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Ontario Mixed Martial Arts Tryouts

31 Jul

by (2006-07-31)

Fairtex, in association with World Black Belt Canada, is proud to present the first ever Free Canadian Mixed Martial Arts tryouts.
We are happy to announce Fairtex in conjunction with World Black Belt Canada will be hosting Canada’s first free mixed martial arts tryout. The event is an open evaluation for all athletes looking to compete in mixed martial arts. Viewing the event will be staff from Canada’s premier mixed martial arts promotions and management companies including:
Freedom Fight, TKO, UGC, King of the cage, Tap Star and many more.

The event will be recorded and presented to all event promoters unable to attend the live event.

The Ontario MMA TRIALS will take place at the Kombat Arts Training Academy in Mississauga, Ontario ( on August 12th 2006 starting at 10:30 am.

Fighters on hand will be divided up into weight classes of: 145lbs, 155lbs, 170lbs, 185lb, 205lbs and over 205 lbs)

Athletes will be evaluated on their skills in all three ranges of combat (Striking, Wrestling & Groundwork) and be asked to engage in modified sparring sessions/live drilling with each other.

Mandatory equipment attendees will need to bring with them include:

Training attire (shorts, t-shirt /rash guard)
Groin protector
Bag gloves
Shin guards
Mixed martial arts gloves
*The event’s sponsors will provide sparring gloves.

With MMA still being unsanctioned as a professional sport in Ontario this event will go a long way towards getting new and experienced Ontario athletes exposure to better their careers and make new connections.

To register contact Claude Patrick at REGISTER@GTAMMA.COM


27 Jul

by Patrick Cusack, (2006-07-27)

Thai superstar Danthai Singhmanasak faces a fierce challenge from British and European Muaythai star Kieran Keddle when the two fighters meet for the WBC MUAYTHAI World Super Lightweight Title contest to be staged in London on 17 September.

The match-up sees the best from the west clash with one of Thailand’s most outstanding fighters in a world championship event that is generating excitement in the streets of London.

United as One promoter Nash Keshwala said there was a lot of well founded confidence that Keddle will take out the world title even though Danthai has a brilliant fighting career.

On the same card another British Muaythai hero Dale White takes on Aelexei Biznev – a tough combatant from Belarus – for the WBC MUATHAI European International Featherweight championship.

Keddle and White have been exceptional fighters in Muaythai and both will be fighting to win for British pride. Keddle has fought and trained in Thailand and has been one of the most dominant fighters in Europe. Both Keddle and White are in peak condition.

Meanwhile the WBC MUAYTHAI World Light Heavyweight Title scheduled for Copenhagen in Denmark scheduled on 2 September will feature Denmark’s Bassam Chahrour (Denmark) and Sweden’s Markus Öberg.

Promoter Brain Talarek said the event will set the benchmark for the heavier weight divisions in the WBC MUAYTHAI.

Both fighters credentials for the world tile are impressive with Chahrour (21) winning all 33 fights – 19 by K.O. and Oberg winning 14 of 16 contests – 5 by KO.

The WBC world championship action will swing into Germany on 11 November when promoter Klaus Waschkewitz stages the World Super Welterweight Championship.

Thailand’s sensational world champion Yodsaenklai Fairtex will defend his title belt against Germany’s brilliant Muaythai fighter Mark Vogel in the city of Wuppertal.

Upcoming WBC Muaythai events:

August 31: Bishkek, Kyrghastan

Lamsongkram (Thailand) v Joost Bauhaus (Holland)

International Middleweight Championship

September 2: Copenhagen, Denmark

Bassam Chahrour (Denmark) v Markus Oberg (Sweden)

World Super Lightweight Title

September 17: London, United Kingdom

Danthai Singhmanasak (Thailand) v Kieran Keddle (UK)

World Super Lightweight Title

Dale White (UK) v Aelexei Biznev (Belarus)

European International Featherweight Championship.

November 11: Wuppertal, Germany

Yodsaenklai Fairtex (Thailand) v Mark Vogel (Germany)

Super Welterweight World Title defence.


25 Jul

by By R. Puno, Esq. ( (2006-07-25)

Bushido 12: Survival 2 this coming August 26 in Nagoya, Japan will memorialize the debut of Fairtex mixed martial arts (MMA) fighter, Gilbert “El Niño‿ Melendez in PRIDE — the most prestigious of all international MMA events. Scheduled to face Melendez is Nobuhiro Obiya, also making his debut in PRIDE. Coincidentally, both undefeated fighters recently won Lightweight Championship Titles this year – Melendez with STRIKEFORCE in June and Obiya with DEEP in April.

“He is [PRIDE’s current Lightweight Champion] Gomi’s teammate and training partner, so of course, he’s tough, relentless and has skills. I know he’s coming prepared for a war,‿ said Melendez of Obiya. “This is where I want to be, where I need to be and hopefully, after this fight, I prove this is exactly where I should be, with the best in the world [in my division].‿

“El Niño‿ will be getting his first opportunity to show a large international audience why he deserves to be in the mix with the world’s top lightweight MMA fighters. This PRIDE card will be shown on cable TV’s Fox Sports Network (FSN) in a 2-hr special airing on Sunday, August 27, beginning 7 p.m. nationwide.


24 Jul

by Patrick Cusack (2006-07-24)

Pattaya has become a primary focus for International Muaythai competition, following Fairtex taking over the management of the city’s Theprasit stadium.

The Fairtex Therprasit Stadium will attract the best of International Muaythai fighters who want to show their credentials in the ring against recognized Thai competitors.

Currently only a limited number of foreign fighters can get matched at the main Muaythai arenas in Bangkok . But now that the official Muaythai arena in Pattaya is open for all International Muaythai practitioners the door is wide open for foreigners to get matched regularly against professional Thai fighters.

“Muaythai is popular all around the world, and there are many foreign fighters who want to prove themselves in real competition against the Thai professionals,‿ said Philip Wong Chairman of the Fairtex Group.

Fairtex Theprasit will be including more International match-ups against Thais each month resulting in the stadium becoming a genuine international Muaythai venue.

“Pattaya is a holiday location that attracts many foreigners. The Fairtex Theprasit Muaythai stadium will be another great attraction for the premier resort city.‿

Fairtex has its own multi-million dollar sports club with a fully equipped Muaythai training camp linked to various sporting facilities including a state-of-art gymnasium.

“What is being offered is the opportunity for foreigners to trains with champion Muaythai fighters in a first class training camp inside a sport club and then go and fight in an official stadium,‿ enthuses Mr Wong.

Experienced Muaythai fighters are being against seasoned Thai professions at Fairtex Theprasit while beginners – who show potential – can be matched against less experienced Thai competitors.

“It doesn’t matter if you’re a potential world champion or just a Muaythai enthusiast Fairtex will find a match-up. What this means is that for those who dream of fighting in a major arena can do so at Fairtex Theprasit Stadium,‿ asserts Mr Wong.

The Fairtex owned and operated sports complex and Muaythai training camp is located a short distance from the Pattaya Beach front. The design is crafted to blend together fitness and health with a dedicated Muaythai section.

The complex is the vision of Fairtex founder Mr. Philip Wong who has a new benchmark in excellence for muaythai training, fitness and health.

The live-in facilities include twin-share rooms, air conditioned with cable TV. Sports facilities include four outside tennis courts, four indoor badminton courts, a basketball court, four muaythai ring, two squash courts, stretch room and aerobic floor as well as a spacious outdoor swimming pool.


24 Jul

by USKBA Action Sports, (2006-07-24)

Everything is in place
and we’re waiting for you! Please join us on September 2, 2006 in Rahway, New
. We will have SEVEN World Tournaments taking place on
mats… in two boxing rings… and IN THE CAGE! We’re running everything in one
day to give everyone an opportunity to tour New York
City, Atlantic
City and the surrounding area. The venue is 15 minutes
from Newark Liberty International Airport, 20 minutes from New York
City and 90 minutes from Atlantic City. The USKBA ACTION SPORTS 2006 WORLD
Something for


These Tournament Coordinators are the
promoters of their respective tournaments. All inquiries should be made directly
to the individual Tournament Coordinators (with the exception of Letters of

Amateur Thaiboxing – “2006 AMATEUR THAIBOXING WORLD



Rules and Registration Forms for all the tournaments have been posted on our
website at
From our Tournament Directory, you can go into each individual tournament
section to view the rules and link to the Registration Forms and required
paperwork for each tournament. Tournament postcards and paperwork are also
available by contacting the individual Tournament


With all our tournaments, if you pre-register, you save money.
Registration fee schedules are located in each individual tournament section of
our website. The Pre-Registration deadline is July 31, 2006. The Registration
deadline is between August 1, 2006 and August 29, 2006. No Registration Forms or
fees should be mailed after August 29, 2006. After August 29, 2006, competitors
should register at the door and pay the Late Registration fees.


The Official Tournament Hotel for the USKBA ACTION SPORTS 2006 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Amateur
, is the Fairfield Inn
& Suites (Marriott) at Woodbridge
located at 1295 Route 1 South in Avenel, New
Jersey. A limited amount of discounted rooms are
available on a first come, first served basis. The special USKBA Tournament rate is $85 a night for up to 4 people in a room.
To book your rooms, call 732-396-9700 and mention Rate Code: USKP. The Fairfield Inn & Suites will
also provide FREE shuttle service
to and from Newark
Liberty International Airport and to and from the venue (please
schedule with front desk). Also included is a FREE Continental Breakfast and use of the
swimming pool and jacuzzi facilities. For additional information on the
Fairfield Inn & Suites, visit our website at,
and go into the Hotel Accommodations section. Book early. We have a limited
block of rooms available.


We are in
the process of mailing Letters of Invitations to 46 International Teams from;
Algeria, Belgium, Cameroon, Chile, Ecuador, Egypt, England, France, India, Iran,
Lebanon, Nepal, The Netherlands, Nigeria, Pakistan, Philippines, Romania,
Russia, South Africa, Spain, Trinidad and Tobago and Uzbekistan. This represents
a small portion of the Requests for Letters of Invitation that come in on a
daily basis. Once we physically mail the Letter of Invitation, we will also
email a copy of the Letter of Invitation to the requesting individual or club.
If you have not submitted your Official Request for Letters of Invitation, visit
our website at,
and go into the Request for Letters of Invitation section. Official Letters of
Invitation can only be produced after we receive your request through our


As we will be running SEVEN World Championship Tournaments at one
time, the need for competent Officials (referees, judges, scorekeepers,
timekeepers, tournament personnel) is of utmost importance. If you would like to
volunteer, please contact the Tournament Coordinator(s) of the tournament(s) you
would like to work with. We are making plans to hold USKBA Officials Certification classes on
Friday, September 1, 2006 and Saturday morning, September 2,

Adrian Pang Interview

24 Jul

by Tom Meleskey, (2006-07-24)

After some
communication with members of the Integrated
Martial Arts Gym
in Australia on the Kakuto
Forums, Tom Melesky learned that one of their members,
Warriors Realm lightweight champion, Adrian
, was coming over to Japan to
train at Hidehiko Yoshida’s gym
J-Rock. Between stand-up drills among
fighters like Kazuhiro Nakamura and
Ryan Bow, we sat down to speak a little
about the status of Australian MMA and growing up in

Melesky: Recently everyone I’ve been interviewing has
been a mixed Asian, it’s kind of interesting. I’ve had
one with Denis Kang and I’m going to meet Poai Suganuma
and I hear you’re maybe Malaysian?

Pang:Um Chinese, southern Chinese.


TM: Oh,
and I’m half Japanese.

AP: Cool.
It’s actually Papuan New Guinea


Really? I’ve never heard of

Basically I was raised in Papua New
Guinea before the war
so my parents are all up there.


TM: Yeah,
I read your Fairtex interview. I found that really

AP: Oh
really? (pauses) I’m trying to think of which one that
was. Sorry


TM: No
worries, but I read that you have a spear

AP: Yes I
do. (Shows large scar on his right arm, the skin looked
similar to a burn wound which prompted the next


TM: Damn,
was that a hot spear or

AP: No it
was just a spear wound from fighting up there. From
fighting up in New Guinea.
It’s a bit troubled so people don’t just fight with
their hands. It’s a lot of bush knife type stuff
involved. My brother actually has a big cut across his
forehead so…(laughs at Tom’s shocked


TM: Wow,
well first off I’d like to ask you are you enjoying
Japan? What
do you think so far?

AP: I love
Japan. The
training is awesome. I wish my coach and my teammates
could be here with me, so I’m really honored to be here
and for J-Rock to bring me here.


TM: Are
you currently in negotiations to fight

AP: I’d
love to fight here. I’m sort of not pushing anything,
but I’m hoping to be offered.


TM: How
did you finally decide to come here? There are so many
gyms in Japan. I
guess I’d better be careful how I’d ask this. How did
you finally decide on J-Rock?

AP: I know
J-Rock is a great promotion and organization and Yoshida
is a big hero of mine back in Australia and
he’s very well known. I’m very honored to be able to
train here and for them to put me up in an apartment
while I’m here which is really


TM: That
is great. I wanted to talk a little more about
New Guinea. Could you
tell me a little bit about growing up there?

AP: When
my brother and I grew up there, we didn’t have many, um
how do I say, many light skinned friends. All my friends
were Papuans who are black people and a lot of my best
friends are still there. It was pretty wild and it was a
little bit violent at times, but it was great. Y’know we
lived on the beach by the ocean with surfing and stuff.
It was unreal.


TM: How
are you finding the training sessions here? How
different are they from Integrated Martial

AP: Well
Integrated Martial Arts is currently the best team in
Australia and
we have many champions out of that gym. My coach Danny
trains out of the states and we’re by here to hang out
with these guys. Just the level is a lot different here.
A lot of guys here are already pro fighters. In
there’s not so many people at a good level so it’s just
been awesome to be able to train.


TM: You’re
coming here for 2 weeks. What do you hope to take away
because it’s just such a short time to train?

AP: Just
the experience of training with different people. Once
again my coach is very experienced and he has a lot to
show and I have a lot to learn so just to be able to
train with these guys is good enough for me.


TM: You
said Pang was Papuan Chinese. Is that why you started
off in Kung Fu? How long did you train in that?

Actually I did Southern Tong Long Chow family for about
8 years. I did travel to Hong
Kong and train with my sifu out there. It’s
an awesome system and I find a lot of my teachings are
used in PRIDE, like the hammer fist is used very often
there. We’re slowly trying incorporate a bit of it back
into my MMA game which is great.


TM: So you
find your stand up game at least is still influenced a
lot by your Kung Fu.

AP: Yeah
and I also have a really great JKD coach, Steve Compton,
in Australia and my coach Danny Blake here who lives in
Nagoya is also very good and my influence in stand-up.
(Danny teaches out of the Body Box Gym


TM: How
did your martial arts training progress from

Basically like everyone in Australia, I
started seeing UFCs, a lot later than everybody else.
We’re a bit behind in the MMA thing. Kickboxing is very
big in Australia so
a lot of us saw UFC and everyone was scrambling around
the place trying to get a mixture of everything because
there were no MMA gyms at the time.


TM: I’ve
read that you’ve also fought in Muay Thai and boxing. Do
you continue to compete in those

AP: Yeah I
only had 2 boxing fights. I don’t actually have a boxing
coach anymore, but I still have Muay Thai fights, as I’m
sponsored by Fairtex and I’m quite successful in those.


TM: It’s
interesting that you’ve done boxing, you’ve done Muay
Thai, you’ve trained in Kung Fu for so long yet I look
at your record and I see that you’ve won six fights by
submission. Do you prefer to mix it up on the ground or

AP: I used
to really love the grappling, but I’m starting to enjoy
the standing a bit more now. I do sort of enjoy standing
toe to toe with people and seeing who’s the better man
on that day, but with MMA often you can’t help it, you
just end up on the ground regardless and…well I like to
fight from wherever.


TM: Do you
do jiu-jitsu training, judo

AP: I did
BJJ through Gracie Barra in Australia
when I first started. Darren King, he was an awesome
jiu-jitsu coach. Also we do wrestling once a week with
an All-British Champion in Redcliffe in
Australia. So
we have quite a round game in our gym.


TM: In
Australia, what titles have you held or currently

AP: I do
still hold the Warriors Realm Australian Lightweight
title. I’ve had that for a couple of years. There aren’t
really that many people to fight. There are a few I do
have coming up and I’m looking very forward to


TM: In
what’s the main fighting organization? For example
there’s PRIDE here, UFC in America, TKO in
Canada, Rage Cage in

AP: In
it’s limited. The biggest cage show is Warriors Realm
which I hold the title for. That is an awesome show and
the promoter is very fair. Also there is an XFC which
Justin (Lawrence who
helped me contact Adrian
in Japan) holds
with different rounds and it’s in a ring. And there’s
another event called Spartan so we only have about 3
good events in Australia in


TM: Your
record says you faced John Macnamara in 2001. How do you
think your skills have improved since then?

AP: My
skills have improved immensely. That was a great
learning curve for me, obviously. I’d done a few months
of jiu-jitsu and I was sneaking it in between my kung fu
trainings and my master didn’t know. Never been in a
ring before. Never gone for a jog before so I mean that
was the rawest fight you’d probably ever seen. We were
just punching. I didn’t know Thai clinching. I didn’t
know anything. We were just punching the hell out of
each other. It was a great fight and I thank him still
to this day for that fight for helping me get to where I
am now.


TM: Would
you ever consider a rematch with

AP: I used
to hit him up for a rematch because he’d come up to me
with his little friends after a fight when I started
fighting. Obviously he retired after he fought me.
(laughs) He’s a great little dude, like from now if you
look at him compared to me, he’s quite small. I was like
60 kg when I started fighting. Yeah he’s a cool little
dude and I used to hit him up all the time, but naw I
wouldn’t want to fight him. I would have nothing to gain


TM: Anyone
else that you faced before?

AP: Um I
lost to Jason Wildchild twice. First time was a
decision. Second time was a TKO. I had a lot of blood
coming from my eye. That was an awesome fight. He’s a
great competitor. I think he’s a bit heavy now, but yeah
if we ever made the same weight, I’ll fight anybody
really. I’m looking forward to fighting Jacob Sidic.
He’s a pretty cool, little dude. (Tom laughs) Yeah and
he’s a pretty confident fellow.


TM: From
my perspective, you guys don’t look so little.

AP: When I
knew Jacob, I was fighting Jason and Jacob was the
little kid that was around the gym. He’s always been
very tall and he’s young, but he’s so talented and he’s
really awesome, so I’m looking forward to testing what
we’ve got.


TM: Where
is this fight going to be

AP: We’ve
had a lot of trouble with MMA in Australia. We
just organized it to be in another show in Toowomba
which is up in the mountains out of Brisbane and apparently
we’re fighting there in a couple of months, so I’ve been
told since we were over here. Apparently I’ve got a lot
lined up for me now.


TM: Who
would you consider your toughest

AP: My
toughest opponent is all the guys in my gym and myself.
You can only train as hard as you want to push yourself.
My coach is so awesome and the guys he’s producing now
are great so they smash me everyday and I’m grateful for


TM: What
is your ultimate goal as far as the competition is
concerned? Where do you want to end up? Do you want to
face a particular fighter or be in a particular

would like to just fight on a good show and showcase
what I’ve got for Australia.
Hopefully…I’m respectful enough to just wait until I’m
offered something good. I would like to fight anyone
they think I’m worthy or capable of fighting.


TM: Thanks
for your time. Is there anyone you’d like to give thanks
or shout outs to?

AP: I’d
like to thank J-Rock for giving me this opportunity to
get over here. Tony Green, my manager in Australia who
manages the whole team is a best friend of mine. And of
course my coach and all my training partners. Big shout
out to everyone in Australia of
course. I’d like to thank all my sponsors, Fairtex and
Redback supplements for keeping me going and Go-Fast

Adrian has a Muay Thai fight lined up in Thailand on August 3rd.

IFL Coaches to Put on Seminars at Wizard World Convention

17 Jul

by Keith Evans, (2006-07-17)

The International Fight League will be on hand with the IFL Ring, IFL Ring Card Girls, Coaches and Fighters at the Wizard World Chicago Convention.

Locations: Donald E Stephens Convention Center, 5555 North River Road Rosemont, Ill.

Wizard World Chicago and the IFL (International Fighting League) Present:

Our first glimpse at what the sport of Mixed Martial Arts truly has to offer was witnessed this past spring through the game’s most intriguing new promotion, the International Fight League, and its inaugural event, Legends Championship 2006. The debut of the IFL on Fox Sports Net for the first time ever, opened the door for traditional sports fans to appreciate our game.

Join the IFL Legendary Team Coaches: Pat Miletich, Bas Rutten, Maurice Smith, Renzo Gracie, IFL newcomer Matt Lindland and MMA coach extraordinaire Shawn Tompkins for an experience of a lifetime. The seminar is meant for anyone with an interest in the sport of MMA. The classes are not only about fighting: They are about discipline, principles, techniques and strategies. Included in each 2 ½ hour seminar will be an IFL Hat, Shirt and close up autographed picture with you and a Team Coach.

Don’t miss this opportunity to receive a once in a life time experience to meet and learn from some of the greatest champions in mixed martial arts history.Here is your chance to learn from the Pros! Buy more and save more! The following seminars are available for tickets now:

Saturday August 5th, 2006

SESSION A 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Triple Threat Striking Seminar featuring Shawn Tompkins, trainer of exceptional UFC competitors!

SESSION B 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM Team Silverbacks featuring Head Coach Pat Miletich with various team members!

SESSION C 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM Team Anacondas Featuring Head Coach Bas Rutten

Sunday August 6th, 2006

SESSION D 10:00 AM – 12:30 PM Team Tigersharks Featuring Head Coach Maurice Smith

SESSION E 1:00 PM – 3:30 PM Team Pitbulls featuring Head Coach Renzo Gracie

SESSION F 4:00 PM – 6:30 PM Team Wolfpack featuring Head Coach Matt Lindland

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Yodsenglai Fairtex Victorious at K-1 Max Event

5 Jul

by FTX (2006-07-05)

Yodsenglai Fairtex made his K-1 Max debuted in true Fairtex fashion. Sporting a tri-color Mohawk in tribute to the flag of Thailand, Yodsenglai (Thailand) faced Superleague fighter Kamal El Amrani of Germany in one of the “superfight‿ undercards supporting the K-1 Max tournament.
El Amrani showed why he boasts a 53-7 record by being very aggressive during the first round. However, it didn’t take long for the southpaw Yodsenglai to take control of the fight using his powerful left roundhouse kicks. After three action-packed rounds the judges at ringside awarded Yodsenglai a unanimous decision adding another win to Yodsenglai’s already-impressive record.

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