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Yodsanklai Shows Who’s The Boss

29 Aug

by Rob Cox (2006-08-29)

On the 23rd of August in Nakon Sawan province Yodsanklai Fairtex put on a show for the local crowd, as part of a joint W.P.M.F Muaythai and W.B.C International boxing show.

Yodsanklai’s opponent was Rasmus Zoeylner from Denmark, who has been competing regularly in Thailand for nearly a year now.

Rasmus proved right from the first bell that he was not intimidated by the fearsome reputation of Yodsanklai and he was looking to cause a big upset, when he came out firing, looking to hurt Yodsanklai with hard punches.

Yodsanklai just soaked up the pressure at first, before starting to reply with hard, accurate left roundkicks.

From round 2 onwards Yodsanklai took over, with an awesome display of power punching and kicking. Yodsanklai landed with kick after kick that often sent Rasmus staggering back across the ring and dropped Rasmus in round 3 with some sharp, accurate punches.

Rasmus to his credit, never stopped coming forward and trying to win the fight, but Yodsanklai was just too strong and powerful and cruised to a points win.

Interview with Fairtex Student, Gerard Mahoney

29 Aug

by Tien Fairtex, (2006-08-29)

Tien: Hi Gerard, how are ya mate?Please tell us something about yourself.

Gerard:Whats happening Tien.Ok, My name is Gerard Mahoney and I’m 21 years old.I’m from Scotland and I train with a ThaiBoxing club called Caledonian Muay Thai in Glasgow.

Tien: So how long have you been doing Muay Thai?

Gerard:I think roughly about 2 years now.

Tien:Besides Muay Thai, what other activities do you do?

Gerard:Well, I love football and sometimes if I have the time, I will play some badminton or go swimming.

Tien:Gerard, before doing Muay Thai what was your weight like?

Gerard:Oooh, I was really heavy back then.My weight was like 120kgs, that’s like264 lbs.That was 1 year ago mate.

Tien:And what is your weight now?

Gerard:After taking up Muay Thai, now I weigh approximately 79kgs.

Tien:Wow, that’s a great result mate.Congratulations!

Gerard: Hehe, Thanks mate.

Tien:What made you lose so much weight in such a short time?

Gerard: I set myself a personal goal and I stuck to it.I was really motivated by Thaiboxing and since taking up the sport, I’d never look back.I just kept training and trying my best to improve on my fitness level and polish my techniques constantly.

Tien: What made you choose to train at Fairtex?

Gerard:My friends at my gym back in Scotland recommended it.They traveled around Thailand training at different gyms and they thought Fairtex was the best.

Tien: So what do you think about Fairtex?

Gerard:Absolutely amazing mate!I had such a great time here that I feel sad leaving Fairtex.I am so miserable because I have to go back to Scotland now.I wish I had more time.But then again, I learned so much here and made so many friends.The staff here at Fairtex are really helpful, especially the trainers who taught me so much.In terms of fitness and techniques, I think I’ve improved a lot as well. Cheers to my trainer! I will definitely come back next year, no doubt about it.

Tien: What are your advise for people who wanna lose weight?

Gerard: Just stop thinking about it and do it!Get up, set yourself a personal goal and motivate yourself all the time.Do not be disappointed if you have setbacks at the early stage, because it takes time.Just stay motivated and come train at Fairtex yeah hehe!Because training at Fairtex is not only about combat skills but also fitness and weight loss as well.

Tien:Thank you so much for your time Gerard, Is there anything else you would like to add?

Gerard: Yeah Tien,I would like to thank my family, especially my Mom and Dad for making it possible for me to come to train here in Thailand. Also, my friends for the support they have given me and all the great guys at Fairtex who helped make it happen.

Tien:Thanks Gerard, and best of luck in your future undertakings.

Gerard:Thanks Tien.
Interviewed by Tien Fairtex


28 Aug

by (2006-08-28)

NEW YORK, August 18, 2006 – The highly-anticipated Renzo Gracie vs. Pat Miletich Superfight tops an exciting night of fighting at the International Fight League World Team Championships at The MARK of the Quad Cities in Moline, Ill. on September 23, beginning at 8 p.m. The Pitbulls team, coached by Gracie and based in New York, takes on Miletich’s host Silverbacks, who won the inaugural World Team title in June. Two new squads, both recent additions to the IFL, will battle in the other quarterfinal, as Frank Shamrock’s Razorclaws of San Jose and Carlos Newton’s Dragons, based in Toronto, square off.

The card is scheduled to include many of the top IFL performers. For the Pitbulls, Marcio Feitosa (Brazil), Andre Gusmao (Brazil), Delson Heleno (Brazil) Bryan Vitell (Jamaica, N.Y.) and one fighter to be determined will battle the likes of the Silverbacks’ Mike Ciesnolevicz (Williamstown, Pa.), Rory Markham (Bettendorf, Iowa), Ryan McGivern (Bettendorf, Iowa), Bart Palaszewski (Wonderlake, Ill.) and Ben Rothwell (Kenosha, Wis.)

The event will also feature the first IFL fights for the Razorclaws’ Dwayne Compton (Tucson, Ariz.), Raphael Davis (Torrance, Calif.), Brian Ebersole (San Jose, Calif.), Josh Odom (San Jose, Calif.) and Ray Steinbeiss (Tempe, Ariz.), as well as the Dragons’ Brent Beauparlant (Montreal, Quebec), Rob Di Censo (Woodbridge, Ontario), Joe Doerksen (Winnipeg, Manitoba), Wojtek Kaszowski (Toronto, Ontario) and Claude Patrick (Mississauga, Ontario).

“As we gear up for our full Championship season in 2007, the IFL World Team Championship event at The Mark is an outstanding showcase of two of our founding teams as well as two new squads,‿ said Gareb Shamus, IFL president. “Pat Miletich and Renzo Gracie are two of the biggest names in the history of mixed martial arts, and I know fans are excited to see them in the ring next month.‿

The winning teams will advance to the semifinals, where they will take on the squads which emerge victorious in the other World Team Championship quarterfinal matches in Portland, Ore., on Sept. 9. The date and location of the semifinal matches will be announced shortly.

Tickets for the Moline event retail from $28.50 to $148.50 and are available at all Ticketmaster outlets,, charge by phone at (563) 326-1111, and The MARK of the Quad Cities Box Office.

Founded in 2006 by Kurt Otto, a highly successful real estate investor and a life-long martial arts participant and Gareb Shamus, chairman of the comics empire Wizard Entertainment Group, the International Fight Leagueâ„¢ (IFL) and Pure Sportâ„¢ were created to establish a centralized and structured organization that brings the power and influence of the mixed martial arts industry together. For more information and action, go to

Elvis Victorious at Xplosion Event

28 Aug

by FTX (2006-08-28)

Elvis Sinosic (Australia) defeated Katsuhisa Fujii (Japan) in Round 1 by arm bar submission in an MMA Rules Super Cruiserweight Fight. This was one of many exciting bouts on the Xplosion fight card which took place on August 18th in Sydney Australia. This event featured both MMA and Muay Thai bouts and can be viewed in its entirety by visiting

Our Two Weeks In Thailand With Fairtex

22 Aug

by Tony Green (2006-08-22)

Here we are home from another awesome 2 weeks in Thailand at the new Fairtex Camp in Pattaya. I must say after living the muaythai lifestyle at Fairtex we find it very hard to get back to your usual lifestyle at home. I think I’ve spent most of this week with a feeling of withdrawal having left what I consider to be my second home on this planet.

The whole experience of training beside the Fairtex World Champions not only makes you a better fighter but I believe you leave a better person having experienced the refreshing good nature of the Thai people. All staff from the receptionists, maids, security guards to the trainers and fighters themselves leaves you with happy memories of smiling friendly faces. The more times you actually visit the more you feel part of the Fairtex family.

My good friend and Australian Champion MMA fighter Adrian Pang was to travel to Thailand via Japan to meet me. Adrian had spent 2 weeks training at the World famous Yoshida Dojo in Tokyo. The majority of his time was spent grappling and training MMA with the awesome ground fighters of Japans MMA community. I called Adrian whilst in Japan and told him that I had spoken to Anthony Lin and Sam at Fairtex and had arranged him a muaythai fight at the new Pattaya Fairtex Stadium a week into his scheduled training in Thailand.

Now let me set the record straight, Adrian is a hard as nails dude that would leave his life in my hands and I think he thought he had. He asked if I had made it clear that it was only his 5th muaythai fight. I laughed and told him it will be character building and all I knew was that he wasn’t fighting Bakauw, not telling him that Fairtex were well aware that Adrian was predominantly a MMA Champion that we were progressively developing into a top muaythai fighter. His heart is ready to fight anyone but his muaythai skills are still developing although at an impressive rate. When Fairtex and myself discussed the potential match we agreed that Adrian wanted a challenge to test himself. No tuk tuk driver opponent for us folks.

Mr. Wong had regularly come down to the training sessions in our first couple of days and had a look at Adrian training. Adrian and I both were well aware that he was adjusting to the change from MMA in Japan to muaythai and the Thailand climate and he was not looking at his best. I assured Mr. Wong that Adrian would be ready and would live up to the reputation that he has as one of the toughest and most exciting mma fighters in Australia.

With the help of Fairtex’s awesome trainers and the motivation of training beside the Worlds best Muaythai team Adrian put his head down training twice daily for 2.5hr sessions after a 10km run a.m and p.m before training. He was to face a young thai fighter with 28 fights to his name, under full thai rules over 5 x 3 min rnds. We had been told that Adrian would have a tough fight ahead of him, but our Fairtex friends assured us that Adrian could win if he attacked strongly with heart.

The fight was at U67 kg. With the awesome conditioning and good quality food at the Fairtex Camp Adrian weighed in at 66.85 kg and after replenishing himself after the weigh in he weighed a strong and fit 70 kg.

Adrian withstood some powerful kicks in the early rounds. As the fight progressed THE HUNTER unleashed with punches, elbows and head kicks throughout the later rounds for a decisive victory. I for one was very impressed to see Adrian land clean elbow strikes in close that he had only recently concentrated on developing with his Fairtex trainers.With a great supportive crowd consisting of both Thais and westerners, the Thais liked Adrian’s attacking style and we even heard some Aussie Aussie, Aussie chants called out from the falungs in the crowd.

Adrian and I would like to thank everyone at Fairtex for their friendship and support whilst in Thailand. If there is any way we can return more often than once yearly we will certainly try our best. I urge anyone that is thinking about a training holiday, male or female to take advantage of the Fairtex Muaythai Camps in Thailand. You will not be disappointed.

Tony Green

X-plosion LIVE on

16 Aug

by (2006-08-16)

On Friday, August 18th Ray Matsumura and present X-plosion, Carnage v. Mackinnon live from the Sydney Entertainment Center in will be webcasting the entire event LIVE on the Fight 1 service.Sign up at more information check
Carnage v. Mackinnon, it’s going to be a war!


14 Aug

by Lee Whitehead for (2006-08-14)

Mixed martial arts legend and pioneer Royce Gracie came to the Capital Jiu-Jitsu Club in Arlington, Virginia near Washington DC yesterday in order to conduct a seminar as part of his Royce Gracie seminar network. He kindly gave us some insight into the skills that placed Gracie Jiu-Jitsu on the map and also granted us some time to conduct a brief interview.MMAWeekly: So, Royce, what brings you to Capital Jiu-Jitsu?Royce Gracie: The club is part of the Royce Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Network, and I am here to conduct a seminar. I normally spend six months of the year conducting seminars and have just returned from running seminars in England. I usually run two seminars here a year, but the club is also used to seeing Rodrigo.MMAWeekly: Regarding Rodrigo, what are your thoughts on his loss [to Shungo Oyama] and the loss of Crosley [to Melvin Manhoef] this past weekend?Royce Gracie: It is difficult.They are back now, and we have talked about it, but unless you get in and fight, you never know what will happen.MMAWeekly: Whilst being undeniable pioneers, do you feel that the sport of MMA is evolving out of the reach of the Gracies?Royce Gracie: No.We are the leaders.We started this. There are a lot of fighters coming up who will continue the Gracie name.MMAWeekly: At nearly 40 years of age, how long do you feel you want to compete in MMA?Royce Gracie: I will still compete.I just want to see my family grow and look after my children.MMAWeekly: Are you under contract to K-1 or the UFC? Do you have any fights lined up?Royce Gracie: I have a contract with K-1, and I am due to fight on the K-1 New Year’s Eve show in Japan.MMAWeekly: Do you have an opponent?Royce Gracie: No.MMAWeekly: Anyone you want to fight?Royce Gracie: Been there, done that.I will fight anybody as long as they are not a loser.MMAWeekly: Do you want a rematch with Matt Hughes?Royce Gracie: Of courseMMAWeekly: Are you in negotiations with the UFC to make this fight happen?Royce Gracie: We are talking to them.We shall see.MMAWeekly: Touching on Hughes, did you learn anything from the fight? Did he surprise you?Royce Gracie: No, we knew what he was planning to do. We worked out his gameplan before the fight, and he did exactly what we expected. I over-trained for the fight.That was all. I started training too much, too hard, for too long. He did exactly what we expected.MMAWeekly: With the training for the fight, who did you work with for stand-up?Royce Gracie: Fairtex.MMAWeekly: Did you adjust your training specifically for Hughes? Did you bring in any wrestlers to roll with?Royce Gracie: No, we only trained with Fairtex outside of our team.MMAWeekly: Did you not feel that training with a strong wrestling camp would have benefited you?Royce Gracie: No.MMAWeekly: What would you do differently?Royce Gracie: Not over-train.MMAWeekly: Final couple of questions, as I know you have to leave shortly.Can you tell me how you train during the year?Is it full MMA, or mainly Gracie Jiu-Jitsu unless you have a fight lined up?Royce Gracie: I train MMA always; always striking; always GJJ.MMAWeekly: Even when running seminars, you still find time to train MMA?Royce Gracie: Yes.MMAWeekly: Finally, you are running seminars in the US at the moment.When are you next planning to return to Europe?Royce Gracie: In February, I shall be in England, Scotland, Ireland, and Italy. We will be looking at adding more places to the list, but for more details, keep looking at the website http://www.roycegracie.tvMMAWeekly: Thank you for your time, Royce, and we look forward to seeing you fight at the end of the year.Royce Gracie: You’re welcome.Thank you.For more information on the Royce Gracie Network and training in the Washington DC area, please contact Capital Jiu-Jitsu at: http://www.gracieva.comor call Jeremy Lafreniere on 703-346-8828.


10 Aug

by (2006-08-10)

New York – July 31, 2006 – International Fight League™ CEO Gareb Shamus today unveiled four additional team logos for the IFL events which will take place at the Rose Quarter in Portland, Oregon on September 9 and at The Mark in Moline, Illinois on September 23.The addition of the Wolfpack(training in Portland, Oregon), the Dragons (training in Tokyo, Japan) the Sabres (training in Toronto, Ontario) and the Razorclaws (training in San Jose, California) will bring to eight the number of IFL teams to date.The full IFL season will kick off in the first quarter of 2007.

“We are very excited to add these four teams to our initial group that we unveiled in the spring,‿ Shamus said.“The combination of seeing these world champion coaches and their world class athletes should be quite a treat for the live events in Portland and Moline as we build toward 2007 and beyond.‿

Additionally, Shamus announced that world champion Frank Shamrock will join the coaching staff, overseeing the Razorclaws.Shamrock will join a coaching staff for the fall that already includes Olympic silver medalist Matt Lindland (Wolfpack), World heavyweight wrestling champion and Hall-of-Famer Antonio Inoki (Dragons) and World Welterweight champion Carlos “The Ronin‿ Newton (Sabres).

The team participants will be announced shortly.

“Frank Shamrock is both a world champion athlete and one of the most well-respected coaches in the MMA community,‿ Shamus added.“Bringing him on board now further strengthens what was already a solid lineup of world class coaches.‿

Founded in 2006 by Kurt Otto, a highly successful real estate investor and a life-long martial arts participant and Gareb Shamus, chairman of the comics empire Wizard Entertainment Group, the International Fight Leagueâ„¢ (IFL) and Pure Sportâ„¢ were created to establish a centralized and structured organization that brings the power and influence of the mixed martial arts industry together.For more information and action, go to

WBC Cares: Big Champions Supporting Little Champions

7 Aug

by World Boxing Council, (2006-09-07)

AUGUST 29, 2006

The WBC is proud to announce the launching of this program in support of all those little champions around the world that serve as an example of courage and desire.

This program will consist in a world campaign of boxing personalities, specifically champions, visiting children’s hospitals to encourage them to keep up the hard work and show them that there is always possibility to succeed in whatever battle there might be.

Genaro “Chicanito‿ Hernandez, a WBC Ambassador for Peace and Good Will in the World Through Sports, will visit on Monday, September 18 at noon, the Children’s hospital in Los Angeles, specifically the Center for Cancer and Blood diseases.

The WBC is planning the specific actions of this committee, which will involve our current WBC Ambassadors around the world, who are: Wayne McCullough, John Stracey, Genaro “Chicanito‿ Herrnandez, Alex Ramos, Gerry Cooney, Vitali Klitschko, Lennox Lewis, Konstantin Tszyu, Erik Morales, Floyd Mayweather, Azumah Nelson, Richie Woodhall, Luisito Espinosa, Jeff Fenech and Thulane Malinga

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