WMC I1 Rocks Hong Kong

16 May

by wmcmuaythai.org (2007-05-16)

Queen Elizabeth Stadium was again packed to bursting point for another WMC I1 Promotion organized by Hong Kong Super Promoter Kim Yip under the sanctioning of WMC, IFMA, FAMA and the Hong Kong Muaythai Association.
Many Celebrities attended the show together with the President of the Hong Kong Muaythai Association and Vice President of FAMA, Mr Tim Lee. There were also international guest, the General Secretary of IFMA and Vice President of WMC, Stephan Fox came from Thailand, and the General Secretary of the Korean Muaythai Association, Mr Lee Dong Wok from Korea.
The night opened with two fights sanctioned by FAMA under IFMA were staged to promote Muaythai in the Second Indoor Asian Games.
After this it was time for the opening of the famous WMC I1, where 8 boxers enter the ring but only one will be declared the winner.
Quarter Final 1

Rudolf Durica (Slovakia) vs Paolo Barvero (Italy) was certainly a memorable fight, with both boys showing their technical skills in an impressive battle. Durica dominated the fight, winning by unanimous points decision.
Quarter Final 2

When Dennis Varaxa (Ukraine) met Daniel Mashamaite (South Africa) in the ring, the Ukrainian looked heavier and was more aggressive than the South African, however the bout was stopped dramatically when Varaxa made an illegal blow which stopped Mashamaite, leaving the judges no option other than to disqualify Varaxa.
Quarter Final 3

The next fight saw Santichai Swish (Thailand) taking on Abbas Ahmadi (Iran) in what was a very close fight. Santichai came out strong, while Ahmadi dominated in the second, but by the third Santichai was back in full force and won on points by a close split decision.
Quarter Final 4

Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) vs Chawan Dasri (Cambodia) was a very well matched fight, both boys going toe to toe throughout each action packed round. The Belarussian fighter really stepped it up, and the match was stopped by referee after a cut to the Cambodian only 3 seconds before the end of the final round.
Semi Final 1

Rudolf Durica went straight into the final as Daniel Mashamiate was unable to continue to the semifinal.
Semi Final 2

Andrei Kulebin (Belarus) vs Santichai Swish (Thailand)
Both fighters went toe-to-toe in the first round and performed a very exciting round. Kulebin, in the middle of the second round, showed a world class kick, stopping Santichai.

Rudolf Durica (Slovakia) vs Andrei Kulebin (Belarus)
Everybody expected another “Fight of the Century”, however, the final was finished unexpectedly early as Kulebin caught Durica’s left eye with an elbow. The match was stopped twice, and Rudolf was very determined to fight on. However, the bleeding was too bad and doctor had no choice but to stop Rudolf from continuing. It was very unfortunate for Durica but Kulebin once again had proved that he deserved to be on top of the world.
Other matches:
Wong Wai Tik def. Tong Wan Yin – Unanimous decision

Shing Wai Lun def. Wong King Lung – Unanimous decision

Shinji Ichinose def. Lau Tak Yau – Majority decision

Ramazan Ramazanov def. Baek Si Wang – 2nd round KO
A fantastic event which again showed that Hong Kong has become one the powerhouses in Muaythai, and congratulations must go to Kim Yip, the Hong Kong Muaythai Association and its sanctioning bodies, Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia (under IFMA), the International Federation of Muaythai Amateur and the World Muaythai Council.

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