26 May

by http://www.mmaweekly.com (2006-05-26)

Many MMA insiders believe that Royce Gracie doesn’t have a shot in his fight against Matt Hughes this Saturday night at UFC 60. However, many of the fans disgaree.

In a poll that had one of the highest total vote counts in MMAWeekly’s history, 51 percent of the people who voted on our home page believe that Royce Gracie will pull off the upset and win the fight. Only 49 percent believe that Hughes, the UFC Welterweight Champion, will win the fight.

MMAWeekly Radio co-host Frank Trigg said last week on the radio show, “Gracie has a shot, but his best shot is when Matt picks him up and walks him across the mat, and then catch him with an armbar or triangle choke. That’s his only chance. That’s it, period. [Dennis] Hallman did it to Hughes twice. Gracie will have to catch lightning in a bottle in this fight.”

Right now on MMAWeekly TV, you can watch Royce Gracie’s training session. What kind of shape is he in? Does he look fit enough to win the fight? Will he be a big 175? Find out right now on MMAWeekly TV.

This is a great time to get hooked up with MMAWeekly TV because every day this week we will be counting down to UFC 60 with one video per day of different participants in the event. MMAWeekly TV gets you closer to the action than any other website in the world. Check out Royce Gracie’s training session right now on MMAWeekly.com, your news leader in MMA.

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