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EBF Thanks WBC Muaythai President Pol. Gen. Kovid Bhakdibhumi

28 Aug

by Erwin Pfabl (2005-08-28)

The EBF is glad to announce that the number of our members and licensees is steadily increasing and that the EBF is registering enormous interest.

In the few months since its foundation the EBF has successfully supervised 10 international boxing events in Austria, Germany, Croatia and Romania which can be seen from the numerous media reports.

The EBF wants to thank the GBA (German Boxing Association), the WIBF (Woman’s International Boxing Federation), the GBU (Global Boxing Union), the EEBA (Eastern European Boxing Association, the Sokudo Gym Holland, the BTV-Budapest, Jozsef Öri – Boxteam Györ, the WBC Muaythai President Pol. Gen. Kovid Bhakdibhumi – Bangkok, LP Boxpromotion Slowakia, BBU (Bulgarian Boxing Union), Matsumae Budocenter Tokai University Vienna, Sportuniversität Vienna, Boxfabrik München and the Muaythai President Anthony Lin – as well as all organisers and fighters for the excellent cooperation.

Furthermore, thanks to all ring and scoring judges of the EBF, who have done a great job and therefore contributed to the success of the EBF.

At the WBC Muay Thai congress in Kiev / Ukraine the EBF was successfully represented by Vice President Peter Pospichal. Future-oriented international cooperations were built, which should bring European organisers and fighters together and should lead to more box sport events in the European area.

Thanks to the excellent work of all EBF employees in 2005 4 European Championships will take place in Vienna, Cologne and Berlin including national and international TV broadcasting / videotaping and numerous media reports.

To make boxing, kick-boxing and Muay Thai more attractive and to attract new organisers and fighters the EBF starts a European-Campaign for promotion of these types of combatant sport on 1st September 2005. From this date on all licenses 2005 (organisers, managers and boxers) are granted for free.

As information for the organisers a list of organisation costs of the EBF (as at 1st September 2005) is enclosed.

All EBF member federations, associations and managers are requested to announce their fighters by indicating their name, age, weight class and fight record for preparation of up-to-date ranking lists. Please send the required information to the EBF office by mail, fax or post by 30. September 2005 the latest.

Special attention should be drawn to the junior fight classes starting with the age of 16.

New organisers, managers and boxers can get help and advice from the experienced staff of the EBF management.

To the application form for the issuing of a license of the EBF a photo has to be enclosed. Transmission via e-mail is desired.

We wish all friends of box sport success and are going to inform you about ongoing events and activities via internet and media.

Fairtex MMA/NHB Gloves are the Best

28 Aug

by Hans Olesen (2005-08-28)

No matter what kind of sport you train, getting the right equipment is always a main priority. If you are to get the most out of your training, you need state of the art equipment, to optimize your training. If you run, it´s the shoes. If you play tennis, it´s the racket. If you play snooker, it´s the cue. Normally, it´s rather uncomplicated making equipment, which is designed for the exact purpose you need it for, as it only has a few purposes. For instance, boxing gloves are made to protect the hand and opponent, and still feel comfortable, when you punch with them.

The gloves, used for training, are some of the most important pieces of equipment, for practicioners of MMA (Mixed Martial Arts). More than useful sparring gloves have, for a very long time, been more or less impossible to find, for this new sport. As you not only have to be able to punch standing up, but also wrestle, grapple one the ground and punch on the ground (GnP), the gloves available were, simply put, not good enough, as they had too many flaws. Gloves from other Martial Arts were not made for MMA and could only be used, rather restrictively. Some were fine for stand-up sparring, but were too clumsy or slippery for groundwork. Some were useful for the GnP and punches in clinch, but too thin for quality sparring standing up. The gloves used in most MMA events (usually 4 oz) are way too thin for full contact sparring, as the sparring partners would injure each other, by fracturing their own hands, the partner´s facial bones or just cutting the partner.

Besides training the basic elements of MMA (Muay Thai, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ, which is the most commonly used recipe) separately, it´s still very important for the serious MMA fighter to spar under the rule set used in his/her upcoming fight, and not just in the individual elements. That´s why functional sparring gloves for MMA have been a dire need for the competitors. For Muay Thai and Boxing, ordinary Boxing gloves were used, of course, and for Wrestling and BJJ none, but for well-rounded MMA sparring, there weren´t any really good gloves out there, for a long time.

The criteria, for a good sparring glove for MMA training, are:

-Enough padding so you can punch normally, without having to hold back, too much, so you don´t hurt your training partners or your own hands, when you punch them in the face.

-A design, which enable you to freely use you’re your fingers to grip, pull, shove, hold or whatever is needed, when you grapple.

-A design, where the padding is placed the right places and not in lumps the wrong places, so the glove won´t get caught when grappling.

-That the glove is made without sharp edges or seems, which can cause cuts or scratches.

-A glove which provides solid support for the wrist.

-A glove with room for bandages, tape, gaze or whatever you might use on your hands, for support and protection.

-That it´s made out of quality materials, so it will be able to withstand all the hours and hours of beatings, you will deliver with it, and generally just be very durable, whether you use it for pads, bags or just sparring.

-That it will stay on the hand, no matter what you do during the sparring, and that you can´t push the padding aside, so you can punch with the bare knuckles.

When you take these things into consideration, there is one model on the marked, which is clearly ahead of the others, when it comes to the evolution of a MMA sparring glove. It´s Fairtex´ MMA sparring gloves (Fairtex Sparring Gloves – FGV 15). They simply fulfil the criteria, listed above, and that make them unique, at the moment. There are other gloves on the marked which look quite a lot like the FGV 15 model, but yours truly has not tested a pair, yet, which is on the same level of quality, as the Fairtex gloves. There are too many basic flaws on the other gloves, really. There are lumps and bumps the wrong places, they don´t give enough support around the wrists, have sharp edges, haven´t got room for bandages, are made out of materials which won´t endure the endless hours of full contact training and so on. has therefore taken a closer look at this glove from Fairtex:

Besides being one of the most popular Muay Thai brands, Fairtex has become very popular in MMA circles, due to the quality of their products. It often seems like their products are designed with more care and concern about safety, comfort and durability, than other brands. For instance, with their MMA gloves, which are the favourites of many of the biggest MMA stars (like the entire Team Miletich and Team Quest). As there was such a need for good sparring gloves for MMA, Fairtex made these gloves.

The Fairtex Sparring Gloves are handmade in Thailand and are made out of genuine top grain leather shell. They feature open palm design and double wrist wrap hook and loop closure for added wrist support and a secure fit. The knuckle area contains extra-thick pre-curved high impact foam for ultimate protection against training injuries. These are the facts about the FGV 15 model. Instead of writing why this model is yours truly´s favourite, I asked some of the leading and most respected MMA profiles in Danish MMA, why they use these gloves, as they are the ones who work their butts off each and every day in the gym and really are depending on the gloves being a product of quality, through and through, which won´t let them down.

Being one of the most well-known and active fighters in Denmark and Scandinavia, as well as a respected coach of pro and amateur fighters, Lars “Bad Boy�? Besand was naturally one I had to contact for his view on the FGV 15 gloves. Lars states: “The Fairtex Sparring Gloves are the gloves which I, and the entire Skagen Fight Gym, use for MMA sparring! All in all, I think it´s a pair of gloves which rather quickly adapts to the individual shape of each fighter´s hands. It´s light weight and simply amazing, if you want to use tape on your hands, while sparring. Actually, it seems like they have a bit more padding, than many other gloves, but only where it´s useful, and that´s around the knuckles. I recommend the Fairtex gloves to all my fighters. Pros and amateurs! These gloves are designed specifically for MMA and give better protection, than the other possibilities. But even more important, you can freely use your hands, to punch, wrestle and go for submissions. Two thumbs up, from Lars “Bad Boy”.”

Another of the Danish fighters, who use these gloves for MMA sparring, is the very exciting and undefeated amateur fighter, Thomas la Cour, of Combat Sports Academy Copenhagen. He has impressed greatly in all of his fights and he is currently residing in Portland, Oregon, as he seeking the best people around, to further evolve as a fighter. The FGV 15 model is one of Thomas´ most important pieces of equipment. He explains: “When I first laid eyes on the Fairtex gloves, I thought they looked a bit too bulky and clumsy, to grapple with, due to the hefty padding. But when I tried them on, I found that the padding is fitted perfectly. I´ve never found the padding to bother me during sparring, and especially not, if you compare them to other gloves. Due to the extra padding, it´s possible to train GnP with a far higher level of contact, than with other gloves, and still avoid injuries. These gloves also make it possible to spar standing, without the comfortable feeling of hiding behind a pair of 16 oz boxing gloves, and still without jeopardizing your training partners.

The fact that they are made with an open palm make them a lot more suited for grappling, than if they had the often seen closed palm design. They´ve also got a fantastic wrist wrap, made of hook and loop, which I´ve yet to experience come undone, during sparring. So, I have to conclude that the Fairtex gloves are the best option, if you´re interested in training MMA with a realistic level of contact, and still avoid injuries to your sparring partners or your own hands. These are absolutely amazing gloves!�?

Peter “Del Pede�? Larsen is a big part of the team behind the X-Gym, and even though he isn´t an active fighter, currently, he has a great knowledge of what kind of equipment the serious MMA fighter needs. “Del Pede�? comments: “Fairtex has made a fantastic MMA sparring glove, in the FGV 15 model, with about 10 oz of padding. I feel Fairtex design their gloves with more insight and knowledge, about what´s needed. The padding is fitted better and in different layers. And it´s also located in front of the gloves, not on the back of the hand, which also makes it easier to roll with, as the gloves don´t get stuck under your partner´s arms and neck. I prefer the Fairtex gloves over any of the alternatives. Gloves will always be a hinder when you grapple, but the question is how big a problem will it be? The Fairtex gloves´ padding seem massive and the biggest problem with these gloves, is probably when you clinch. But generally, I haven´t experienced any probems with them, as the padding is located where it is. We are a pretty large group of people (including Ultimate Combat World Champion, Kim Hovgaard) who use these gloves for our sparring sessions, and only one has ever complained about them. But he has suffered from problems with one of his hands, after it was broken in a fight.

All in all, we´re all very pleased with these gloves.�?

So my advice to you who train MMA seriously and haven´t got a pair of these gloves, is to invest in them. You won´t regret it. Besides being the number one choice for sparring, it´s also the best option out there for amateur events, compared to many of the bigger gloves some of the amateur events use. Simply put, it´s a more safe glove, as it don´t slide off, provides firm support of the wrists and has a lot of padding. Yours truly hopes that the promoters will start to use these gloves for these amateur events, instead of the cheaper, but clearly unsatisfactory gloves. They haven´t become the fighters´ favourites, without a reason. They only go for the best, as they depend on them. Therefore, the Fairtex Sparring Gloves became an instant success with the fighters.

UFC 54: Boiling Point Features Chuck Liddell Fourth Round TKO of Jeremy Horn

26 Aug

by FTX (2005-08-26)

Chuck “The Iceman�? Liddell iced out Jeremy Horn to a standing room only crowd as he defended his Light Heavyweight championship title in spectacular form at UFC 54: BOILING POINT tonight at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas.

Liddell delivered tremendous punching power knocking Horn down several times prior to Horn’s surrender in the fourth round.The crowd of more than 13,500 included celebrities Shaquille O’Neal, Wilmer Valderrama, Ice-T, Mario Lopez, Kevin James, Michael Clarke Duncan, James Caan and Willa Ford.

Also on the card was a sensational matchup between Randy “The Natural�? Couture and Mike Van Arsdale, which ended with Couture submitting Van Arsdale by choke hold at 52 seconds in the third round.

World class fighters Frank Trigg, Georges “Rush” St. Pierre and “The Nightmare” Diego Sanchez also competed in the Octagon™ tonight.The event will be replayed throughout the next 30 days on iN DEMAND, DIRECTV, DISH Network, TVN, Bell ExpressVu and Viewer’s Choice Canada.

Following are all bout results:

MAIN EVENT:Light Heavyweight Championship Bout

Chuck Liddell – 204 LBvs Jeremy Horn – 203 LB

Liddell defeated Horn by TKO at 2:46 in the fourth round.

Light Heavyweight Bout

Randy Couture – 206 LBvs Mike Van Arsdale – 205 LB

Couture submitted Van Arsdale with a choke hold at 52 second in the third round.

Light Heavyweight Bout

Terry Martin – 206 LB vs James Irvin– 206 LB

Irvin defeated Martin by KO 9 seconds into the second round with a flying knee strike.

Middleweight Bout

Trevor Prangley – 184.5 LBvs Travis Lutter – 186 LB

Prangley defeated Lutter by unanimous decision (29-27; 29-26; 29-27).

Middleweight Bout

Joe Doerksen – 185.5 LB vs Matt Lindland – 185.5 LB

Lindland defeated Doerksen by unanimous decision (30-27; 29-28; 30-27).

Welterweight Bout

Georges St. Pierre – 170 LBvs Frank Trigg – 170 LB

St. Pierre defeated Trigg by submission with a rear naked choke at 4:09 in the first round.

Welterweight Bout

Brian Gassaway – 170 LBvs Diego Sanchez – 170.5 LB

Sanchez submitted Gassaway by tapout at 1:56 into the second round.

SWING BOUT: Heavyweight Bout

Tra Telligman – 229 LBvs Tim Sylvia – 264 LB

Tim Sylvia defeated Telligman by KO with one second remaining in the first round.

For more UFC action, the premiere of Season II of The Ultimate Fighter premieres Monday, August 22 at 11:00pm ET/PT on Spike TV. Also, UFC 55: FURY takes place Friday, October 7 live from Mohegan Sun Arena; tickets are priced at $350, $250, $150, $75 and $35 for an eight-fight card and are available through, Ticketmaster locations and Ticket purchases are subject to transaction fees.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship® brand is the world’s leading professional mixed martial arts association and offers the premier series of MMA sports events. Owned and operated by Zuffa, LLC, and headquartered in Las Vegas, Nev., UFC® fight programs feature six live pay-per-view events annually through cable and satellite providers. In addition to its U.S. distribution, UFC® fight programs are distributed internationally throughout the world, including broadcast on WOWOW, Inc. in Japan, Globosat in Brazil and Bravo in the United Kingdom.

Zuffa, LLC licenses the distribution of its fight show DVDs through Studioworks Entertainment, a Ventura Distribution company. “Ultimate Fighting Championship,�? “Ultimate Fighting,�? “UFC,�? “The Ultimate Fighter,�? “Submission,�? “As Real As It Gets�?, “The Octagon” and the eight-sided cage design are registered trademarks, trade dress or service marks owned exclusively by Zuffa, LLC in the United States and other jurisdictions. All other marks referenced herein may be the property of Zuffa, LLC or other respective owners.

Integrated Martial Arts Champ Dan Higgins to Fight Japanese Fighter Yuji Hisamatsu

26 Aug

by David McDonald (2005-08-26)

A huge announcement for Spartan as Dan Higgins is set to make his long awaited return to MMA on Australian soil.Look out Yuji ‘Pink Typhoon’ Hisamatsu who won a tightly contested Main Event at Spartan 13 with a blood stoppage over Spartan’s favourite son Sam ‘The Iceman’ Nest.

Dan is absolutely pumped for this match up and his US coach Greg Jackson is bring some of his big guns down under to help Dan prepare.

The Line up so far:

Zowie McGrath (Rings Toowoomba) vs. Daniel Chan (Northside M.A.)

Alex Gatti (Blackbutt Animal Den) vs. Grant Guenther (Sinosic Perosh M.A.)

Pete Hickmont (Rings Toowoomba) vs. David McEwen (Northside M.A)

Matt Cain (Advanced M.A) vs. Justin Murray (Jamie Ballard)

Mick Goenendyk (Damashii) vs. Andrew Specht (Advanced M.A)

Dinosaur Jake Sidicvs. Stuart Ashby (Endurance) – Qualifier forthe Featherweight Title shot

Adrian ‘The Hunter’ Pang (Integrated M.A.) vs. TBA – Qualifier forthe Featherweight Title shot

Anthony Hippo Perosh (Sinosic Perosh M.A) vs. Pedro Galiza (Roots)

Dan Higgins (Integrated M.A.) vs.Yuji ‘The Pink Typhoon’ Hisamatsu

This is set to be one of the biggest nights of MMA in Australia’s history!We still have some big matches to announce.Tickets to go on sale September 7.

Look out for ‘Spartan Unleashed’ hitting a DVD store near you in September!

Champions shoot out at Lumpinee

26 Aug

by Patrick cusick (2005-08-26)

Superstars Yodsankrai Fairtex and Samgaw will fight for the Thailand Junior Middleweight championship at Lumpinee Stadium on 6 September.

It will be another Super Tuesday of furious action as two of the great fighters of the muaythai ring come together for a classic match-up that is certain to have the famous Bangkok stadium jammed packed with excitement.

Yodsankrai won his last fight with a powerful performance that finished his opponent with a flurry of body punches. The Fairtex champ is looking more confident with every fight and has his focus set on a world title.

But there are few fighters that can get the better of Samgaw whose impeccable record of over 100 winning contests is a true reflection of this fighter’s astute talents.

Both Yodsankrai and Samgaw are tough, aggressive and seasoned fighters.

At 70 kgs (154) both fighters are regarded as the “heavy�? fighters in the Bangkok stadiums.

Both will be out to show that they’re the undisputed champion.

Meanwhile Naruepol, another top Fairtex fighter, will fight for the Lumpinee welterweight title on 13 September.

Yodsaenkrai wins Lumpinee Title

26 Aug

by Fairtex Muaythai Fitness – Bangplee, Thailand (2005-08-26)

Yodsaenklai Fairtex proved he’s one of Thailand’s best when he won the vacant welterweight title at Lumpinee Stadium.

The fast-punching, hard-kicking 20-year-old sensation completely blitzed Ruengaew Sit Jah Fueng before a packed crowd at the “Super Tuesday�? fight night.

From the opening bell Yodsaenklai showed resolute determination and poured on the pressure – never allowing his opponent any space to counter attack.

Using rapid-fire roundhouse kicks and powerful body punches Yodsaenklai had Ruengaew in trouble from the outset.

Ruengaew tried to bottle up the contest by hanging on in the grapple but the “Computer Kid�? systematically went about his task of free scoring with space to burn.

There are few fighters that can match Yodsaenklai at long range and his execution of punches with kicks set up a winning edge for Fairtex’s premier combatant.

At the end of the first round Yodsaenklai had shot to red hot favoritism. And when the second round began he continued to exert even more pressure on his bruised opponent. The end came suddenly for Ruengaew after he collected solid body and head punches. As he fell to the canvass the referee gave the count. The fight continued but, again, Yodsaenklai attacked ruthlessly. Ruengaew fell for the second time and the referee quickly stopped the fight.

Yodsaenklai told the press after the fight that he was determined to show his best and wanted to win the Lumpinee welterweight title in convincing style.

“My strategy was to punch and kick …hard and fast.�?

And it proved to be the winning formula.

The Fairtex fighter is now the dominant “big man�? in Lumpinee’s heaviest weight division – and he’s now looking at the international competition

Kompayak loses bravely

26 Aug

by Fairtex Muaythai Fitness – Bangplee, Thailand (2005-08-26)

A courageous Kompayak Fairtex fought bravely against the red hot Nong O Sit Or at Lumpinee Stadium.

Although beaten by points Kompayak gave his fans plenty to cheer about as he defiantly challenged one of the most outstanding rising stars in the Kingdom.

At the end of the fight, Nong O was just a little too strong. But Kompayak kept on trying right through to the final bell.

After two even rounds Nong O was able to swing the contest in his favor with some tough grappling that eventually overpowered Kompayak.

The Fairtex fighter came into a ring after winning his previous contest with an elbow strike knockout.

“The Surgeon” Steve Wakeling wins S1

26 Aug

by by Fairtex Muaythai Fitness – Bangplee, Thailand (2005-08-26)

British sensation Steve Wakeling showed to the world his outstanding Muaythai skills when he demolished three first class opponents to win the prestigious S1 championships in Bangkok.

Wakeling (21) – dubbed “the surgeon�? – cut through a super talented card with elbow strikes and powerful knee attacks.

He won the final by KO with a knee strike to the head of former Lumpinee Stadium champion Pairot who fought under his new professional name of Changthai Thailand Gym.

There was little doubt that Wakeling would soon make his mark as one of the world’s elite Muaythai fighters, but his S1 triumph was exceptional in that he took on the event with less then 24 hours notice – and lost 6 kg’s in one night.

“It’s was tough making the weight. I had been training with the Fairtex Camp and when the opportunity came I just said why not? It was a great championship to win.�?

Wakeling returns to his home in England Bt500, 000 richer and is now looking at other world title shots.

Tens of thousands of fans gathered for the event which was held as a birthday celebration for the Queen of Thailand by Thailand promoters Songchai and Chai Ratanasuban.

Wakeling cut all three of challengers – Russians Sergey Makogonov and Arslan Mongomedov- and sent local hero Pairot to the canvas with a superb knee strike to the head.

In the final Wakeling had to contend with a partisan crowd which cheered on the Thai favorite who had dominated at the Lumpinee arena for many years and is now an international professional fighter.

Wakeling said that Pairot kicked hard and had a lot of ‘big fight experience�?.

But after winning the first two fights his confidence had grown. “ I knew that the final round would decide the championship – and when the opportunity came I landed the knee strike.�?

Pairot didn’t remember the left knee KO. Instead, for one of the rare times in his long and distinguished career, he was helped from the ring.

‘The Wooden Man’ Wins ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai Title

25 Aug

by FTX (2005-08-25)

Jongsanan ‘The Wooden Man’ Fairtex continues his winning streak with a TKO (corner stoppage) of Steven Berkalayko in minute 1:29 of the 3rd Round. This was a championship bout for the vacant ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai title. The event, promoted by Evolution Productions, took place on August 20 at the Manhattan Center Studios in New York City.

The taller and heavier Berkalayko inflicted some damage early in the fight as Jongsanan took his time ‘feeling out’ his opponent. Berkalayko took full advantage of his height and reach to showcase his aggressive boxing skills. But it was only a matter of time before ‘The Wooden Man’ found the chink in Berkalayko’s defense. Jongsanan begin use perfectly-times leg kicks to disrupt Berkalayko’s timing and affect his mobility.

Jongsanan continued his leg attack in the second and third rounds. The use of effective boxing combinations and several jumping knees opened up Berkalayko’s defense and allowed Jongsanan to land numerous unchecked leg kicks.

Jongsanan ended the fight by executing a double jab, leg kick, left hook to the ribs and another leg kick. Berkalayko couldn’t put any weight on his leg after that exchange, so he took a standing eight-count at the neutral corner. His corner then threw in the towel.

Congratulations to Jongsanan Fairtex, the new ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai Champion!

‘The Sandman’ Lives Up To His Name at UFC 54

24 Aug

by Michael Bruno, Fairtex Gear Sales Director (2005-08-24)

Fairtex-sponsored fighter James ‘The Sandman’ Irvin was victorious this past Saturday night, celebrating a knockout win over Terry Martin at UFC 54 ‘Boiling Point’.

Martin came into the evening sporting an impressive 10-0 record, which included a victory over Team Quest standout Chael Sonnen.

Most of the first round consisted of Irvin fighting off the Martin’s ground attack. Irvin opened the second round in spectacular fashion with a devastating flying knee that caught Martin cleanly on the jaw and knocked him unconscious.This was Irvin’s first victory in the UFC and showed his largest audience to date why they call him “The Sandman�?.It was definitely the most exciting finish of the night, and word is it’s being called one of the best knockouts in recent memory.
The flashy finish gave us all a glimpse of James Irvin’s immense potential, and should propel the rising star toward future bouts in the UFC.

On behalf of all of us at Fairtex, congratulations James.

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