Kaew Fairtex TKO’ed Kaona T. Pornchai

27 Nov

by Muaythai (2005-11-27)

This fight took place on Friday, November 25, 2005 in Suk Petchyindee at Lumpinee Stadium. They say the fight is sure to please the fan as Keaw Fairtex takes on Kaona T. Pornchai.Both are well known and well liked fighters with great performances.Keaw Fairtex was the Champion of Thailand at Feather Weight and is considered a well rounded fighter with all the right Muay Thai’s skills.

As for Kaona, he is a fresh fighter in top physical condition.He has been performing very well and proved that he is ready to fight with a tough fighter like Keaw Fairtex.Kaona recently won his last fight over Surasing Nongkisuvit.That victory left a good impression on the fan and has the fan looking forward to see more of him.

In this fight, Keaw fought at 127 lbs. and Kaona at 129 lbs. The two pounds difference was to make the fight fair and at most compatible for both sides. Going in, Kaew Fairtex was not too comfortable at this weight class as Kaona had a bit of weight advantage.However, Kaona was not able to handle Kaew Fairtex’s experience and speed.Kaew Fairtex TKO Kaonar T. Phonchai via Round 2.

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