The K-1 King, Peter “The Chief”? Graham

7 Nov

by Bujutsu International, Australia (2005-11-07)

When did your martial arts training begin?

I started training kyokushin karate at age 18 at Birkenhead point under Sensei Graham Porter.

Where and when did you get the nickname the chief?

When I first started kickboxing it was apparent that I needed a nickname and a friend of mine suggested the name chief.Everybody thought is fitting.Soon after my friend brought a American headoiece to a fight I was having.As a dare I was asked to wear it and the rest is history.

What was it like living and working in Japan?

It was a great experience but let me tell you one thing it was not a holiday and if it was the holiday from hell.The training schedule was without a doubt the most grueling and rigorous most physically and mentally challenging I have ever been put through.It was also the most rewarding due to the fact that I got a chance to train with some of kyokushins greatest fighters such as Fransico Filihio, Nichlos Pettas and Glauba Fetosia and many more.As for work I don’t think anyone could after training in the uchi deshi programme.

When did you make the move to kickboxing and why?

I made the move to kickboxing at the age of 23 after coming back from Japan training as a uchi deshi (livie in student).I saw how popular K-1 was and how much success kyokushin fighters have had in K-1.Look at all the great K-1 fighters backgrounds Andy Hug, Sam Greco, Francisco Filiho, Nichlos Pettas, Glauba Fetosia all kyokushin.So I thought hey I want to jon them at the most elite event in the world.I wanted to fight and be amongst the best in the world.

When did you turn professional?

I turned pro after winning the world kickboxing federation amateur world title.I was 25.

Where do you train and with whom?

I train at Redfern Gym under the watchful eye of Alex Tui.I also have a large team which consist of sparring partners such as Steve and Stuart McKinnon and Kevin blanch from Bulldog Gym, Chris Johnson, Simon Blades and Antony Mundine from Redfern Gym, Steve Fielding from Bondi Muay Thai as well as Tony Daou and Billy Masshi from Reversby and Bondki Kyokushin.

Who are the great influences in your training and live?

I would defiantly say the late Andy Hug and his incredible story as well as good friend and mentor Sam Greco for all his great guidance and all his achievements (thank you mate).I also draw great inspiration from the fans who give me endless support through thick and thin.I also draw inspiration from learning about other young people who overcome great odds in their life to achieve personal goals and greatness in their own lives.

What titles do you have?

I currently hold 3 NSW heavyweight Kyokushin titles.The Australian & New Zealand national title. The Australian full contact mixed martial arts stand up title. Australian south pacific commonwealth and world amateur heavyweight title. WKBF kickboxing heavyweight pro title.

WKBF modified thai world pro heavyweight title. 2003 K-1 Oceania champion. Current K-1 Oceania champion. Top 8 finalist K-1 grand prix 2003.

Do you have any fights coming up this year and will you be defending any titles?

Team manager Tony Daou is negotiating deals in Croatia for the king of the ring 8 man elimination tournament.They are very interested in me as I have fought there before.I was approached to fight Paul Slowinski and I accepted to find that he would only fight me in under full Muay Thai rules although I have never had a full Muay Thai rules fight I accepted and again I found that he declined.So again I will put the offer out that I will fight anyone. Not only in Australia but in the world. I am happy to defend anyone on my titles. If you are interested contact my management.

You recently joined the Fairtex Team, being sponsored by Sensais Martial Arts Store.How do you find the Fairtex products?

I firstly would like to thank Sensei’s Martial Arts Store in particular Phil Chapman for his incredible help and dedication for getting me on board with the Fairtex Team.(I owe you one Phil) as for the products I think they are GREAT. I use everything from hand wraps to gloves, shorts to the whole works. As for my team they only use Fairtex and I suggest if you are looking for good quality products, go Fairtex.The CHIEF does and team i-sec do. I have a great product which means I have one less thing to worry about.

Is there anything you would like to say or anyone you would like to thank?

I would like to thank team i-sec for all their support and on going assistance in helping my further my career.So Gleen Ferguson and Tony Daou and the crew thank you for everything.I would also like to take this opportunity to thank my close friend and manager Tony Daou who has always gone the extra mile to make sure that I get the best opportunities available.

To all the fans thank you for your on going support you are my greatest inspiration.Stay focused on your goals whatever they are because through hard work and preparation you will create your own success.Stick around you are in for a long ride.

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