Interview with Kyle Noke

13 Feb

by (2006-02-13)

Hello Kyle, how’s your preparation going for your title defense against George ?

Everything is going well. We have worked on a few minor areas in my game and I feel very ready for this Title defence.

At the Eliminator when you and George fought some people thought that you had won others thought George. How did you see it ?

I thought it was close on the night, then after i watched the footage i know i won. People will see that when they view the fight on DVD. But there is only one real way to put the matter to rest now and that’s to give George what he asked for. A rematch on Warriors Realm 5. George is probably the best current Australian challenger atwelterweight so I’m happy to give him the opportunity to fight me again.

What do you think of George’s abilities, strength’s and weaknesses ?

George is a good fighter he has many strengths. After defeating him once already his strengths have only served the purpose of making me strengthen a few areas in my own technique that we believe will serve me well on the night. We will see how our strengths and weaknesses match up on Warriors Realm 5.

What is your prediction for this fight ?

A good fight… I think our styles match up well. I will be out there to win as I am every time I step into the fight arena. There is no place in the cage for questioning your ability to defeat your opponent.As the Warriors Realm Champion with one victory over George to my name the pressure is all on him. I think the crowd will really enjoy the night and we will put on a great fight for them.

This is the First time 5 x 5 Minute rounds have been fought in Australia. Do you see this becoming a problem if the fight goes into the later rounds ?

No i always ensure I’m in the best shape i can be no matter how many rounds there are. Fitness and conditioning may be the most important element of the battle. To be skilled and prepared mentally is one thing but without the fitness to go the distance if required you may as well not show up in a fight such as this.

Tell us a bit about how you came to be involved in MMA.

I was trying to find something to keep me out of trouble and rugby wasn’t doing it for me. Thats when i met Tony Green and he asked me to come along to a training night. I had never studied any martial arts before so my style of martial arts was MMA from day 1. Tony and I also used to drive all the way to Chris Hasemans Gym every week on the South side of Brisbane. This is where in my first month of training i was introduced to my current coach Dan Higgins. Mick and Tony Green, Dan Higgins and myself then formed the Integrated Martial Arts Team, I had my first fight and the rest is history. I have never looked back. The journey we have travelled together as a team is something that we are very proud of. Our team is getting stronger with every fight and we now have a second generation of young fighters starting to emerge.

I would all so like to thank my sponsorsFAIRTEX, REDBAK SUPPLEMENTS, GO FAST and AUSTRALIA ZOO.

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