Yodsenglai Fairtex Wins Thailand Title

13 Sep

by Fairtex Thailand (2005-09-13)

Yodsenglai again showed his outstanding ability when he comprehensively outclassed the great Samgaw to win Thailand’s junior middleweight (154 pounds) title at a packed Lumpinee Stadium. The Fairtex champ already holds a Lumpinee Stadium title.

The showdown between the 19 years old Fairtex sensation and the 30 years old ring master Samgaw had been billed as the “generational clash�? between two giants of the muaythai ring.

But those who came expecting to see an even contest left with the understanding that Yodsenglai had arrived to carry the baton for the Kingdom’s elite fighters in the heavier weight divisions.

Most certainly Yodsenglai has his eyes on a world title.

A super-fit Yodsenglai outclassed and out muscled Samgaw who used his entire arsenal to tried desperately to outgun his younger and confident rival.

For the first two rounds Yodsenglai used precision punches to the head – a tactic which frustrated Samgaw as he battled to get in close. Then when the contest went to grappling in the third round Yodsenglai was far too strong.

The Fairtex fighter had bulked up into an awesome fighting machine and, when the going got tough, Samgaw was unable to exert any pressure.

In the fourth round Samgaw was tiring while Yodsaenklai stayed in control maneuvering his challenger and going into cruise mode.

But those who thought that the fight was over were in for a surprise when Samgaw launched a final round of fury – slashing out elbows in a desperate attempt to score a stunning last round K.O.

But Yodsenglai showed calm and savvy ring sense as he easily fended off Samgraw’s final attacks and went on to an impressive 150-147 victory.

On the same card Saenchai Sor Kingstar suffered a deep forehead cut to outclass Gongphiphop Phechyingdee.

Saenchai fought at 125 pounds and conceded 5 pounds to his taller opponent.

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