acclaimed and popular fighting art, and to foster MUAYTHAI as an elite ring sport with the highest levels of professional competition.

The mission of WBC MUAYTHAI is to develop and expand muaythai worldwide to ensure that muaythai evolves as the world’s premier fighting art par excellence.

WBC MUAYTHAI official rankings in all divisions – and the sanctioning of the muaythai championship events worldwide – ensures ensure that those who excel in the Thai fighting art (in particular talented young fighters) will be given every opportunity to enter into the highest levels of professional MUAYTHAI competition.

• Rankings – responsible for divisional classification of muaythai boxers worldwide to ensure that competition is held fairly and with the criteria as determined by the WBC MUAYTHAI and the Sports Authority of Thailand.
• Events – responsible for the supervision of all international competition and events sanctioned by the WBC MUAYTHAI.
• Rules and Regulations – responsible for the enactment of the official rules and regulations as stipulated in the “Rules and Regulations�? for MUAYTHAI as approved by The Sports Authority of Thailand.
• Media and Communications – responsible for all media and publicity.

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