IFMA Update.

26 Apr

by Stephan Fox (2007-04-26)

Dear Colleagues,
Greetings from Bangkok. I trust this letter finds you well.
We have been very busy during the last month, especially with the preparation for the upcoming Beijing meeting of Summer & Winter Olympics, IOC and GAISF. Over 1,500 personalities from the sporting world, the IOC Executive Board, presidents, general secretaries and representatives from all leading sports federations will be attending for five days.
For us, this will be a very important meeting, especially as the World Martial Art Games is one of the agenda points.
I will brief you on all this as soon as we return, but if you’d like to know more about the meetings, please visit the SportAccord website at and/or the GAISF website at
Dr Sakchye, our President, John Cockburn and Jacques Mairesse plus myself will be this year’s IFMA delegation. This is the fourth time we will travel to this meeting, but this is the first time that we are an official member. This has really taken Muaythai into the mainstream, and we must now prove to the world community the beauty and appeal of our sport as the next step will and must be IOC recognition. We have everything it takes – the structure, the following, and certainly the spectator appeal, so the future for Muaythai and IFMA looks very bright.
In other big news, it is now confirmed that for the upcoming South East Asian Games, to be held in Thailand in December, the sport of Muaythai, under IFMA and (the legal) FAMA will include a division for female Muaythai. This is certainly a very positive step in the development of the sport, and no doubt reflective of the work put in by IFMA and FAMA to promote female Muaythai.
Our federation has spent a lot of money on administration, traveling to IOC Headquarters, traveling to the GAISF World Martial Art meeting etc, and it’s essential that everyone now, who hasn’t already done so, pays their membership fee within the next four weeks. This is in your own interest, as if payment is not made by a country; we cannot invite that country to the World Championship. This year’s championship will no doubt be the biggest we’ve ever staged – over 80 countries have already confirmed participation, and for the first time, I’m very confident that we will break the 100 country mark. We will also take the opportunity at the meeting in Beijing to invite some leading sporting personalities to come and witness our championship.
After the GAISF meeting, we will call in an Executive Board meeting. The date will be set next week, but will definitely be in the of the upcoming World Championships, as this year’s Championships must be a team effort.first week of July. We will invite the Executive Board to come and discuss all decisions made in Beijing and the exact details.
Further, we have created a new IFMA brochure, so the national federations can have a better promotional tool to use for your Olympic councils, sports authorities and sponsors.

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