WMC News

12 Feb

by Stephan Fox (2007-02-12)

Dear Colleagues,
February is set to be another busy month for both the World Muaythai Council and the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur. Since the inclusion of Muaythai into the GAISF, the day Muaythai became Olympic mainstream, the sport has gained even greater popularity. Many events are being jointly organised by WMC and IFMA to promote Muaythai to a wider audience.
Over 50 Events will be held around the world in February, the most important events being as follows:
February 10th – National Championships, Singapore
February 14th – Muaythai Against Drugs, Thailand
February 17th – WMC Female Intercontinental Title, Sydney, Australia
February 17th – International Event, Perth, Australia
February 17th – International Event, Canada
February 18th – WMC Female World Title, Manchester, England
February 24th – International Event, Gold Coast Australia
February 24th – International Event, Kiev, Ukraine
February 25th – Thailand vs Germany, Germany
These are just a few events; we will publish a full event calendar shortly and also have updates on all events on http://www.wmcmuaythai.org and http://www.ifmamuaythai.org.
As you can see we are very busy at the moment.
There was also a very exciting meeting held yesterday in Thailand with the Sports Minister, Privy Councilor to the King, President of the Olympic Committee of Thailand, IOC member for Thailand, President of the WMC, President of IFMA plus representatives of allmartial arts federations in Thailand, both Olympic and non-Olympic, in attendance. We will send you a full update on this very important meeting tomorrow.
In the mean time, please urgently send us all your events for March, April and May, so that we can put them in our events calendar – this is very important.
If you have any queries, please let me know.
Stephan Fox

Vice President WMC

General Secretary IFMA

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