Scott Smith Wins At TUF Finals!

13 Nov

by FTX (2006-11-13)

On Saturday Night in Las Vegas Scott Smith was responsible for one of the most amazing finishes in recent memory.
Scott was matched against fellow TUF contestant Pete “Drago” Sell.The first round saw the two fighters battle back and forth. Scott displayed early why he has earned the nickname “Hands Of Steel”.The comradery was also evident as the two fighters, having previousely trained together for six weeks, exchanged high fives throughout the bout.Although both men left the first round bloodied, they did so laughing, and congradulating eachother.It was one of the nicest scenes of sportsmanship ever seen inside the cage.
The second round again saw both fighters attacking, and it was Sell who was able to inflict damage first.”Drago” connected with a left hook to the body that sent Smth stumbling back toward the fence, crunched over in pain.As Sell closed the distance to try and finish the fight, Scott Smith reached out with what he would later call the last punch he had in him.Smith connected with a thunderous straight right to Sell’s jaw, dropping him, and ending the fight by KO.
Scott Smith displayed an uncommon amount of heart in his victory.Smith, who trains at Fairtex in San Francisco, truly examplifies the Fairtex moto of “Never Give Up.” On Behalf of everyone at Fairtex, congradulations Scott!

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