Fairtex Fighters At Lumpinee

20 Sep

by Muaythai Reporter, Thailand (2006-09-20)

It was an exciting fight to see between two popular Lumpinee fighters this September 19th between Manasak Nalupai and Kompayak Fairtex at 117 lbs division.Both are well known fighters with outstanding performances.Their names and reputations are well respected by the fans.  Both fighters have many dangerous weapons and were not afraid to trade it through out the fight.It was interesting to see that both fighters have similar style making the fight very close. The fight was fierce between two strong fighters but at the end, the judges gave it to Manasak, winning by points.  Other Fairtex fighters on the event did very well against their opponent.Kanongsuk Fairtex won his fight against Dorgmaipha Wor Sangprapai by TKO in round 3. Also, Werasaklak Fairtex wins by points against Mueangsong Sor Phumphanmoung.

Kanongsuk Fairtex was in a destructive mood, when he faced Dokmaipaa Wor Sangprapai, on the 19th of September at Lumpini stadium.

Kanongsuk wasted no time, going after Docmaipaa from the start and opening up with fast, power punches and solid low roundkicks. Docmaipaa just tried to weather the storm and tried to keep Kanongsuk at bay with hard left roundkicks.

Kanongsuk kept up the pressure in round two and the lowkicks looked to be taken their toll on Docmaipaa, who struggled to keep Kanongsuk from overpowering him.

Kanongsuk kept pushing forward in the third and with Docmaipaa, backed into a corner Kanongsuk threw a heavy, left roundkick, which saw his shin connect squarely on the jaw of Docmaipaa. Docmaipaa dropped to the canvas and the Referee stepped in to give him a count, but soon saw Docmaipaa was not going to get up and signaled Kanongsuk as the winner, by K.O.

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