Fairtex sponsored Team Integrated Martial Arts Australia now boasts 3 Australian MMA Champions

22 Apr

by Tony Green (2005-04-22)

Fairtex sponsored Team Integrated Martial Arts Australia now boasts 3 Australian MMA Champions. Team Manager Tony Green says that the team is very excited about the future for their fighters.

We are looking forward to moving forward as Australias number 1 MMA team and are proud to continue our involvement with Fairtex in 2005. I believe you must surround yourself with the best to be the best. This is why we approached Fairtex who are the leaders in Muay Thai in the World.

Pro MMA Team

The Integrated Martial Arts Pro MMA Team is trained by Danny Higgins. With the Support of Team Manager and Strength and Conditioning Trainer Tony Green. Danny is in my opinion the number 1 no gi grappler in the country and is constantly improving under Greg Jacksons Team whilst training and preparing for his assault on the pro MMA circuit in the US.

Dan runs his grappling classes from Stafford in Brisbane and trains some of Australias best MMA fighters including Kyle Noke (Australian Welterweight Champion), Adrian Pang( Australian Lightweight MMA Champion) and Mandy Stewart.(2004 U60kg HookNShoot USA Champion and Australian Womens MMA Champion)

We regard our Team as family and do everything in our power to bring personal growth and MMA success to our teammates. Our Team prides ourselves in our conduct in and outside of the fighting arena and strive to bring out the best in each other.

As well as the phenomenal submission wrestling skills of Danny Higgins our team utilises the best trainers in their specialised areas such as-

Ian Mellor-Wrestling / Fairtex- Muay Thai.

We have worked hard to gain a solid sponsorship base including- Fairtex, Auspac, Redbak, Bodyripped and Go Fast Energy Drinks.

Sponsors such as Fairtex give two Integrated fighters the opportunity to train in Thailand on a yearly basis at the world renowned Fairtex Muay Thai Camp. Picture is Tony and Kyle training with the World Famous Thai Fighter Apidej Sit-Hurin.

Through Strength and Courage our Team will succeed and grow.

For further club information or training details please feel free to contact:

Tony Green
Mobile: 0419798094
Email: bodyoptics@justinternet.com.au


Below are some pics of Integrated Australian Title holders Kyle and Adrian after there most rescent victories. Mandy Stewart also won the Australian womens Title this weekend just gone. We now boast 3 Australian MMA Title holders and Danny Higgins who stepped aside in Australia to allow Kyle win the title in the Welterweight division.

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