Melendez grounds high flying Sato

22 Aug

by FTX (2005-08-22)

Tokyo Dome Japan, August 20th is a day that MMA fans will be talking about for years to come. This was the day that Fairtex very own Gilbert Melendez, a former collegiate wrestler from Santa Ana California, who now fights out of San Francisco, defeated a legend in the world of MMA. Rumina Sato’s exploits were the thing of highlight reels- submitting fighters in seconds via high-flying submissions; Sato was always a crowd pleaser for fight fans on both sides of the Pacific.

August 20th would be different though, Sato abandoned his early clinch style in lieu of a:I-am-going-to-stand-here-and-try-and-trade-with-this-guy, style. This will be a mistake that will surely haunt him for a while. Melendez’ superb boxing skills have been self evident in the gym- his ring stewardship and head movement, all top notch.

After some mutual blasting of one another as the opening bell rang the fighters stalked each other landing punches, as one of Melendez’ punches rocked Sato, the still reeling Sato attempted to take Melendez down. Defending the take down Melendez transitioned to a Muay Thai clinch wherein a knee up the middle made short work of Sato’s head. Melendez wins by Doctor stoppage 1:32 of the first round.Matched up against the acrobatic high-flying style of Sato, Melendez’ style of quick, unrelentingly controlled brutality was too much for Sato.

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