Dutch Politicians with Fairtex Equipment

19 Mar

by EurAsia, The Netherlands (2005-03-19)

The opening of the 5th Fairtex decorated Professional Boxing & Muay Thai location in the cities of The Hague,Leidschendam and Wassenaar, The Netherlands was again a big event.

The new location in Leidschendam was financed for over € 300.000by the municipality. From the beginning the well-known manager Harry van der Hulst(boxing trainer) created a success and in a short period hundreds of “street kids�? began to train.

Fairtex Netherlands, headed by Mr. Arnaud van der Veere, provided all equipment to the gyms and assisted on promoting Muay Thai sport.The positive results soon reached the ears of the Government.

A group of high ranked officials and members of the Government from the “House of Lords�? (in Dutch 2de kamer) soon visited the location to see with there own eyes as the results of their finance to help grow the Muay Thai sport. And impressed they were.

For more details on the gym, please visit http://www.wassenaarseboksschool.nl/pagina9.html

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