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25 Mar

by Martha Bakerjian, sanfrancisco.about.com (2005-03-25)

The first thing my instructor told me is “in Thailand Muay Thai boxing is done for money, here we do it for self-defense, conditioning, and fun.” I was skeptical about the fun part, but was pleasantly surprised. Not only is it great exercise but it was different from anything I had ever tried and I really enjoyed it!

The Introductory Class
When you first come to the gym, you will get a few introductory classes until you are comfortable enough to join the regular class. The introductory class is done one-on-one with one of the instructors. Class starts with ten minutes of jump rope and warming up. Then the instructor wrapped my hands with wraps (yours to keep) that are included in the cost of your first class (currently $10).

Then we were ready to start. He first instructed me in the basic stance and movements. Then we went into left-right punches, left knee kicks, right knee kicks, and finally right leg kicks. Once we had practiced each of these individually, I got to put on the gloves and really try out the moves as he called them out to me, constantly correcting me and helping me until I got it right.

Classes and Schedule
Muay Thai classes are taught by several professional instructors. Professionals train here as well as people who just enjoy the workout, all levels are welcome. The schedule includes Open Gym, Muay Thai – all levels, Muay Thai – levels 1 and 2, children’s and teenager’s Muay Thai, jiu jitsu – all levels, fighter training, boxing – all levels, sparring, conditioning, hatha yoga, and pilates.

You can choose a monthly plan that allows you to take any Muay Thai classes or a plan that allows you to take all classes offered. Both plans include an unlimited number of classes per month and cost less if you pay for more months at once. Classes are offered Mondays – Saturdays and the schedule is on the web site.

Fairtex Muaythai Fitness
Location: 132-140 Hawthorne Street (South of Market, near Harrison). They also have a shop there.
1-888-FAIRTEX (888-324-7839) or 415-777-5888
Hours: Monday and Wednesday, 7AM-8:30PM
Tuesday and Thursday, 10AM-8:30PM
Friday, 7AM-7:30PM
Saturday, 10AM-4PM

For complete article, please visit http://sanfrancisco.about.com/od/gymshealthclubs/fr/thaifitness.htm.

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