Dan Marks puts on BJJ Seminar at WEC

22 Aug

by FTX (2005-08-22)

August 18th on the sun baked flats of Lemoore California, Fairtex very own Dan “Damage�? Marks steps into the WEC cage across from Walt Hughes of Pacific Martial Arts. Hughes with a boxing record of 14 and 2 faced off and found out that while boxing is boxing… fighting is something entirely different.

After cutting 20 plus pounds for this contest Marks pushed the action very early on in the fight by slipping Hughes snappy jab and shooting in for a very clean double leg takedown. Pinning Hughes against the cage Marks began dropping punches from side control, transitioning from side to knee on belly and onward to the mount where he continued dropping bombs before being rolled off. Caught in Marks guard Hughes began throwing elbows, one of which opening up a very nasty cut on Marks face. Bleeding badly Marks was able to get up and transitioned into a deep single which was where round one ended.

The drama continued in the corner where Chris Sanford worked on Marks nasty cut above his eyebrow. Digging deep Dan was able to come out in the second round and pushed once again; taking Hughes down again, Marks pulled out the Jiu-Jitsu text book again, transitioning from side to knee on belly and on to mount, Marks began to work on Hughes again, punch, elbow, punch followed by the always popular, snatch the arm bar from the mount. Dan “Damage�? Marks over Walt Hughes by verbal tap out to an arm bar in 2:20 of the second round. Danny “Damage�? increases his record to 3 and 0, all of his wins coming by either knockout or submission.

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