Fairtex MMA Gloves ranked No. 1 in UK

26 Apr

by Fighters Only Magazine, April 2005 Issue (2005-04-26)

In April’s issue, the Fighters Only team tested the best in MMA Gloves for What?

– Fairtex
– Harbinger
– Century
– Ouano
– Blitz

The Fighters Only Choice ranked Fairtex MMA gloves as the No. 1 gloves in the UK market.The gloves were scored on comfort, style and durability with an overall percentage score from the panels of fighters.

Fairtex MMA gloves received an overall rating of 82% with comfort level at 80%, style at 80% and durability at 85%.

Technical descriptions of Fairtex MMA gloves are as follow:
– Thumbless gloves with leather finger loop design
– Open palm and secure Velcro wristband
– Open palm gives that better grip for grappling
– Nice design but fingerloops could be neoprene
– Comfortable, usable gloves

Priced at 32.99 Sterling Pounds

Available at http://www.muaythai-boxing.com

Results of the other gloves are as follow:

1. Fairtex: 85%
2. Ouano: 85%
3. Blitz: 77%
4. Harbinger: 63%
5. Century: 63%

Although Fairtex and Ouano gloves scored the same percentage, Fairtex were priced considerably less than the Ouano gloves…just giving Fairtex the edge!

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