Fairtex is the official gloves of Cage Warriors

26 Apr

by Hywel Teague, http://www.cagewarriors.com (2005-04-26)

I first saw these gloves on the Fairtex website , but had never got around to buying a pair (I’m slightly dubious about ordering from overseas, otherwise I would be doing a review of a pair of Oaunos). What first attracted me to them was that they just looked a lot cooler than the other gloves on the market. They had the open palm, slim padding, and were pretty much my vision of everything an MMA glove should be. I wasn’t disappointed.

A few people I knew had harbingers, and the general consensus was that these were THE gloves to get if you were serious about your training, but something about them just didn’t appeal to me. I suppose it was the fact that they aren’t strictly MMA gloves, as after all, they are glorified bag gloves. Plus, I had heard enough horror stories about the vipers not to waste my money.

So what makes these gloves so special? First off, the construction is first class, something you would immediately associate with anything carrying the Fairtex name. The padding is somewhere between just right and slightly slim (not always a bad thing!) but the crowning glory of these gloves in my eyes is the absolutely fantastic wrist support.

If you were to take the Velcro wrist closure of a top boxing glove and transplanted it to a MMA glove, you might arguably have created the finest pair of gloves known to man- yes, I honestly rate these gloves that high. This is probably the thing that turned me off about the harbingers, as I witnessed people wrapping and re-wrapping the wrist strap, taking up valuable training time. When you put theses gloves on, you do them up once and that’s it until the end of the session.

The fit on these gloves is incredible. When buying them I was worried because I had gotten a “large”, and thought that my girly hands would be too small for them. The last thing you want when you are striking or grappling is slippage… But you certainly won’t get any from these.

Getting your fingers in the finger loops might seem a little tricky at first, especially when you find your hands shaking from adrenaline halfway through a hard session. Made out of tough leather, the loops feel solid though, leaving you to concentrate on aiming at your training partner’s head…

These gloves cost roughly the same as a pair of harbingers, but if you ask me are far more worth the money. 3 people in the gym have these gloves now, and every time we put them on, you know you’re ready to go in half the time it takes someone to wrap half a yard of “wrist support” around their arm- plus you have the added bonus of looking cooler when you are doing your thang.

To sum up if you get the chance to buy these gloves- do it. You’ll love them.

***UPDATE*** These are now the official gloves that will be used by all fighters on future CageWarriors shows. Big up to Dougie and Mick!

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