Fairtex Muaythai Fitness Named One of the “Best Gyms in Asia”

15 Apr

by Robert Crowe, lifestyle + travel Magazine (2005-04-15)

Gyms have come a long way in Asia.From the token cycling machine and treadmill in a hotel to mega-gyms rivaling their US and European counterparts, there are no shortage of hotel, chain, and independent gymnasiums in which to pump some iron, improve your cardio stamina, join a tae-bo or Bikram yoga class, sweat in a steam room or sauna, or simply swill a fruit shale.lifestyle + travel lists some of the choice venues in Phuket, Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore, Shanghai and Seoul.

Fairtex Muay Thai Training Camp

Along with being one of the world’s most popular and exciting ring sports Muay Thai – the national sport and part of the cultural heritage of Thailand – is fast evolving into a fashionable lifestyle sport.

There are many Muay Thai training camps scattered throughout the Kingdom, but only Fairtex provides traditional Thai training techniques with international standard facilities and live-in accommodation.Martial arts and fitness enthusiasts travel from around the world to spend a week, a month, or more learning Muay Thai while also gaining optimum fitness in the camaraderie of a traditional Muay Thai camp.

According to Mr. Philip Wong, chairman and founder of Fairtex, Muay Thai has become so popular internationally that many people cherish the opportunity of coming to Thailand to experience first hand its traditions and ring craft.“Fairtex represents the traditions and culture of Muay Thai in our training and environment, but we also offer quality fitness training and modern facilities.�?

Fairtex accommodation includes comfortable single and double rooms (with and without bunks), and training facilities include a cluster of rings for sparring, person-to-person tuition, crafted quality bags for kick, knee and elbow strike training, a cool fresh water swimming pool, as well as aerobic and stretch classes with fitness balls.There’s an advanced gymnasium with digital running machines, weights and all the latest training machines.

Fairtex has a sister camp in San Francisco, CA which also provides a popular base for those seeking a fitness lifestyle through Muay Thai athletics, power strikes and ring combat skills.American Jessie Dencklou had some success with amateur boxing in Iowa, before turning his skills to kickboxing.But it wasn’t until he trained at Muay Thai at Fairtex that he got an understanding of his true potential in martial arts and ring craft.

“When you train hard twice a day at Fairtex you get to know the skills and techniques that give a certain confidence… the edge,�? he explained.Jessie is spending several months with Fairtex in Bangkok and wants to become a Muay Thai instructor: “I like the sport and culture of Muay Thai – it’s special.�?

Fairtex is home for master trainer and living legend, Apidej Sit-Hirun, who’s regarded as the greatest Muay Thai fighter of all time due to his outstanding kicking skills.In the 1950s and 60s, Apidej was worshipped by the crowds.Witnesses of this Muay Thai ‘superman’ recall that the power in his kicks could be heard (and felt) in the back seats of the stadium as he defeated the best of the day.For more than a decade, he was Bangkok’s Lumpini stadium’s undisputed champion.Today, Apidej trains the Fairtex elite fighters and rising stars, as well as giving one-on-one tuition to visiting foreigners training in the camp.

According to Apidej, the worldwide popularity of Muay Thai results not just from the unarmed combat skills of the ring but form the cultural traditions which he considers a living art form: “The Thai fighting style has a wonderful free flowing form – attack with impregnable defense.To be good at Muay Thai, you need a combination of skilful technique and fitness and that’s what you get at Fairtex.�?

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