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Jake Shields vs. Marcello Garcia

31 Oct

by (2006-10-31)

Jake Shields will be going against Marcello Garcia in a submission grappling match at the LA SubX games in Los Angeles, California. Sub X has an exciting lineup of matches including, Randy Couture vs. Ronaldo “Jacare”, Javier Vazquez vs. Rany Yahiya and many others.
Vinicius Magalhaes will most likely be on the card
with a possible matchup against Vladimir Matyushenko.
LA SUBX will be taking place on November the 17th.

Dan “Damage” Marks Wins At Valor

31 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-31)

Fairtex fighter Dan Marks defeated his opponent by rear naked choke at 1:15 of the first round to improve is record to 5-1.Dan trains at Fairtex San Francisco with Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, and has been working his stand up with Enn Fairtex.Dan is looking to spring forward coming off this win in Valor, and make his presence felt in the talent rich 155 lbs weight class.We expect to see Dan fighting in high profile events over the coming months.From everyone at Fairtex, congradulations Dan.

Full Results

Valor Fighting

10/26/06 – San Manuel Casino, Highland, CA

-Justin McCully def. Ruben Villareal by Choke – 3:48 of RD1

-Clark Bevans def. Eddie Saldana by TKO – 1:04 of RD1

-Jamiah Williamson def. Edgar Cruz by TKO – 2:03 of RD2

-Gabriel Lara def. Martin Baczkowski by Rear Naked Choke – :34 of RD2

-Rick Screeton def. Ismael Gonzalez by Armbar – :24 of Rd1

-Dan Marks def. Travis McRoberts by Rear Naked Choke – 1:15 of RD1

-R.J. Clifford def. Jeff Harwell by TKO – :52 of RD1

New Fairtex Apparel

26 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-26)

New Fairtex “Vintage” t-shirts are now available in the online store.Over the coming weeks and months, Fairtex will be releasing many new apparel designs.This “Vintage” t-shirt is the first in a new and exciting line of Fairtex street wear.There will be many new designs to come.
At Fairtex we are dedicated to offering the very best.We sincerely hope that everyone enjoys the new clothing, and we are always happy to entertain suggestions.
All of the new clothing is limited edition, so make sure to grab the new stuff before it sells out. We plan to keep new, limited release apparel cycling through the online store at all times.

Interview With Attachai Fairtex

26 Oct

by Rob Cox for (2006-10-26)

Attachai Fairtex has been fighting at the top level of Muaythai for some time now. Starting Muaythai at a very early age, like Most Thai fighters, Attachai soon became a name to watch and became a big star fighting out of Sukonesngchai promotions. Recently Attachai moved to the World famous Fairtex camp with a view to making a name for himself worldwide and not just on the Thailand circuit.

Muaythai2000 : How old were you when you started the sport and what got you into Muaythai?

Attachai : I was 9 years old and started training with some relations back home in Surin province. They were already established fighters, Chaiyai and Chailek Sitkaruhat and Chaiyai is a former Lumpini champion.

Muaythai2000 : Whats your favorite style of opponent to come up against?

Attachai : I like to fight punchers, as they tend to be slower, you don’t need to block kicks so much and it is easier to throw your own kicks against them.

Muaythai2000 : O.k so what about your least favorite style?

Attachai : I don’t like knee fighters as they are the hardest work to fight and make you a lot more tired.
Muaythai2000 : Who’s your most common opponent?

Attachai : Sanchai Sor Kingstar, we have fought 5 times with 4 wins to Sanchai and one draw. We are good friends now.
Muaythai2000 : Do you have any other good friends that are ex opponents?

Attachai : Yes Khunpinit Kiattawan and Orono Majestic gym.

Muaythai2000 : What has been your toughest fight to date?

Attachai : against Singdam Kiatmuu 9

Muaythai2000 : Who would you most like to fight now?

Attachai : I would most like to fight Orono again as I ran out of energy in the last fight.
Muaythai2000 : You seemed to struggle a little bit at first,when you moved to Fairtex with that, was there any specific reason?

Attachai : It just took a little bit of time to get used to the different training regime and diet and weight making. I feel I have adapted now though and beating Kongpipop in my last fight showed that.

Muaythai2000 : How did you feel about the move over to Fairtex?

Attachai : I felt very happy and confident for the future as it is a huge gym with lots of opportunitys to fight overseas.

Muaythai2000 : How did you settle in with the other boxers at Fairtex? They have a big stable of fighters with some big names.

Attachai : I settled in fine. Most of us knew each other already from the fight circuits and we are all pretty close.
Muaythai2000 : What has been your proudest achievment in the sport so far?
Attachai : My title wins and getting the respect of the boxing community.

Muaythai2000 : What is your favorite fight so far in your career?

Muaythai2000 : Every win is good for me, but I suppose the fight with Anuwat, just after he recieved the boxer of the year award for the 2nd time.
Muaythai2000 : Do you study your opponents before hand and work on tactics with your trainer?
Attachai : Yes we will see what his strong points are and work on that in training, for example if he is a good kicker we will work a lot on blocking, if he is a strong puncher we will work on keeping a high guard.
Muaythai2000 : What do you most like about being a boxer?

Attachai : I love the feeling of pride from winning the battle and being able to make a name for myself.

Muaythai2000 : What do you dislike about the life of a boxer?
Attachai : I don’t like the crowd, especially when they get on fighters backs for not performing well enough.
Muaythai2000 : What about making weight before hand, do you lose a lot and how much of a problem is it for you?

Attachai : It is not really a big problem forme anymore im used to it. I usually lose about 10 pounds a fight.
Muaythai2000 : You have a young baby Son, how would you feel about him following in your footsteps and becoming a boxer?

Attachai : I would let him decide, I wouldn’t stand in his way, but I also wouldn’t try and push him into it, it would have to come from his heart.
Muaythai2000 : How much longer do you think you will keep fighting for?

Attachai : I haven’t set a date, I will just keep fighting for as long as my body can compete at a high level.

Muaythai2000 : What do you still want to achieve in the sport?
Attachai : I would like to win at least one more title for my new camp and make some money for my future and my family.
Muaythai2000 : Have you ever fought abroad before?
Attachai : Yes, ive fought in Las Vegas before and in Makau.

Muaythai2000 : Would you like to fight abroad again and if so where?
Attachai : Yes, thats one of the main reasons I was happy to join Fairtex. I don’t mind where in the world, I will fight anywhere.
Muaythai2000 : What about your future outside of boxing, when you retire?

Attachai : I am not sure yet, I am just trying to save as much money as I can now for the future, maybe I will open a small buisness or open my own gym.
Muaythai2000 : What do you do in your free time when you don’t have a fight?
Attachai : Ilike to watch movies and play snooker.
Muaythai2000 : O.k finally what advice can you give to those reading this that want to become a top fighter like yourself?
Attachai : They have to be determined and truly want to be a fighter from their heart. They must work hard and watch as many top fighters as they can to learn from them and also try and spar with as many fighters as they can and try to spar with fighters better than them, so they can learn more.

Fairtex Fighters Head To Jackson

25 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-25)

Led by head MMA Instructor Jake Shields, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness members Frank Gomez, Travis Lewis, Katrina Atendal, and Devin Johnson (not pictured), head to Jackson California for their respective MMA debuts.The four Fairtex fighters will wil be competeing in the Global Knockout promotion, at the Jackson Rancheria Casino on October 26th.
The four fighters, who train under Shields at Fairtex in San Francisco, have been working hard and looking forward to their first MMA fights.Although each fighter is distictly different in their approach, each personify the aggresive, constantly attacking style taught by Jake Shields at Fairtex Muay Thia Fitness.Look for each one of these athetes to push the pace, and dictate the action in each of their respective bouts.
Troy Baraas vs. Michael Antipas

Josh “The Hawaiian Kid” Kahikina vs. Devin Johnson

Chris Jones vs. Patrick “Kamikaze” Kaasi

Jeff “Peewee” Cox vs. James Madalon

Shahob “Sick Boy” Nasrabad vs. Brandon “Loose Cannon” Jinnies


Jessie Maddon vs. John Bayes

Elbert “The Violater” Randalls vs. Frank Gomez

Gerald Cox vs. Travis Lewis

Eric Jeffreys vs. Jason “The Lethal Weapon” Winthers

Tony Roberts vs. TBA


Jen “Rosebud” Tate vs. Kat Alendall

Jackson Rancheria
12222 New York Ranch Road

Jackson California 95642

(800) 822-WINN

Ra Karma To Extreme Muay Thai Challenge

23 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-23)

Ra Karma Young of Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness in San Francisco will fight at the World Extreme Muay Thai Challenge November 7th at Table Mountain Casino.Ra’s opponent that night will be the very dangerous Hesdey Van Assen of Holland.
Ra Karma is widely considered one of the best in the country at his weight.His skills are so well respected, that it has become difficult to find anyone willing to enter the ring opposite him.The pride of the Fairtex camp in San Francisco, Ra will be lookingto showcase his talents on Novenber 7th againsta very worthy opponent.
Ra’s aggressive style is always a crowd pleaser, and this bout should be no different.The Fairtex family wishes Ra Karma the best of luck as he heads toward Table Mountain.With his skills, it is only a matter of time before Ra captures the sport’s biggest stages.

World Muay Thai

Get you kicks at Table Mountain! World Extreme Muay Thai Challenge

Tuesday, November 7th – 7pm

Seven exciting full-rules bouts-elbow & knee to the head allowed!

World Welterweight Championship

Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepitak vs. Youssef “Magic” Akhnikh

VIP $45

Gold $35

Reserved $25

General Admission $15

Save $5 with your Club Card

Must be 18 years and older to attend

No refunds, video or cameras

Atachai Fairtex on FIRE!

21 Oct

by Rob Cox, Thailand (2006-10-21)

Attachai Fairtex wowed the Lumpini crowd on the 16th of October, with a stunning demolition job of Nopparat Kiatgamthon.

Nopparat came into the fight as favorite after an earlier win against Attachai, but Attachai looked anything but the underdog in the early rounds with some sharp, high roundkicks and fast punch attacks.

Nopparat started to find his groove in the third and took the fight into his favorite range, the clinch. Attachai contained his knee attacks well though and kept himself in front.

In round 4 Attachai found his mark and dropped Nopparat with a hard punch and knee combination. Nopparat managed to beat the count, but Attachai was in no mood to let him off the hook and opened up with a barrage of punches, kicks, knees and elbows. Nopparat bravely tried to fight on, but Attachai hit the spot again with a hard knee to the midsection, that sent Nopparat down and out of the fight.

Narupon Fairtex Shows True Grit

21 Oct

by Rob Cox, Thailand (2006-10-21)

Narupon Fairtex rose to the challenge on the 15th of October at Ratchadamnern stadium, when he outpointed the tough, hard punching Bigben Chor Praram 6 for the second time.

Bigben took the battle straight to Narupon from the start, attacking him with hard punches and lowkicks. Narupon kept his nerve though and used his longer reach to score with hard knees and solid roundkicks.

Bigben’s attacks never relented and he cut Narupon with a sharp elbow late in the fight, but the young Fairtex fighter gritted his teeth and opened up with another barrage of knees that had Bigben conceding defeat.

World Muay Thai Challenge 11-7-06

20 Oct

by (2006-10-20)

World Muay Thai

Get you kicks at Table Mountain! World Extreme Muay Thai Challenge

Tuesday, November 7th – 7pm

Seven exciting full-rules bouts-elbow & knee to the head allowed!

World Welterweight Championship

Matee “Dragon Leg” Jedeepitak vs. Youssef “Magic” Akhnikh

VIP $45

Gold $35

Reserved $25

General Admission $15

Save $5 with your Club Card

Must be 18 years and older to attend

No refunds, video or cameras

Ryan Roy Headed To SUMA

19 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-19)

Ryan Roy is headed to Hawaii to fight on the SUMA card November 4th, 2006.Ryan’s opponent that night will be the very tough Kaleo Kwan.Kwan is the 2004 SUMA Eight Man Tournament Winner.
For Ryan, this fight has special meaning.It was 2004 when Ryan lost a controversial decision in the first round of the SUMA Eight Man Tournament, the same tournament Kaleo Kwan would eventually win.A victory for Ryan here would be tremendously vindicating.Ryan has been training hard out of Fairtex Muay Thai in San Francisco, and looks ready to go.
In addition to training and fighting out of the Fairtex San francisco camp, Ryan is a full time student, and also a part time instructor at the new Fairtex Mountain View training camp.

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