Boom Town Pattaya

11 Oct

by Thailand Real Estate Magazine, Thailand (2006-10-11)

The tourist trade in Pattaya is booming. With new hotels, sport’s complexes like Fairtex and Healthland, cinemas, shopping centers, the new Suvarnabhumi Airport, and improved services and infrastructure.
Last year Pattaya welcomed 5,338,009 tourists, up 6.5 per cent from 2004, so say’s the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT). Of these, 66 per cent were foreign and an average length of stay of 3.4 days. They spent on average daily Bt2,819 per person which equals about Bt48 billion.
Last year hotels recorded average occupancy rate of 58 per cent.
TAT governor Juthamas Siriwan recently said, “In 2005, the hotel occupancy rate grew by 28 per cent. Pattaya has a strong prospect of attracting more tourists in this year.” She said Pattaya was benefiting from its proximity to Bangkok.
Pattaya has experienced a wide range of tourism-related developments recently. This includes the new Pattaya bus service. Healthland Spa has just opened one of its ever-popular resorts. While Fairtex is Pattaya’s newest entertainment complex.
All this bodes well for a continuance in the property sector expansion that is taking place presently. Investors are still keen to get on board and buy early hoping to cash in later when the various developments are established.

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