Beautiful Boxer comes to Fairtex

7 Nov

by FTX (2005-11-07)

Nong Tum – the star of the international hit movie “Beautiful Boxer” – has been appointed as a training specialist for female fighters at the new Fairtex Muaythai Fitness located at the Fairtex Sport Club next to Pattaya Beach.

The male boxer who changed her sex to become a woman made headlines around the world when she beat talented men fighters in Thailand, Japan, USA and Europe.

“I’d like to think that people respect me for my muaythai talents and not because I chose to change my sex. The fact that I was a woman living in a man’s body doesn’t detract from the fact that I was born a fighter and that I fought against some really tough competition. I like to fight and I proved myself in the ring.”

Nong Tum had an impressive fight record of losing just seven fights of her 55 contests with three draws. Her best weapons were her head high kicks and strong punches.

Nong Tum

“My record speaks for itself. I’m now my 20’s but I started fighting when I was 12. Those who saw me fight said I was a beautiful boxer not just because of the way I look. I moved beautifully around the ring. I love all the movements of muaythai – the hard and the soft.”

Currently Nong Tum is staring in a new action movie which is being produced in Thailand.

“I enjoy acting but my greatest satisfaction is teaching muaythai. I like to teach woman the skills of muaythai as I can understand their feelings and how they can assert themselves in the ring.”

Nong Tum will join up to 20 other professional muaythai trainers at the training camp inside the Fairtex Sport Club.

“The sporting facilities are sensational. There is a lot of buzz about training in the elite level of muaythai at the Fairtex Sport Club. It’s the very best muaythai training with modern sporting facilities.”

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