Teelak Fairtex vs Orono Majesticgym

6 Feb

by muaythai2000.com (2006-02-06)

An exciting fight to see between two popular fighters is the one between Teelak Fairtex and Orono Majesticgym. Both are well known fighters with outstanding performances. Their names are much like by the fan because of their fighting’s ability. This fight will take place on Friday, February 10th 2006 in Suk Fairtex at Lumpinee Stadium. It is one fight that the fan is looking forward to because both are such popular fighters.

Teelak is a fighter under the supervision of Camp Fairtex which is a highly respectable camp in Muay Thai. This camp is known to produced many high quality fighters. There will also be three more fighters from Camp Fairtex beside Teelak competing in this event. These three fighters are Kompayak Fairtex, Ardtachai Fairtex and Kanongsuk Fairtex. The manager of Camp Fairtex said that all these fighters are physically and mentally ready to compete in this event. Teelak is considered to be a new fighter of Camp Fairtex so he is preparing himself extra hard for this fight.

Teelak is a well rounded fighter who is able to handle himself well when he fights. He is a tough fighter with vicious fighting’s style. He will certainly be performing at his best in this fight. As for Orono, he is a smart fighter who plans a good strategy to use in his fights. He is a long-time fighter in Muay Thai with much experience to his name. He is hoping to use his experience to help him win this fight. There are many more exciting matches to see in this event as well.

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