Singapore Muaythai Explosion

12 Apr

by (2007-04-12)

Jurong East Sport Centre was filled to the capacity for the biggest Muaythai event the Lion city has seen. Singapore may be a small country in size but is slowly progressing to world level and this event has shown that Singapore can go toe to toe with some of the worlds best.
The event was organized by the Amateur Muaythai association Singapore (AMAS) under the umbrella of the WMC, IFMA and FAMA, and started in the early afternoon with 20 amateur fights, being the first qualifying rounds for the Singapore Team for the upcoming World Championships and SEA Games. All Singaporean Muaythai Gyms are united under one banner and the afternoon saw exciting new talents.
At 8pm it was showtime for an unforgettable night of entertainment with fighters from Singapore, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Switerland, Poland, Indonesia, Senegal and Thailand squared up.
The first event was an all Asian affair under FAMA (under IFMA) with Singapore’s Muhamed Taufic taking on Godam from Indonesia. This was the perfect openeras both boys showed some fantastic Muaythai, Singapore winning by a unanimous points decision.
After this there was the opener for the Super 8 which was divided into two groups with the final round to be held at the end of June. First up was New Zealand champion Corey Gwaliasi, the Muaythai Against Drugs champion against South Thailand champion Pi Pad, and what a fight, both boys standing toe to toe and really showing the whole Muaythai arsenal. Pi Pad, encouraged by a huge Thai following, took the fight on a points decision and moved into the semi final.
Next up was Singaporean Louis Wong against Queen’s Cup Winner Rafael Simondries and this was another great fight showing that Singapore don’t have to hide behind anyone. Rafael took a points decision but Louis is with no doubt a fighter to look out for. This bout was followed by South African superstarDaniel Mashamanite versus Benjamin Ritter from Switzerland. Unluckily, Benjamin injured his leg in round 1 and could not come out for round 2 as it was just shaping up to be a great fight.
Last in the qualification was Joher Hussein from Senegal versus Joe Yoo and this was one of the great fights as Joe Yoo really showed some great skills and had the audience on their feet for another Singapore win and advanced to the finals.
The first final was Daniel Mashmantie verus Pi Pad from Thailand – a great fight and Pi Pad really had the support of the venue, winning a points decision and getting into the final in June. Rafael Simondies had an injury to his hand so could not continue so Singapore’s Joe Yoo also advanced to the final.
The trophies of these fights were presented by H.E the Ambassador of Thailand and representatives of embassies such as Australia, Switzerland who had come to support the fighters.
The next fight was Thailand versus Thailand, sanctioned again under FAMA, Apidat versus Mamut, which had the Thai audience on their feet and the judges could not separate the two fighters.
Next up was Singaporean Desmond Loi versus Ken Carter from the USA, another great performance by both boys, Ken Carter winning a split decision. Then we saw Aaron Fischer of Singapore/USA versus Thai Nguyen from Australia – also a crowd pleaser with both boys showing some superb Muaythai skills and Aaron Fischer taking a points decision.
Finally, Andreas Kassai from Sweden took on Zac, Singapore’s favourite boy in the war of the night. The stadium exploded as the Singapore flag was walked into the stadium and this was one of the biggest fights of the evening as both boys really went to work, in the end it was a well earned decision for Singapore and Zac showed again why he is Singapores Golden Boy.
A great night of entertainment and a special thank must go to Yen Investments, the official representative of Singha beer in Singapore. The event was televised and will also be shown on Fox and UBC so all in all another fantastic Muaythai promotion.

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