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Dam “Damage” Marks Fights Saturday

30 Mar

by FTX (2007-03-30)

Fairtex and Cesar Gracie fighter Dan “Damage” Marks will fight in San Francisco’s second ever proffesional MMA show, Chaos At Kezar this Saturday, March 31st.Marks is a tough 155 pound veteran of both the IFC, and WEC.
Dan is coached both by Jake Shields of Cesar Gracie, and Enn Fairtex.Both will be in Dan’s corner on Saturday Night.
Expect to see a strong performance by Marks, who’s re-newed attention to his stand up game has turned him into a much more dangerous and well rounded fighter.His training under Enn Fairtex the last few months has been nothing short of impressive.Dan’s striking now matches his Jiu Jitsu credentials.
Tickets to the event are still available out this Saturday night and support your local Fairtex fighter.Good Luck Dan!

Javier Macay and Frank Gomez Win In Jackson

29 Mar

by FTX (2007-03-29)

On March 22nd Fairtex San Franciso team members Javier Mackay and Frank Gomez each one their repsective matches at the Jackson Rancheria Casino.
Frank dominated his fight. He continuously took his opponent down and threw vicious elbows from his opponents closed guard. Frank was only in trouble once when his opponent put him in an armbar. Frank fought it and was eventually able to pull his arm out. The fight went 3 rounds and the judges all saw it the same 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 all for Frank.
Javier’s opponent came at him like a raging bull. Javier moved well to avoid the charge. AsJavier saw an opening, he let go a clean high kick to his opponents head instantly knocking his opponent out! It was a clean Knockout; 28 seconds into the fight.
On behalf of everyone at Fairtex, congradulations guys!

Fairtex Signs Brazil Distributor!

27 Mar

by FTX (2007-03-27)

Fairtex has signed an exclusive distribution agreement for Brazil with Graftec SP LTDA.Ricardo Henrique de Santana of Graftec will work to promote and distribute the Fairtex brand throughout Brazil.
We are extremely excited about this new partnership, as demand for Fairtex products in Brazil has always been high.With this distribution partnership in place, we will be able to work more closely with some of the best fighters, and best teams in the world.
All inquires regarding Fairtex in Brazil should now be directed to Ricardo Henrique de Santana at:

Graftec SP LTDA.

Rua Jacipora, 80 – Sumarezinho

01256-110 – Sau Paulo – SP
(55 11) 3875-6150 / 3675-6249


26 Mar

by Patrick Cusick for (2007-03-26)

Mexico ’s Muaythai star Brian Carlos has given notice that he will soon be challenging for a WBC MUAYTHAI World Title after successfully completing two months of intensive training at the elite Fairtex Muaythai training camp at the five star sports club in Pattaya , Thailand .
A highly regarded martial artist Carlos has a kick fighting record of W24, L4 with 14 of his wins by way of KO. Like all outstanding Mexican fighters Carlos began his ring career very young learning how to punch and kick at the age of 12. But it wasn’t until the WBC set up a Muaythai worldwide division that Carlos realized that to be the best in Muaythai – the world’s ultimate stand-up martial art – he had to learn to train like a Thai, fight like a Thai and then compete and beat a top Thai.
“Only when you come to Thailand do you get some understanding of the incredible skills and fighting techniques of Muaythai. I was training every day at Fairtex for almost two months and learnt something new every day.
“When you train with the WBC champions like Yodsaenklai and Keow you can learn that the best Muaythai fighters come from a long heritage of more than a thousand years of Siamese fighting culture. It’s awesome and I was honored to be able to learn from the great Muaythai professionals. I now know what I have to do to be a genuine Muaythai world champion.”
Carlos trained twice a day from two to three hours learning the eight weapons of Muaythai as well as the grappling techniques for close range combat.
“Grappling and knowing how to build a wall of defense using your shins as shields is an essential part of the Thai fighting technique. As the rules allow grappling, knees and elbows it’s important to know how to use your full body strength with a strong defence,” said Carlos who won Mexico ’s national Muaythai championship in the super lightweight division.
Carlos returned to Mexico with a far greater knowledge of the elite level of Muaythai and is determined to challenge for the world title over the next two years. “I’ll be looking at winning an International title first and then go for the world title. I have at least three years fighting at my peak and it would be my greatest pride to win a WBC Muaythai world title for Mexico .
Carlos spoke highly about the integrity of the Muaythai professionals in Thailand . “They’re amazing. They live and train together and devote their life to Muaythai. The Fairtex trainers taught me so much and I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to train with the world’s best.”
Now that he’s back in Mexico Carlos intends to pass on what he has learnt from his stay in Thailand . “In Mexico we have beaten the world’s best in boxing now we have to do the same in Muaythai. It’s a very big task, but I know that we can do it.”

Serdyukov Wins!

26 Mar

by FTX (2007-03-26)

Saturday night in Las Vegas at WEC 26, Fairtex fighter Alex Serdyukov dispated Scott Norton via guillotine choke at 57 seconds in the second round.
Norton had come into the fight with an impressive 7-0 record, and sporting a very impressive collegiate wrestling resume.However Alex would prove himself to be Norton’s toughest competitor to date, spoiling his unbeaten record.
During the first round, Scott Norton showed off his impressive wrestling skills, taking Serdyukov to the ground, and avoiding Alex’s dangerous stand up game.Norton was able to use his polished wrestling to keep Alex down, but was unable to avoid Alex’s submission techniques.The first round saw Serdyukov lock on a triangle choke, and although he was not able to finish Norton with the submission, it severely tired Scott out.
Early in the second round, a visibly tired Norton would again push forward with his takedown attempts.This time, the fatigue showed, as Alex was able to secure a tight guillotine off the take down, and tap out Norton just 57 second into the round.
It was an imprresive performance by Alex Serdyukov, and his training with Fairtex definitely was refelcted in his composure as he worked to dispatch his opponent.Expect some exciting fights to come form Alex, as he look for 2007 to be the year he establishes himself as a top welterweight.From everyone at Fairtex, congradulations Alex!


23 Mar

by Mick Hammond – (2007-03-23)

Under its new Zuffa ownership, World Extreme Cagefighting has begun to stockpile some of the best young talent in MMA and become a true developmental proving ground for the sports’ next solid hopefuls.
Among that group, which will be on display this Saturday at The Joint in the Hard Rock Casino in Las Vegas, will be Alex Serdyukov.
Serdyukov, a Siberian immigrant who has lived in the U.S. for 10 years, has previously competed in the WEC and now hopes to begin to take the next step in his young career towards a possible title shot in the promotion’s stacked 170-pound weight class.
To get there though, Alex must first go up against undefeated wrestling standout Scott Norton on Saturday and prove he deserves to be among the top WEC welterweights.
Shortly after arriving in Las Vegas, Serdyukov spoke to MMAWeekly to discuss his background, his fight against Norton, and where he’d like to see himself in the future.
MMAWeekly: First off Alex, for the fans that might not be familiar with you, tell us how you got into MMA.
Alex Serdyukov: I’ve been training since 2000. I started training with [UFC/PRIDE veteran] Fabiano Iha back in the day. Chris Brennan had a school nearby, so when Fabiano was only teaching two times a week I started training with Chris Brennan. Just training Jiu-Jitsu, I hadn’t done anything [else] before that, no wrestling or anything. I did some [grappling] tournaments and did good in them, so I was invited to the fight team.
From there it just took off. Then Jeremy Williams, one of Chris’ students, and I went with him. He’s been my coach for the past four to five years. About a year ago I moved up to San Francisco where I train at Fairtex with Jake Shields and Gilbert Melendez, and Cesar Gracie’s guys and sometimes AKA [American Kickboxing Academy] guys.
MMAWeekly: So what kind of skills can fans expect to see from you at a show?
Alex Serdyukov: I’m a brown belt in BJJ, that was my main skill four or five years ago, but I’ve been training a lot of Muay Thai. So much so, that I have a Muay Thai coach from Fairtex. I haven’t wrestled that much, like I didn’t wrestle in college, but I train with great wrestlers. So skills, I would say submission grappling and Muay Thai. Those two are pretty equal, I like to stand-up as much as I like to go to the ground.
MMAWeekly: Now this is your first fight of the year, after being forced off the last WEC card due to injury. Tell us what happened and why you weren’t able to fight Carlos Condit then.
Alex Serdyukov: I was supposed to fight Carlos Condit in January, but I had consecutive injuries. I injured my knee, then my hip went out, my rib; I just felt like my body was getting injured because I was training too hard. And then the week before the fight I separated my shoulder.
I was like, “I can’t fight,” and I’m sorry to Carlos that I had to do that, because I never would have done that a week-to-ten days before a fight. I’ve recovered and I’m back again and I’m ready to fight and win.
MMAWeekly: Interestingly, Carlos is fighting on the same WEC card this weekend for their 170-pound championship. Would you like to eventually have that fight happen?
Alex Serdyukov: Definitely…he’s fighting John Alessio, who I already fought [in the WEC last August] and I’m really encouraged to see this fight and see how it’s going to go. I spoke to Carlos this morning, we chatted a little bit, and I spoke to John too, so I would definitely like to fight both of them.
One of those guys is going to win Saturday night and be a belt holder, so I’d love to get a chance to fight for the belt. That’d be a great opportunity for me. I’m 100% positive that I’ll get to fight one of those guys.
MMAWeekly: Okay, let’s talk about your fight this weekend against Scott Norton. What are you expecting in this fight?
Alex Serdyukov: First of all I expect to win. My opponent is kind of a dark horse, I don’t know much about him. He’s a star wrestler and supposedly he likes to stand and throw, which is perfect for me. He has a good record, he’s 7-0 I think in MMA, but everybody who he’s fought has a losing record. So I definitely feel I’ve fought better competition out there. I think I’m going to be Scott’s toughest trial by far.
MMAWeekly: Should all go well against Scott, what are your goals afterwards?
Alex Serdyukov: I train with really top guys, with the best people out there. Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, once in a while with Nick [Diaz], so I definitely feel that I’m out there and I’m at the top level of competition and ready to fight anybody.
The 170-pound division is a very tough weight class. It’s just a stacked weight class; there are a lot of good wrestlers, strikers, and you can say that there’s no easy fights. Every fight I train really, really hard for and I expect I’m going to do good and I expect a lot from myself. I’m peaking right now. I’m in the best shape, I train hard, I’m young and I’m ready.
The goal is to fight in the UFC – that’s everybody’s goal. The UFC is the biggest show out there and I’d love to fight in the UFC. I take every fight seriously, one fight at a time, this fight first and definitely go step by step and fight in the UFC. I’m gaining more experience, knowledge, and soon I will definitely be ready to fight in the UFC.
MMAWeekly: Thanks for your time Alex; is there anything you’d like to say in conclusion?
Alex Serdyukov: I’d like to thank my biggest sponsor right now, Fairtex. They take care of me; they’ve been great to me. Everybody at Fairtex, the trainers, the fighters, everybody has taken such great care of me. I’d like to thank another one of my sponsors,, one of my best friends, my manager Debi Purcell, and the fans. I have a lot of people supporting me for this fight, a lot of people coming out to the show and supporting me, thank you.
The fans, they’ve got to come out and see the show. It’s going to be an awesome show. The card is good, there’s going to be a lot of great fights. I’m really pumped up [about it] and you’ve got to come see it and check it out.

Art of War™ and Tencent Sign 3-Year Broadcasting Agreement

14 Mar

by (2007-03-14)

Art of War™ Fighting Championship is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Tencent Inc. The agreement allows Tencent subsidiary,, China’s largest instant messenging software with over 570 million registered users, to conduct live broadcasts of Art of War™ events via IPTV. Art of War™ is looking forward to providing QQ chat users with the best action sports entertainment in China!
Founded in Shenzhen, China in November 1998, Tencent is recognized as the operator of the leading Internet community in China. Tencent’s instant messaging service platform, “QQ,” was formally launched in Feb 1999. After years of strong business growth, on July 16, 2004, Tencent Holdings Limited (SEHK 700) went public on the main board of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.
For more information regarding Tencent Inc. or, please visit their official website:

Fairtex Forums Live!

14 Mar

by FTX (2007-03-14)

The forums at are live now, and all user accounts should be active.There had been a small back log of accounts waiting to be activated, and those were all processed today.If anyone is having problems logging onto the forum, please email your user name and a desription of the problem to accounts can be created easily by registering on the main forum page.
The forums should become the web’s #1 resource for Muay Thai discussion.Not to mention MMA, and everyhting else Fairtex.Check in often, as we’ll keep posting news and other media to keep the site fresh.

Goldcoast Supershow

9 Mar

by (2007-03-09)

Strikeforce Promotions, under the banner of the Oceania Muaythai Federation, IFMA and WMC, staged another fantastic event on the Gold Coast in Australia. The stadium was packed to capacity, and the event was televised on the WMC Network by Foxsport, UBC etc.
The main fight was the WMC World Ranking fight, between Australian superstar Bruce “Preacher” McFie, and Richard Simko from Slovakia. The fight was an absolute war – 5 rounds of non-stop action, with Bruce McFie taking a unanimous points decision after cutting Simko in the final round.
The two main undercard fights were the WMC Australian Title fought between Brodie Smith (Strikeforce Gym) and Duane ‘Shadow’ Shepard (Black Dragon Kai) at 63.5kg, which Smith won by TKO, and an IFMA 68kg battle between Daniel Mulder (Strikeforce Gym) and Danny Poulof of Slovakia, which Mulder won on points.
Congratulations to Mark Pease and the Strikeforce team for another world class event – please check out the teleguide for Foxsport airing times.

IFL Battle Ground Premieres

9 Mar

by (2007-03-09)

Legendary MMA Champion and 2005 “Playmate of the Year” to Give Viewers the Play by Play Inside and Outside of the Ring
NEW YORK, March 6, 2007 – The International Fight League (OTC.BB: IFLI), the world’s first team-based professional mixed martial arts league, and MyNetworkTV today announced that Sebastian “Bas” Rutten and Tiffany Fallon will co-host “IFL Battleground.” The two-hour show premieres on MyNetworkTV, Monday, March 12 at 8 p.m. (ET/PT).
”Tiffany and Bas are the perfect co-host team for ’IFL Battleground,’” said Greg Meidel, President, MyNetworkTV.“His invaluable knowledge of the sport, coupled with her cunning personality makes them the ideal choice for this type of program.
“IFL Battleground” follows the athletes, coaches and personalities of the International Fight League, the world’s first professional mixed martial arts organization to compete in a team format.Cameras will capture the stories both in and out of the ring, bringing fans all of the event and behind the scenes action.Segments will take viewers up close during the competition and also into the locker rooms, training routines, and home lives of this diverse group that is part of the world’s fastest growing professional and recreational sport.
“We are very pleased to have two great personalities…an MMA expert like Bas and a rising star like Tiffany…to present this sport to the largest audience possible,” said IFL co-founder and CEO Gareb Shamus.“New fans will be able to get Tiffany’s perspective on the goings-on of the lives of these great athletes and coaches, while Bas’ expertise in MMA will give both the MMA fan and the casual observer unique insight into what’s going on during the fight action.It’s a very solid balance we think everyone will enjoy.”
Known for her intelligence and quick wit on camera, Fallon is widely regarded as one of the great new faces in television.The former Miss Georgia has been featured in dozens of commercials and has held on-camera roles for Spike TV, E! and TBS graduate of Florida State University with a degree in Sports Management, Fallon was selected as Playboy’s “Playmate of the Year” in 2005.
Rutten is one of the most colorful and well-respected personalities in the MMA world.The 41 year-old Dutchman competed professionally for over 20 years in various MMA disciplines, holding titles in the Pancrase (the Japanese precursor to MMA) and the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) heavyweight division title. Following his retirement he moved on to coaching, acting and broadcasting, landing roles on TV shows, such as “Martial Law” and “The King of Queens,” as well as three movies, “The Eliminator,” “The Vault” and “The Kingdom of Ultimate Power.” He was also the color commentator on PRIDE’s Fighting Championship events, where his sense of humor and intimate knowledge of the sport immediately made him a fan favorite.
Each of the nine regular season IFL events consists of four teams – each with an athlete in all five weight classes competing – for a minimum of 10 bouts per card. The team that wins the best three of five match setup will be declared the team winner for the match, similar to collegiate and high school wrestling meets. The IFL also differs from other MMA organizations in that the bouts are held in an oversized five-rope boxing ring with three, four-minute rounds, each designed to create the most compelling in-arena experience for local fans.
Each of the 12 IFL teams for 2007 will compete in three regular season events; the teams with the top four overall win-loss team records will advance to the semi-finals, which will be held on Thursday, August 2, at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J.The 2007 IFL Finals will then be held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15.
About the IFL
International Fight League™ (IFL) is the world’s first professional mixed martial arts sports league. IFL has its headquarters in New York, NY and offices in Las Vegas, NV.For more information about IFL, please
About MyNetworkTV
MyNetworkTV is a primetime general entertainment broadcast television network.Targeted to Adults 18-49 and broadcast television’s only all Hi-Definition network, it reaches over 95% of the country. MyNetworkTV provides its affiliates 12 hours of programming Monday through Saturday.Currently, MyNetworkTV airs Twentieth Television’s dramas “Wicked Wicked Games,” starring Oscar-winning actress Tatum O’Neal, and “Watch Over Me,” with Dayanara Torres, Casper Van Dien and Catherine Oxenberg.For more information, please visit

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