‘The Sandman’ Lives Up To His Name at UFC 54

24 Aug

by Michael Bruno, Fairtex Gear Sales Director (2005-08-24)

Fairtex-sponsored fighter James ‘The Sandman’ Irvin was victorious this past Saturday night, celebrating a knockout win over Terry Martin at UFC 54 ‘Boiling Point’.

Martin came into the evening sporting an impressive 10-0 record, which included a victory over Team Quest standout Chael Sonnen.

Most of the first round consisted of Irvin fighting off the Martin’s ground attack. Irvin opened the second round in spectacular fashion with a devastating flying knee that caught Martin cleanly on the jaw and knocked him unconscious.This was Irvin’s first victory in the UFC and showed his largest audience to date why they call him “The Sandman�?.It was definitely the most exciting finish of the night, and word is it’s being called one of the best knockouts in recent memory.
The flashy finish gave us all a glimpse of James Irvin’s immense potential, and should propel the rising star toward future bouts in the UFC.

On behalf of all of us at Fairtex, congratulations James.

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