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Keaw Fairtex Ready For Next Title Shot

26 Jan

by Michael Bruno (2006-01-26)

Keaw Fairtex made a brief stop at Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness in San Francisco en route to the WBC Night of Champions in Cancun, Mexico.Keaw Fairtex will be meeting Korea’s Bin In Wook, to fight for the first ever WBC Muay Thai Super Featherweight World Championship.Keaw, and Fairtex Thailand trainer Rambo Fairtex, were both in house tuning up for the championship bout which takes place this weekend.

The two have put on an impressive display since arriving. Watching the young Fairtex phenom train was a new experience for many of the gym members.Keaw drew quite a crowd of observers as he was put through the paces by Rambo, as well as Ganyao and Jongsanan.

Keaw is unlike any Muay Thai fighter that I have ever witnessed in the states.There is no give or quit to the young fighter.When he kicks, the room literally shakes.If you stand ringside, you feel the same kind of tremble in your chest that you get from loud bass.Simply put, Keow is the man, and well deserving of all the praise he has received.The entire Fairtex family wishes the best of luck to Keaw Fairtex as he heads to Cancun, Mexico to bring home a new title.

Jake Shields Wins at ROTR

25 Jan

by Michael Bruno (2006-01-25)

Fairtex/Gracie Jiu-Jitsu instructor Jake Shields proves in no uncertain terms that when it comes down to The Rumble on The Rock Welterweight Tournament he is the man to beat. Coming off of an impressively dominating win versus the former UFC Middleweight Champ, Dave Menne, Jake goes into the semi finals on April 7th against Japanese fighter, Yushin Okami. Okami advances into the semi finals by way of an Anderson Silva disqualification coming via a kick that knocked Okami unconscious while he was on the ground.

In other action from the same evening, heavily favored local favorite Renato Verrisimo was sent a packing when he succumbed to a knockout 17 seconds into his fight versus New Mexico fighter Carlos Condit.Condit advances to fight Frank Trigg, who pulled out a decision victory against Ronald “Machine Gun�? Jhun.

Currently, Jake is headed to Guam, where along with David Terrell, he will be cornering several fighters at the Fury 5 promotion.Jake looks to be back in house in early February, to continue training for the ROTR tournament.

Jake Shields vs Dave Menne at Rumble on the Rock

20 Jan

by FTX (2006-01-20)

Jake Shields has arrived in more ways then one. Having arrived at the top of his game as well as having arrived in Hawaii, Jake has made weight and is ready to fight his way through the field of the Rumble On the Rock Welterweight Tournament.

Having dropped down to 175lbs from his walk-around weight of 195lbs, Shields kicked his training into high gear approximately 2 months ago. Training here at Fairtex as well as traveling as far away as to San Luis Obispo, Jake has been training with the likes of John Hackleman, Chuck Liddell as well as his regular training partners, Gilbert Melendez and David Terrell. He is in shape, and ready.Training partner Salvatore Russo commented, “Having known Jake in a personal as well as professional capacity for the better part of 3 years I have yet to have seen him as focused on anything as he is this; the starting round of the Rumble The Rock Tournament.�?

Fairtex would like to wish the best of luck to our Head Jiu Jitsu/MMA Instructor Jake Shields, as he takes the next big step toward his ultimate goal…being the undisputed #1 ranked welterweight in the world.


19 Jan

by (2006-01-19)

It was a night with some of the favorites winning and some upsets. With a much anticipated title bout between Scott Smith and Justin Levens. Levens and Smith lived up to the hype.

Levens, a Marco Ruas student, stunned Smith immediately, dropping Smith with a right hand in the first 10 seconds of the fight. Smith was in big trouble, but instinctively got the takedown and recovered very quickly. A very technical battle ensued as both fighters were working in the clinch battling for position. After some amazing transitions, it was Scott, catching Levens out of the clinch with a left hook that dropped Levens. Levens was out on the way down and woke up when he hit the canvas.

When Levens came to, Smith pounced on him and greeted him with a right-left combination that immediately knocked out Levens in one of the most brutal knockouts in WEC history. Smith holds on to his WEC Light Heavyweight Championship belt for a fight that was one for the ages in WEC. Yes, both of these fighters definitely deserve to be at the next level as they are the future of the sport.

Remember the name Mike Pyle. This guy is a skinnier version of Georges St. Pierre. He has plenty of tools and weapons and will be a beast in the 170 pound division. He took out Shonie Carter early in the first round with a triangle choke. Pyle dominated the former champion punishing him standing as well as on the ground. Pyle retains his crown and still has two more fights left on his WEC deal.

The first upset of the night came in the Mike Kyle vs Devon Cole bout. The match started with Devon getting a takedown and working some ground n pound. Cole took Kyle’s back but Kyle escaped. Devon got another takedown and cut Mike Kyle. At the end of round one, Devon Cole was winning and round two began with Cole getting another takedown. He mounted Kyle and worked more ground n pound. Mike Kyle taped out due to punches at 2:56 in round two. Devon Cole getting a huge win over Mike Kyle.

In what was Nick Ertle’s retirement match, Ertle came out looking to do damage with big shots, but Crunkilton got the takedown and worked some ground n pound. Crunkilton was throwing heavy shots down on Ertle and cut Ertle near the end of the round. Round one was over with Crunkilton looking to be in control. He even threw a spinning back fist and an axe kick in that round. Round two began with Crunkilton throwing a kick to the body and then getting a takedown where we did a good share of ground n pound. Referee Herb Dean stepped in and stopped the fight after some nasty elbows from Crunkilton. Crunkilton wins by ref stoppage due to strikes at 3:55 of round two.

The favored Chris Lytle beat Savant Young by TKO in round 1.

Vernon ‘Tiger’ White defeated Jason Guida. White bloodied Jason in the first round and the fight was stopped in the second due to bleeding from the nose and above the left eyebrow.

The Lavar Johnson vs Brian Olsen match ended in an unusual way as they squared off for the WEC Heavyweight title. The first round was back and forth and at 2:14 of round 2, Lavar landed a nice knee, but fell to the ground and tapped out. He apparently injured his knee when he landed it on Olsen. Olsen wins by tapout due to injury.

Two Warriors Clash for IKF West Coast Championship

13 Jan

by AKP Press (2006-01-13)

Ultimate Boxing and Kickboxing – Feb. 3rd, Sacramento, CA – Radisson Hotel- 7:PM

Quiet! Can you feel the tension? Well, I can and it is becoming more tensed as Feb. 3rd draws closer!For that will be the day when Sacramento and surrounding area fight fans will have the opportunity to witness what might very well be the Kickboxing fight of the year!You would have to know the combatants battling for the IKF Muay Thai West Coast Super Welterweight Championship that evening to know exactly what I’m speaking of.

Hopefully in this article, you will get a chance to learn more about these two champions and what motivates them to do what they do so well.Both men are two of the nicest guys you will to meet-that is… on the streets…not in the ring.On the streets, you will get gentlemen.However, a meeting in the ring would unveil stone cold warriors!

One side of their personality reveals the type of guys you would want your daughter to meet, while the other-side is dark and lonely!Meet them and you feel weird as they smile at you one moment and the next second they stare away to a distant place that’s cold and clammy, a place where few people rarely go!

Quickly, the message becomes clear… these guys are not normal! They are champions waiting to enter that dark square ring to illuminate the hearts and souls of all of the excited fans who will witness their awesome skill on display!

First, there is Nathan Smith.The fair skinned, blond haired young man who at first glance, you might think he should be sitting behind a computer all day…and perhaps he does but most would not guess his talents as a fighter.The first time I saw Nathan fight, he literally blew me away. I simply could not believe that this kid with the boyish looks could actually be that skilled.But it was not an illusion, this guy could fight as he proved his worth by winning the 2004 IKF North American Championship.

The tournament is the largest kickboxing tournament in North America and truly the best of the best attend it.So, to walk away with one of those beautiful championship belts says a lot about the fighter and what they go through to get it. Putting their names on this championship belt is an honor that all amateur fighters should strive for.The event is really a true test to find the best and Nathan proved that he is one of the best!

Nathan is trained by the prominent and well known Team Voodoo out of Modesto, CA.Team Voodoo is responsible for K-1 champion Carter Williams’ climb to the top of the Kickboxing world rankings.Gene and Cat Fields believe in their fighters and really support them 100% in their training and their personal lives.They are the kind of trainers that you envy.They will be hoping that Feb. 3rd is their night but there is one menacing problem standing in the way…Christian Gonzales!

Christian Gonzales of San Francisco, Ca…to put it simple…is scary! Not just because of the Mohawk he sports…yes intimidating but more so, his smile.Yes, his smile.Christian has the kind of smile that says hello I like you, now let me beat you down…all in one glance!:)This soft spoken and highly respectful young man showed me that he has heart!

Most Muay Thai fighters I’ve witnessed depend a lot on leg kicks and knees to take out their opponent.Christian does this well too.However, (and if a secret now, it want be come fight night.) (whispering)Christian has boxing skills!I had the opportunity to match him on our last boxing and kickboxing event and simply put…he impressed me!He was fighting the very talented Marcus Crandle who is trained by Former IKF Middle Weight World Champion Dave “Mad Man” Marinoble of Roseville, CA.Crandle entered the fight undefeated and started wailing on Gonzales and prompting the referee to give Gonzales an eight count! Fight fans were going crazy as they thought the fight was soon to be over with a big win for Crandle!

Well they were right about one thing, the fight would end the next round but the winner would be Gonzales!Christian came out in round two and literally (something you rarely see)threw bombs and haymakers while mixing them with an assortment of knees and leg kicks.You would have thought that Crandle said something about Gonzales’ relatives or something as he overwhelmed Crandle dropping him to the canvas!Clearly hurt from the punishment dish out by Gonzales, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight when Crandle could not balance himself during the eight count!Gonzales is trained by all time MT great Jongsanan who has over one hundred fights under his belt.Additionally, the renown Fairtex Muay Thai Gym of San Francisco where Gonzales’ trains, sets a serious tone for anyone who steps in the ring against one of these Muay Thai warriors who eats, drinks and sleeps their art!

Gonzales’ never give up attitude and willingness to let all of his skills’out of the bag’ when needed most – will give not only Smith problems but anyone he fights during his career!Christian Gonzales is scary and is a dangerous opponent!Smith needs to be ready for a war if his plans are like those of Gonzales’… to walk out of the ring not only feeling like a champion but actually being one!

One thing for sure, Friday Feb. 3rd, could be a be a night to remember!Professional boxers will show their wares to delight the crowd!Kickboxers will ‘kickoff’ the show and somewhere during the night, fight fans could very well witness a super fight between Smith and Gonzales!I’ll be there with fingers crossed that both men come and give their all… and if this happens…it has the makings of one of the greatest fights of 2006!More to come soon…

Fairtex come to Pattaya

13 Jan

by The BIG Chilli (2006-01-13)

Now there’s a serious contender to challenge for the attention of the Resort’s visitors.

It has to be said that most tourists heading to Pattaya are vigorous only in their pursuit of the next beer, working up a sweat only when they discover that their chosen companion of the night may be more of a man than they bargained for.

However, for those who are seeking a vacation more athletic (outside the bedroom that is), the city’s new Fairtex Sport Club and Resort specializing in professional muaythai training and the honing of physical excellence cannot be beat.

“Be Inspired�? is the touchstone message of one of the world’s fastest growing sport business.Mr. Philip Wong is the visionary behind Fairtex Muaythai Camps, now found in Thailand, Japan and USA.The sport has been his life long passion, and as the years pass, his inspired vision seems to grow.

In 1971, Mr. Wong opened Fairtex Garments, a textile manufacturer.The company went on to develop high quality T-shirts sold to department stores, and eventually became the kindgom’s number one brand.While his garment business grew, so did his desire to support his passion – Thailand’s national sport, Muaythai.By 1975, he had opened a small camp in Bangkok that became the home of a stable of professional fighters.Producing more than 30 world champions form that time to this, Fairtex Camps developed a reputation for talent.

In 1993, Mr. Wong opened his first foreign camp in Phoenix, Arizona, USA.The operation later moved to San Francisco, California where it has become one of the USA’s most elite martial arts and fitness centers.Recently, in collaboration with others, he has expanded again, opening four camps in Japan.As his favorite sport’s popularity grows across the globe, Mr. Wong is no doubt pleased.

He has now refocused his efforts in a daring way back on his home shores.Fairtex Sport Club and Resort, located in Pattaya, takes Muaythai to its most elite level yet, by including a training camp as only one component of a very large, five star project.

Situated along North Pattaya Road, just ten minutes from the sea, the 400 million Thai Baht development boasts a pretty decent locale.Far enough away from the heavy nightlife to welcome families, but close enough to walk to the beach, the project seems to have everything in its favor.

Pattaya once had a reputation for more than wild girls at the bars.In the early years of the resort town’s popularity, before westerners had much experience in the art of Muaythai, a does of ufunu for locals could include cajoling a drunken farang into the ring with an aging fighter feigning incompetence.Once the fool white boy donned gloves he was fair game and the Thai pro (retired or not) made quick work of him.Today the town is home to between 40 and 50 professional foreign fighters, making it an ideal location for an elite camp.

Expanding upon the model of their Bangpli operation, Fairtex Pattaya will house a live-in Muaythai center with exclusive, professional trainers, four boxing rings, and a dedicated heavy bag room.The training area will be somewhat isolated from the hotel and the rest of the sport complex.Since professional fighters, when in training, tend to be sweaty, noisy, half naked and loud, it would not meet five star standards to have them mucking about in the hotel lobby or among the designer-ware aerobics ladies.There will be a separate dormitory facility for live-in trainee who, like Fairtex Bangpli, will come from around the glove to receive some of the world’s best Muaythai coaching.Fighters will also have separate entrances to the facility and separate dining quarters during their training hours.

There is so much more to Fairtex Sport Club and Resort.Beneath a high arching roofline and walls designed to replicate the temples of ancient Sukhothai will be the badminton courts, indoor soccer court, lockers, pro shops and juice bar.Behind the massive structure is a 25 meter swimming pool, four tennis courts, two squash courts, and the country’s largest rock climbing wall complete with overhang, face and crack climbing options.At the back of the complex will stand the members-only sports bar with table sports such as ping-pong and foosball available on the second floor.

April 2006 will see the opening of the luxurious 60-room hotel and mega, indoor fitness areas.State of the art weight training and cardio vascular equipment will be just part of the facility.Personal trainers, more juice bars, and aerobics, spinning and stretch classes will be available for members and hotel guests.Other services will include child car and kids’ activities, international dining venues, a recreation center with internet access and cable TV, dietary counseling, personal training, spas and saunas.

The very front of the complex will be home to another Rasayana Retreat detoxification center.Like its Bangkok predecessor, Rasayana will offer members and guests a raw foods restaurant, day spa and colonic hydrotherapy treatments.Fairtex Sports Club and Resort has a soft opening on December 1, 2005 where the Muaythai and outdoor fitness areas are available for member use.The adjoining hotel and indoor training areas will open by April 2006.The club is offering early bird membership specials.

For further information on Muaythai training at Fairtex, please call +66 38 488 196.

For questions about the Sport Club or hotel contact Bart Van Dermole at +66 51 880 147.

Warriors Realm 5

12 Jan

by Tony Colin Green (2006-01-12)

Hello and welcome to a New Year. 2006 is shaping up to be an explosive year for Warriors Realm and MMA in Australia. Warriors Realm is proud to announce its alliance with the International Fighting Championship (IFC). Later this year we will be hosting an IFC event here in Australia, with some big names from the USA making there way Down Under. Keep checking for details. This event was originally going to take place earlier this year, but due to Hurricane Katrina, the IFC were forced to reschedule.

Warriors Realm 5 will take place on the 25th of February at the Lake Kawana Community Centre on the Sunshine Coast. In the Main Event George Sotiropoulos will challenge Kyle ‘KO’ Noke for his Australian Welterweight title. The Two last fought at WR 4 in July 2005. In what was a very close fight, both fighters wanted another chance to get it on and now it will happen. This fight is scheduled for 5 x 5 Minute rounds. This gives you an idea of the conditioning of these Warriors. Neither believes it will go the distance. Additionally an awesome card of MMA fights and some modified rules fights (limited ground time) will take place. Keep checking for details.

For the last 6 months I have been fortunate enough to be volunteering at the Sunshine Coast Animal Refuge Society (SCARS). It has been a fantastic and rewarding experience. For mostly Seven days a week, starting at 4:30 am, I have worked along side some of the kindest people I have ever met. These volunteers give up there time including weekends and public holidays for the benefit of Dogs and Cats that in many cases have been neglected and abused. Over Ten Thousand unwanted Dogs and Cats are Euthanased in Australia every week. As human beings we should all be disgusted that this is allowed to happen. SCARS is a non profit organization that houses up to Two Hundred Dogs and Cats at anyone time. It has a non Euthanasia policy, which means that the animals are kept and looked after until a home can be found for them (the exception being if an animal is in too much pain and all other medical efforts have been exhausted). Many of these animals are not purebred or the prettiest of there species, but all are beautiful.

What I am attempting to do is raise approximately $50k for SCARS. This money will go towards building a Kennel complex for Dogs that are at the later stage of there lives. Most often unlikely to be wanted by anyone, these Dogs will have the opportunity to live out there lives in relative comfort. Any of the money that is not used for this project will go towards the general upgrade of the Refuge. This is a fantastic cause that deserves our support. Some of the most exciting Warriors in our sport have enthusiastically signed up to compete at this event, all generously offering there fight purses to this worthy cause. This is a great opportunity for the Australian MMA community to show the main stream public the honorable people involved with this sport.

James Irvin and Scott Smith Polish Their Stand-Up at Fairtex

10 Jan

by FTX (2006-01-10)

Fairtex-sponsored fighters James Irvin and Scott Smith spent this past week braving the commute from Sacramento to San Francisco to train at Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness in preparation for their upcoming fights.Both Irvin and Smith are members of the Capital City Fighting Alliance fight team based in Sacramento, California.The two were in house every morning last week polishing thir stand-up with Head Instructor, Ganyao Fairtex.

Both fighters are known for their punishing striking, and the past few days working with Ganyao have really helped to enhance both of their skills.

Fairtex Gear Sales Director Michael Bruno commented, “They’re both great athletes, and we’re proud to sponsor the two of them.It’s crazy to watch them train with Ganyao, because you can literally see them improve minute to minute.I think if you talked with any of the professionals that Ganyao has helped train in the past they would tell you the same thing.He just has a knowledge of the sport that is unparalleled.‿

James Irvin is coming off a stunning 2nd round knockout of Terry Martin at UFC 54.Irvin ended the fight at just nine seconds into the round with a vicious flying knee that brought the entire house to their feet.On January 16th Irvin will face Stephan Bonnar as the Co-Main Event of Ultimate Fight Night 3.

Scott Smith is coming off of similarly impressive wins, having just won the WEC Light Heavyweight Tournament this past October.Smith stopped two very tough opponents, Tim Mckenzie, and then Tait Flethcer, finishing both within the first round.On January 14th, Smith will defend his WEC Light Heavyweight Title against the very dangerous Justin Levens.

Both fighters look ready to go, and it should be an exciting January for Capital City.Fairtex would like to wish both fighters the best of luck.

WBC – Night of Champions in Cancun, Mexico

6 Jan

by WBC (2006-01-06)

From WBC President Jose Sulaiman:

The World Boxing Council is confirming the celebration of the Night of Champions in paradisiacal Cancun, Mexico, from January 28 to 31. The Night of Champons is intended to be the greatest boxing ceremony in the history of the sport with the number of great champions of the present and past who have confirmed their attendance. The host hotel will be the five-star Grand Oasis Hotel, located on the beautiful Caribbean beach in Cancun.

The WBC Awards for 2005 will also be presented. Floyd Mayweather, Jermain Taylor, Erik Morales, Manny Pacquiao , Jose Luis Castillo, Diego Corrales, Thomasz Adamek and others will be awarded. Laila Ali will receive the award for WBC 2005 Female Boxer of the Year, the first time that this award has been presented. Laila has shown greatness in her undefeated career, and that she has the same makings of her father, the great Muhammad Ali.


SATURDAY, JANUARY 28: A WBC world title boxing event will be presented at the bullring Plaza de Toros Cancun, with WBC interim flyweight world champion Jorge Arce making a defense of the title in the rematch against Adonis Rivas, plus one WBC Muaythai title bout, one WBC female championship bout, one WBC Youth championship fight and a 12-round elimination bout in the strawweight division. The fight card will be the most significant one ever held in the state of Quintana Roo, and televised nationally in Mexico.

WBC Muaythai Super Featherweight World Championship:

Keow Fairtex, Thailand, vs. Bin In Wook, Korea.

WBC Flyweight World Championship:

Jorge Arce, Mexico, vs. Adonis Rivas, Nicaragua.

WBC Featherweight Youth Professional Championship:

Rodolfo “Rudy” López, Mexico, vs. Freddy Bandon, Nicaragua.

WBC Strawweight Final Elimination Bout:

Rodel Mayol, Philippines, vs. Lorenzo Trejo, Mexico.

WBC Super Bantamweight Female World Championship:

Jackie Nava, Mexico, vs. Kelsey Jeffries, USA.

Plus Special Attraction – Lightweights:

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr., Mexico vs. Carlos Molina, Mexico.

Three more four-round bouts will complete the card.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 29: A tour of the most beautiful places in this paradisiacal city of Cancun.

MONDAY, JANUARY 30: A golf tournament, beach volleyball tournament, etc., for champions, promoters, managers, commissioners and other people of boxing coming to the celebration. The purse offer will be held at the Grand Oasis Hotel for the fight between Jermain Taylorand Winky Wright.

TUESDAY, JANUARY 31: Morning: convertible and folkloric trucks parade with all the present champions saluting the people of Cancun, to whom we are showing our support for the tragedy of hurricane Wilma.

Evening: The great “Night of Champions” ceremony, when the WBC and people from around the world will render a tribute to all present WBC world champions, former great WBC champions and former Mexican world champions.

Awards presentation for the WBC’s “Best of the Year 2005.”

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