26 Mar

by Patrick Cusick for (2007-03-26)

Mexico ’s Muaythai star Brian Carlos has given notice that he will soon be challenging for a WBC MUAYTHAI World Title after successfully completing two months of intensive training at the elite Fairtex Muaythai training camp at the five star sports club in Pattaya , Thailand .
A highly regarded martial artist Carlos has a kick fighting record of W24, L4 with 14 of his wins by way of KO. Like all outstanding Mexican fighters Carlos began his ring career very young learning how to punch and kick at the age of 12. But it wasn’t until the WBC set up a Muaythai worldwide division that Carlos realized that to be the best in Muaythai – the world’s ultimate stand-up martial art – he had to learn to train like a Thai, fight like a Thai and then compete and beat a top Thai.
“Only when you come to Thailand do you get some understanding of the incredible skills and fighting techniques of Muaythai. I was training every day at Fairtex for almost two months and learnt something new every day.
“When you train with the WBC champions like Yodsaenklai and Keow you can learn that the best Muaythai fighters come from a long heritage of more than a thousand years of Siamese fighting culture. It’s awesome and I was honored to be able to learn from the great Muaythai professionals. I now know what I have to do to be a genuine Muaythai world champion.”
Carlos trained twice a day from two to three hours learning the eight weapons of Muaythai as well as the grappling techniques for close range combat.
“Grappling and knowing how to build a wall of defense using your shins as shields is an essential part of the Thai fighting technique. As the rules allow grappling, knees and elbows it’s important to know how to use your full body strength with a strong defence,” said Carlos who won Mexico ’s national Muaythai championship in the super lightweight division.
Carlos returned to Mexico with a far greater knowledge of the elite level of Muaythai and is determined to challenge for the world title over the next two years. “I’ll be looking at winning an International title first and then go for the world title. I have at least three years fighting at my peak and it would be my greatest pride to win a WBC Muaythai world title for Mexico .
Carlos spoke highly about the integrity of the Muaythai professionals in Thailand . “They’re amazing. They live and train together and devote their life to Muaythai. The Fairtex trainers taught me so much and I am forever grateful to have been given the opportunity to train with the world’s best.”
Now that he’s back in Mexico Carlos intends to pass on what he has learnt from his stay in Thailand . “In Mexico we have beaten the world’s best in boxing now we have to do the same in Muaythai. It’s a very big task, but I know that we can do it.”

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