Jack Is Back

17 May

by FTX Thailand (2006-05-17)

Celebrity adventurer Jack Osbourne has returned to Thailand in preparation for his new TV series that will see him take on some extreme journeys traveling around the world in 80 days.

Some of the challenges he will face include running through the Sahara desert, kayaking across the British Channel and doing the world’s longest bungy jump.

And what better way to prepare for his new reality TV show than training at the Fairtex Muaythai Fitness?

Jack and his co-hosts Mike Weeks and Bean Sopwit all train in Muaythai and came to the Fairtex’s Bangplee to practice with the Fairtex personal trainers.

“Learning the martial art of Muaythai was one of the best things I have done in my life,’ said Jack who’s first reality show on training to fight Muaythai at the famous Fairtex camp was a big television hit.

Jack’s training at Fairtex along with his real Muaythai contest in the Pattaya’s Theprasit Muaythai Stadium was broadcast in over 60 countries, and was the second most popular TV show to be aired in the United Kingdom.

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