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IFMA Update.

26 Apr

by Stephan Fox (2007-04-26)

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings from Bangkok. I trust this letter finds you well.
We have been very busy during the last month, especially with the preparation for the upcoming Beijing meeting of Summer & Winter Olympics, IOC and GAISF. Over 1,500 personalities from the sporting world, the IOC Executive Board, presidents, general secretaries and representatives from all leading sports federations will be attending for five days.
For us, this will be a very important meeting, especially as the World Martial Art Games is one of the agenda points.
I will brief you on all this as soon as we return, but if you’d like to know more about the meetings, please visit the SportAccord website at and/or the GAISF website at
Dr Sakchye, our President, John Cockburn and Jacques Mairesse plus myself will be this year’s IFMA delegation. This is the fourth time we will travel to this meeting, but this is the first time that we are an official member. This has really taken Muaythai into the mainstream, and we must now prove to the world community the beauty and appeal of our sport as the next step will and must be IOC recognition. We have everything it takes – the structure, the following, and certainly the spectator appeal, so the future for Muaythai and IFMA looks very bright.
In other big news, it is now confirmed that for the upcoming South East Asian Games, to be held in Thailand in December, the sport of Muaythai, under IFMA and (the legal) FAMA will include a division for female Muaythai. This is certainly a very positive step in the development of the sport, and no doubt reflective of the work put in by IFMA and FAMA to promote female Muaythai.
Our federation has spent a lot of money on administration, traveling to IOC Headquarters, traveling to the GAISF World Martial Art meeting etc, and it’s essential that everyone now, who hasn’t already done so, pays their membership fee within the next four weeks. This is in your own interest, as if payment is not made by a country; we cannot invite that country to the World Championship. This year’s championship will no doubt be the biggest we’ve ever staged – over 80 countries have already confirmed participation, and for the first time, I’m very confident that we will break the 100 country mark. We will also take the opportunity at the meeting in Beijing to invite some leading sporting personalities to come and witness our championship.
After the GAISF meeting, we will call in an Executive Board meeting. The date will be set next week, but will definitely be in the of the upcoming World Championships, as this year’s Championships must be a team effort.first week of July. We will invite the Executive Board to come and discuss all decisions made in Beijing and the exact details.
Further, we have created a new IFMA brochure, so the national federations can have a better promotional tool to use for your Olympic councils, sports authorities and sponsors.


25 Apr

by Mick Hammond for (2007-04-25)

2006 was a bittersweet year for Jake Shields. After winning the Rumble on the Rock 175-pound tournament in April, Jake only fought one other time the rest of the year, mired in fight cancellations and promotions falling through.
After the frustrations Shields faced last year, things appear to be headed upwards for him after signing a deal with EliteXC and participating in Season 3 of BodogFight on ION Television, which debuted this past Tuesday night.
“The fight went pretty well for me,” said Jake of his 90-second win over tough Ray Stienbeiss. “I just came in, threw a kick, shot in, took a single [leg], passed guard and went to mount. I landed a few punches and somehow he rolled out of mount, so I just hopped right to a headlock and jumped to a guillotine and finished it.”
For Shields, fighting in BodogFight presented its own unique conundrum with the reality television format the show uses, meaning Jake had to wait months before being able to talk about the win.
“It’s hard because you go out and fight, you come back and all your friends want to know about it, but you’re not supposed to talk about it,” explained Shields. “So that’s really weird, and then they show it two months later and everyone’s congratulating you. [Laughs] So it’s kind of unusual, but not too bad.”
On the plus side, after competing in stuffy venues for portions of his career, Jake was rewarded by fighting just feet from the ocean on one of Costa Rica’s premier beaches.
“I thought it was awesome,” exclaimed Jake. “At first I thought it was weird, but it was nice. We’re right on the beach, we had the breeze blowing through, nice weather, and the audience was all just fighters.”
Shields continued, “So it was a knowledgeable audience, a really harsh audience if you were making mistakes, but really knowledgeable. So I thought it was great.”
After months of frustrations due to the World Fighter Championships falling through and then the cancellation of the Gracie Fighting Championships originally scheduled for January, Jake could have easily lost heart, but he digressed and now is happy to have a stable contract situation.
“You know, it sucks not really knowing what you’re doing when things are getting cancelled,” admitted Shields. “I had several contracts that fell through and it gets frustrating when you’re training, but you never know when you’re going to fight. Trying to peak yourself out, and having stuff cancelled, it’s just something I don’t like to do.”
“Hopefully now I’m on much more stable shows and it should be better now that I know how often I’m fighting, so I feel a lot better,” added Jake with a sense of relief.
As for being with EliteXC, Shields is genuinely enthusiastic about his new promotion.
“I’m excited to fight for them,” expressed Jake. “I’ve dealt with Rumble on the Rock [the promotion EliteXC’s JD Penn also works for] and they always treated me real good, so I’m hoping they’ll be treating me really good here.”
Shields further stated, “I’m looking forward to being on Showtime. They’re coming out here I guess on Monday to do some filming, and I’m excited about it. It should be a really good experience.”
Not only does EliteXC bring some stability to Jake’s career, but the chance of perhaps performing for the promotion’s other allied partners, K-1, Strikeforce and BodogFight, also invigorates Shields.
“I’m very happy about that [alliance],” said Jake. “I think it’s awesome that they’re working together. It sucks to be exclusive to one show and not be able to fight anywhere else. It’s exciting because hopefully I can try to unify the belts between all those shows and take them all – that’s my plan.”
So with visions of adding more welterweight gold to his waist strongly motivating Shields, he knows all that needs to come now is the opportunity to showcase his skills against some of the best 170-pound fighters in the world.
“I just want to win fights,” exclaimed Jake. “Hopefully I’ll get some good fights and I want to stay active. I’m feeling great right now, and if I can, get in four more fights or so.”
“I want to fight top competition, and we’ll see who they can get to throw at me. I’m just training my ass off, doing my part, and see what these promotions can pull up for me to fight,” added Shields.
With new contract, new promotion and new opportunities awaiting him, this could very well be the most productive year of fighting Jake has had in a long time, and he urges everyone to keep their eye on him.
“ION [Television], BodogFight, definitely check that out,” concluded Shields. “I’d like to thank Tapout and Fairtex for sponsoring me. And I’d like to thank all the fans for their support. Watch EliteXC June 2nd [on Showtime], I’m going to be beating somebody up.

IFL Moves June 16th Event to Las Vegas

23 Apr

by Jerry Milani for (2007-04-23)

The International Fight League, the world’s first team-based professional mixed martial arts league, announced today that it will move its June 16 regular season event from Reno, Nev., to Las Vegas.
The event will be held at the Las Vegas Hilton, marking the first time an MMA event will be held at the hotel.Tickets for the event, which range in price from $50 to $200, will go on sale April 28 through the Las Vegas Hilton Box office, Ticketmaster or at
“We were presented an opportunity for this breakthrough event in Las Vegas, and we felt it is an opportunity we could not pass up,” said IFL CEO and co-founder Gareb Shamus.
“Our steady progress throughout our first year of existence (the first IFL event was only held April 29, 2006) has resulted in some great opportunities that we could not have predicted, and this move to work with the Las Vegas Hilton for this event is the latest one.It is a very exciting day for us, our athletes and for all the MMA fans in Nevada.”
The event at the Las Vegas Hilton will be the final of nine regular season IFL events, with at least one of the four playoff berths on the line.The 10-bout card will feature Ken Shamrock’s Nevada Lions, featuring rising stars John Gunderson (Medford, Ore.), Las Vegas native Roy Nelson and Vernon White (East Palo Alto, Calif.), against the Tucson-based Scorpions, who have heavyweight Chad Griggs (Tucson, Ariz.) and light heavyweight Mike Whitehead (Central Point, Ore.) on their roster.
The first place New York Pitbulls, led by rising stars Jamal Patterson (Hoboken, N.J.) and Delson Heleno (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), take on Carlos Newton’s Toronto Dragons with lightweight standout Waggney Fabiano (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), in the second set of fights.
About the Las Vegas Hilton
The new Las Vegas Hilton, a classic property that has transformed itself into a contemporary resort, ranks among the world’s most famous and popular destinations.It is situated on 59 acres next to the Las Vegas Strip (and the Hilton’s Monorail station links the property to the Strip via a five minute ride) and adjacent to the Las Vegas Convention Center.
It offers nearly 3,000 rooms and suites (including a variety of enhanced room products). The property is one of the largest hotels in the world and offers world-class entertainment (featuring the legendary Barry Manilow and other headliners) in the 1600-seat Hilton Theater, 16 distinctive restaurants, and a full-service health club and spa
About the IFL
International Fight League™ (IFL) is the world’s first professional mixed martial arts sports league. IFL has its headquarters in New York, NY and offices in Las Vegas, NV.For more information about IFL, please

McKinnon On Fire!

23 Apr

by FTX (2007-04-23)

On Saturday night 4/21/07 Steve Mckinnon defeated Serbian Dragon Milsonovic in a 93kg World Muay Thai Association (WMTA) title bout at the Whitlam Centre in Liverpool. Milsonovic is the holder of two world titles and is a former Serbian golden gloves champion.His best efforts were not enough to stop Mckinnon though who’s manager Nick Stone had this to say about Steve, “He’s on fire at the moment… Steve is powerful, and in the heavier weights, it’s a power game.”
With his third world title under his belt, Mckinnon will now look to fight in Japan at Super Heavyweight.From everyone at Fairtex, congradulations Steve!

Ryan Roy Fights Saturday!

17 Apr

by FTX (2007-04-17)

Fairtex fighter Ryan “T2” Roy will be facing off against Harris Sarmiento this Saturday at West Coast Productions Kickboxing Championships in San Jose, CA.Ryan trains out of the Fairtex San Francisco camp under world champion Jongsanan Fairtex.
Sarmiento, who trains out of the 808 Fight Factory in Hawaii, wil be a tough challenge for Roy.Sarmiento is known for his toughness, and willingness to trade.However, Sarmiento would appear to be a good opponent for Ryan, who is looking to return to his winning ways following a long layoff pursuing his studies.Look for Ryan to control the pace early.Roy is avery technical fighter who does not loose composure as the pace intensifies.In fact it is his strength, and composure that has earned Ryan the nickname “T2” from his training partners.
Tickets are still available for the evnt at 1-888-FAIRTEX, and also at

Jake Shields On Bodog Fight

13 Apr

by (2007-04-13)

Jake will be fighting on ION network for Bodog on April 17 & 21. It’s the premiere of their new series from Costa Rica.ION is on all basic cable stations for cable and satellite.You can go to their website to find the station #for your area. click on “channel finder”.Jake will also be on Showtime network on June 2 for Pro Elite.

Thanks for your support.

Singapore Muaythai Explosion

12 Apr

by (2007-04-12)

Jurong East Sport Centre was filled to the capacity for the biggest Muaythai event the Lion city has seen. Singapore may be a small country in size but is slowly progressing to world level and this event has shown that Singapore can go toe to toe with some of the worlds best.
The event was organized by the Amateur Muaythai association Singapore (AMAS) under the umbrella of the WMC, IFMA and FAMA, and started in the early afternoon with 20 amateur fights, being the first qualifying rounds for the Singapore Team for the upcoming World Championships and SEA Games. All Singaporean Muaythai Gyms are united under one banner and the afternoon saw exciting new talents.
At 8pm it was showtime for an unforgettable night of entertainment with fighters from Singapore, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Switerland, Poland, Indonesia, Senegal and Thailand squared up.
The first event was an all Asian affair under FAMA (under IFMA) with Singapore’s Muhamed Taufic taking on Godam from Indonesia. This was the perfect openeras both boys showed some fantastic Muaythai, Singapore winning by a unanimous points decision.
After this there was the opener for the Super 8 which was divided into two groups with the final round to be held at the end of June. First up was New Zealand champion Corey Gwaliasi, the Muaythai Against Drugs champion against South Thailand champion Pi Pad, and what a fight, both boys standing toe to toe and really showing the whole Muaythai arsenal. Pi Pad, encouraged by a huge Thai following, took the fight on a points decision and moved into the semi final.
Next up was Singaporean Louis Wong against Queen’s Cup Winner Rafael Simondries and this was another great fight showing that Singapore don’t have to hide behind anyone. Rafael took a points decision but Louis is with no doubt a fighter to look out for. This bout was followed by South African superstarDaniel Mashamanite versus Benjamin Ritter from Switzerland. Unluckily, Benjamin injured his leg in round 1 and could not come out for round 2 as it was just shaping up to be a great fight.
Last in the qualification was Joher Hussein from Senegal versus Joe Yoo and this was one of the great fights as Joe Yoo really showed some great skills and had the audience on their feet for another Singapore win and advanced to the finals.
The first final was Daniel Mashmantie verus Pi Pad from Thailand – a great fight and Pi Pad really had the support of the venue, winning a points decision and getting into the final in June. Rafael Simondies had an injury to his hand so could not continue so Singapore’s Joe Yoo also advanced to the final.
The trophies of these fights were presented by H.E the Ambassador of Thailand and representatives of embassies such as Australia, Switzerland who had come to support the fighters.
The next fight was Thailand versus Thailand, sanctioned again under FAMA, Apidat versus Mamut, which had the Thai audience on their feet and the judges could not separate the two fighters.
Next up was Singaporean Desmond Loi versus Ken Carter from the USA, another great performance by both boys, Ken Carter winning a split decision. Then we saw Aaron Fischer of Singapore/USA versus Thai Nguyen from Australia – also a crowd pleaser with both boys showing some superb Muaythai skills and Aaron Fischer taking a points decision.
Finally, Andreas Kassai from Sweden took on Zac, Singapore’s favourite boy in the war of the night. The stadium exploded as the Singapore flag was walked into the stadium and this was one of the biggest fights of the evening as both boys really went to work, in the end it was a well earned decision for Singapore and Zac showed again why he is Singapores Golden Boy.
A great night of entertainment and a special thank must go to Yen Investments, the official representative of Singha beer in Singapore. The event was televised and will also be shown on Fox and UBC so all in all another fantastic Muaythai promotion.

IFL and USA Wrestling Enter Into Strategic Partnership

12 Apr

by (2007-04-12)

IFL and USA Wrestling Enter Into Strategic Partnership To Grow Awareness of MMA and USA Wrestling Programs

Grassroots events programs and clinics, joint promotional opportunities part of initial focus
NEW YORK and COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo., April 12, 2007 – The International Fight League (OTC.BB: IFLI), the world’s first team-based professional mixed martial arts league, and USA Wrestling, the National Governing Body for wrestling in the United States, today announced a strategic partnership between the two organizations aimed at increasing the awareness level and creating unique grassroots programs and branding opportunities for both groups.
“This is a great day for the IFL and for the sports of Mixed Martial Arts and wrestling,” said IFL Commissioner and Co-Founder Kurt Otto.“This partnership will give us the platform to reach a very passionate demo with one of the most respected National Governing Bodies. This cooperative program will help us further our mission to expose these great IFL athletes to a larger audience and show how they can use their wrestling skills as part of MMA.”
“USA Wrestling is proud to partner with the IFL in this project,” said Rich Bender, USA Wrestling Executive Director.“Wrestling is a core discipline of MMA and many of the greatest athletes in the sport have a strong wrestling background. This will help us expose wrestling fans and athletes to a much larger audience and grow this Olympic sport by reaching an expanded audience.”
Currently no less than 30% of IFL coaches and athletes come from a wrestling background, many with international and college success.They include Olympic medalist Matt Lindland (Nebraska), two-time Olympian Dan Henderson, past national champion Don Frye (Arizona State) and current athletes Wayne Cole (Oklahoma), Jay Hieron (Nassau Community College and Hofstra University), Ryan McGivern (Iowa), Mike Whitehead (Missouri), Aaron Stark (Wisconsin), Ryan Schultz (Nebraska), Reese Andy (Wyoming), Shad Lierley (NYU) and others.

The partnership will include joint USA Wrestling/IFL clinics and information sessions featuring IFL athletes and coaches and USA Wrestling staff in strategic locations, beginning with the Fan Festival held alongside the USA Wrestling World Team Trials in Las Vegas, Nevada, June 9-10. This event will determine the U.S. teams for the 2008 World Championships in the Olympic disciplines of men’s freestyle, women’s freestyle and men’s Greco-Roman wrestling, as well as the newly recognized discipline of Grappling.
More details concerning the World Team Trials clinic will be published shortly.
Also in the planning process is a multimedia awareness campaign developed to promote both organizations as well as a discount program for USA Wrestling members to attend IFL events nationwide.
Each of the nine regular season IFL events will consist of four teams – each with an athlete in all five weight classes competing – for a minimum of 10 bouts per card. The team that wins the best three of five match setup will be declared the team winner for the match, similar to collegiate and high school wrestling dual meets. The IFL also differs from other MMA organizations in that the bouts are held in an oversized five-rope boxing ring with three, four-minute rounds, designed to create the most compelling in-arena experience for local fans.
Each of the 12 IFL teams for 2007 will compete in three regular season events; the teams with the top four overall win-loss team records will advance to the semi-finals, which will be held on Thursday, August 2, at Continental Airlines Arena in East Rutherford, N.J.The 2007 IFL Finals will then be held at The Forum in Los Angeles on Saturday, September 15.
About USA Wrestling
USA Wrestling is the National Governing Body for wrestling in the United States, and is a member organization of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the international wrestling federation FILA. USA Wrestling conducts events and programs for wrestling at all levels. Its membership includes athletes, coaches, officials, volunteers and fans all across the nation. For more information about USA Wrestling, please see:
About the IFL
International Fight League™ (IFL) is the world’s first professional mixed martial arts sports league. IFL has its headquarters in New York, NY and offices in Las Vegas, NV.For more information about IFL, please

Art Of War Fighting Championships

11 Apr

by FTX (2007-04-11)

The Art of War™ Fighting Championship returns with its 5th installment in Beijing, China. Thirty-two of China’s best mixed martial artists step into the ring to test their skills! Making his professional MMA debut is former 2002 King of Sanda, Absolute Weight Class Champion, Bao Li Gao!More than over 50 million viewers tuned into the show, Art of War 5, that was televised live throughout China on CCTV-5.For more information visit

Joe Sampieri Makes IFL Debut

10 Apr

by FTX (2007-04-10)

United States Muay Thai Team USA member Joe Sampieri will make his IFL Debut against Ryan Schulz this Friday night a the Mohegan Sun in Uncasville, CT.Sampieri is a talented Muay Thai practitioner out of the Renzo Gracie team.Joe is a familiar face at the Fairtex camp outside of Bangkok where he trained prior to competeing in the King’s Cup World Championshps in 2006.

Good Luck Joe!
For more information on the King’s Cup Championships, as well as Team USA visit YouTube and Keyword search Fairtex Team USA.You can also copy and paste the URL below into your browser.

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