Fairtex – Taking Muaythai into 21st Century

20 Apr

by Magazine, Thailand’s Feature Guide (2005-04-20)

Fairtex Muaythai Fitness is an elite training center that is taking Thailand’s fighting art and cultural heritage into the 21st century.

The international standard facilities at Fairtex include the latest training equipment, muaythai, boxing and martial arts.As well, there’s a modern gymnasium with state-of-the art equipment for fitness and weight reduction, a bodywork pavilion for aerobics and fitball and a fresh water swimming pool.

At Fairtex you can experience a new level of vitality and advanced training in the atmosphere and excitement of a famous muaythai camp.

The Fairtex center – located at Bangpleeyai Samutprakarn – has a stable of champion trainers who provide personal tuition in muaythai, ring combat and krabi krabong – Thailand’s weapon martial art in an idyllic garden setting.

Martial artists and fitness enthusiasts travel to Fairtex Thailand from all countries around the world to spend a week, a month or more to learn the skills of authentic muaythai.

Fairtex provides training at all levels for all ages.As well, the Fairtex experienced trainers – many of them former champions – provide expert guidance for those preparing for amateur and professional fights.

According to Mr. Philip Wong, chairman and founder of Fairtex, muaythai has become so popular internationally that many people are cherishing the opportunity of coming to Thailand to experience the traditions, culture and ring skills of muaythai.

Mr. Wong’s passion and mission in life to expand the knowledge and culture of muaythai to the world, and he personally welcomes all muaythai champions, professionals, amateurs and the many international visitors who come to Fairtex Muaythai Fitness to learn muaythai from the Fairtex one-on-one trainers.

Fairtex Muaythai Fitness has daily training classes in yoga stretch, fitball, and various aerobics workouts – all designed to compliment the traditional muaythai training which is the core of the Fairtex legacy that has a proud 30 years history.

The Fairtex Bangplee Yai center has evolved into a muaythai icon for Thailand.For more than three decades several of Thailand’s most outstanding champions have come from the Fairtex camp and today a strong stable of Fairtex fighters challenge the best at Bangkok’s top stadiums.

Some of the world’s famous martial arts champions have come from the Fairtex group with over 25 Bangkok stadium and world champions.They include Jongsanan “The Wooden Man�? , Nuengsiam “The Rock�?, Yoknoi, George Tsutuis and Jean Claude Leuyer.

Head trainer at Fairtex Muaythai Fitness is Apidej Sit-Hirun who’e regarded as one of the greatest muaythai fighters of all time.For two decades – during the 1950’s and 60’s – Apidej was unbeatable.

At the Samutprakarn Fairtex Muaythai Fitness there is resort-style accommodation in rooms for singles, couples and groups including all amenities and meals.

Training facilities include person-to-person tuition with the elite of muaythai professional teachers, Master trainer at Fairtex Muaythai Fitness is Apidej Sit-Hirun who’s regarded as the greatest muaythai trainer of all time.For more than a decade he was Lumpinee stadium’s undisputed champion and virtually unbeatable.Apidej and other personal trainers provide one-on-one instructions to visiting foreigners training in the Fairtex camp.

According to Apidej the worldwide popularity of muaythai results not just from the unarmed combat skills of the ring but also from the cultural traditions, which he considers is a living art form.

The training center has high quality bags for kick workouts; knee and elbow strike training, and a fresh water swimming pool for relaxing and cooling down.The modern gymnasium has advanced equipment including digital programmed running machines and personally supervised weight programs for optimum muscle resistance.

What differentiates Fairtex Muaythai Fitness from a normal muaythai training camp is its unique stable of profession trainers who provide one-on-one tuition in the Thai fighting skills of muaythai combat.

Both live-in and day visitors receive personal instruction into the skills and rigors of muaythai, as well as instruction in other bodyworks including krabi krabong weapons combat, stretch exercise, aerobics and weights.

The personal trainers compliment the state-of-the art fitness facilities at the Fairtex center which includes professional boxing rings, highest quality equipment, modern gymnasium and training pavilion.

Fairtex is one of the few traditional muaythai training centers that provide classes in Thailand’s weapons martial arts called krabi-krabong.Fairtex teaches this ancient fighting technique of swords, body weaponry and the battlefield skills from a direct lineage of the Swordmanship Institute of Ayutthaya.

Along with muaythai, Krabi-Krabong and general fitness Fairtex manufactures its own range of high quality muaythai fitness and sportswear products.The equipment and clothing range is simply the world’s best.The prestige Fairtex brand is regarded for its quality and handcrafted excellence.Fairtex equipment is both stylish and made to last and tested with ring endurance.

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