Yodsanklai Shows Who’s The Boss

29 Aug

by Rob Cox (2006-08-29)

On the 23rd of August in Nakon Sawan province Yodsanklai Fairtex put on a show for the local crowd, as part of a joint W.P.M.F Muaythai and W.B.C International boxing show.

Yodsanklai’s opponent was Rasmus Zoeylner from Denmark, who has been competing regularly in Thailand for nearly a year now.

Rasmus proved right from the first bell that he was not intimidated by the fearsome reputation of Yodsanklai and he was looking to cause a big upset, when he came out firing, looking to hurt Yodsanklai with hard punches.

Yodsanklai just soaked up the pressure at first, before starting to reply with hard, accurate left roundkicks.

From round 2 onwards Yodsanklai took over, with an awesome display of power punching and kicking. Yodsanklai landed with kick after kick that often sent Rasmus staggering back across the ring and dropped Rasmus in round 3 with some sharp, accurate punches.

Rasmus to his credit, never stopped coming forward and trying to win the fight, but Yodsanklai was just too strong and powerful and cruised to a points win.

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