Fairtex Fighters Head To Jackson

25 Oct

by FTX (2006-10-25)

Led by head MMA Instructor Jake Shields, Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness members Frank Gomez, Travis Lewis, Katrina Atendal, and Devin Johnson (not pictured), head to Jackson California for their respective MMA debuts.The four Fairtex fighters will wil be competeing in the Global Knockout promotion, at the Jackson Rancheria Casino on October 26th.
The four fighters, who train under Shields at Fairtex in San Francisco, have been working hard and looking forward to their first MMA fights.Although each fighter is distictly different in their approach, each personify the aggresive, constantly attacking style taught by Jake Shields at Fairtex Muay Thia Fitness.Look for each one of these athetes to push the pace, and dictate the action in each of their respective bouts.
Troy Baraas vs. Michael Antipas

Josh “The Hawaiian Kid” Kahikina vs. Devin Johnson

Chris Jones vs. Patrick “Kamikaze” Kaasi

Jeff “Peewee” Cox vs. James Madalon

Shahob “Sick Boy” Nasrabad vs. Brandon “Loose Cannon” Jinnies


Jessie Maddon vs. John Bayes

Elbert “The Violater” Randalls vs. Frank Gomez

Gerald Cox vs. Travis Lewis

Eric Jeffreys vs. Jason “The Lethal Weapon” Winthers

Tony Roberts vs. TBA


Jen “Rosebud” Tate vs. Kat Alendall

Jackson Rancheria
12222 New York Ranch Road

Jackson California 95642

(800) 822-WINN

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