‘The Wooden Man’ Wins ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai Title

25 Aug

by FTX (2005-08-25)

Jongsanan ‘The Wooden Man’ Fairtex continues his winning streak with a TKO (corner stoppage) of Steven Berkalayko in minute 1:29 of the 3rd Round. This was a championship bout for the vacant ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai title. The event, promoted by Evolution Productions, took place on August 20 at the Manhattan Center Studios in New York City.

The taller and heavier Berkalayko inflicted some damage early in the fight as Jongsanan took his time ‘feeling out’ his opponent. Berkalayko took full advantage of his height and reach to showcase his aggressive boxing skills. But it was only a matter of time before ‘The Wooden Man’ found the chink in Berkalayko’s defense. Jongsanan begin use perfectly-times leg kicks to disrupt Berkalayko’s timing and affect his mobility.

Jongsanan continued his leg attack in the second and third rounds. The use of effective boxing combinations and several jumping knees opened up Berkalayko’s defense and allowed Jongsanan to land numerous unchecked leg kicks.

Jongsanan ended the fight by executing a double jab, leg kick, left hook to the ribs and another leg kick. Berkalayko couldn’t put any weight on his leg after that exchange, so he took a standing eight-count at the neutral corner. His corner then threw in the towel.

Congratulations to Jongsanan Fairtex, the new ISKA Super Welterweight World Muay Thai Champion!

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