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Xplosion Superfight On The Goldcoast.

19 Jun

by (2007-06-19)

This Saturday will see another fantastic Muaythai fight night on the Gold Coast, with the main fight being between WMC World Champion Nathan “Carnage” Corbett vs Kaoklai Kaennorsing. Corbett has just returned from winning the Super 8 event in Stockholm and is the form of his life, while Kaoklai is one of the biggest names in Thailand, and has beaten fighters such as Ignashov.
The main undercard will see two of Australia’s biggest names in an East Coast vs West Coast clash – Bruce “the Preacher” MacFie and Daniel Dawson, while the remainder of the undercard features many other international fighters from countries including Samoa, China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Italy and New Zealand, as well as a female Muaythai fight between Australia’s Tennille May and Tama Chan of Japan.
Stay tuned for a full update on the WMC and IFMA homepages.

Vote For Jake Shields On BodogFight!

19 Jun

by FTX (2007-06-19)

Fairtex Jiu Jitsu and MMA instructor Jake Shileds is in the running for most popular fighter on BodogFight Costa Rica! Visit to watch Jake’s fight.Make sure to vote for Jake under “Contests”You can paste the following into your web browser to go directly there.
Vote Jake and vote often!

New T-Shirts Just Arrived!

18 Jun

by FTX (2007-06-18)

We have just received a new apparel shipment.We are fully stocked on all the new designs. There are five new Fairtex original designs for sale.Grab them before they go.We’re already selling fast. All hoodies are back in stock as well.You can also pick up the new stuff this Friday night at Strikeforce!

Art of War™ 6 – Tournament Results

12 Jun

by (2007-06-12)

May 26, 2007 – Art of War™ Fighting Championship returns to Beijing with 12 action packed fights for your viewing pleasure. This was an Asian All-Star event as fighters from China, India, Japan and Korea rounded out the mix. Also making their Art of War™ debuts were former Chinese Olympians Ao Te Gen Batar (1996) and Sai Yin Ji Ya (2004). The co-main event featured the return of former King of Sanda, Bao Li Gao, versus Brazilian Jiu-jitsu stylist, Robert Sothmann. In the main event, Ao Hai Lin faced Alan “The Bull” Fenandes, from India.
Full tournament results are as follows:
Zhang Jian Jun vs. Zhong Yue (Zhong Yue via Shoulder Lock)

Tala vs. Yang Ying Chun (Yang Ying Chun via Guillotine Choke)

Maeshiro Noritaka vs. Jiang Long Yun (Jiang Long Yun via KO)

Bu He Ji Ya vs. Liu Wen Bo (Liu Wen Bo via Forfeiture)

Shashi Sathe vs. Zhang Tie Quan (Zhang Tie Quan via TKO)

Dai Jing Qiang vs. Ao Te Gen Batar (Dai Jing Qiang via Forfeiture)

Setsuma Takeda vs. Yang Jian Ping (Yang Jian Ping via TKO)

Il Kwon Kim vs. Dai Shuang Hai (Dai Shuang Hai via Shoulder Lock)

Mario Mazzocca vs. Zhao Zi Long ( Mario Mazzocca via KO)

Sang Ming Lim vs. Sai Yin Ji Ya (Sang Ming Lim via TKO)

Robert Sothmann vs. Bao Li Gao (Bao Li Gao via Forfeiture)

Alan Fenandes vs. Ao Hai Lin (Ao Hai Lin via Straight Armbar)
Match 1 – Zhang Jian Jun versus Zhong Zue
In the first match of the evening, Art of War™ returnees, Zhang Jian Jun and Zhong Yue clash inside the ring. Both are looking to avenge their previous losses and prove that they are worthing of stepping into the Art of War ring. Zhang Jian Jun is an experienced Sanda Fighter and possess tremendous strength. Zhong Yue was formerly ranked #3 in Judo in China. Zhang Jian Jun starts our aggressively and brings the fight to Zhong Yue. Looking to avoid a striking match, Zhong Yue immediately closes the distance on Zhang Jian Jun and takes the fight to the ground where he can utilize his ground skills. Zhong Yue secures the mount position and starts to rain down heavy punches onto Zhang Jian Jun, who does a good job of avoiding the blows and eventually reverses the position. Now inside Zhong Yue’s guard, Zhang Jian Jun attacks with a barrage of heavy punches. Zhong Yue defends his position well and immediately returns to his feet, where he executes a textbook throw and brings Zhang Jian Jun back to the ground. This time around, Zhong Yue’s ground skills prove to be too much for Zhang Jian Jun. Zhong Yue applies a powerful shoulder lock and Zhang Jian Jun taps out!
Match 2 – Tala versus Yang Ying Chun
In the second match, Tala and Yang Ying Chun prove to be tough customers in the standup fighting department. They both come from strong Sanda backgrounds and both are making their Art of War™ debuts! Both fighters stood toe-to-toe in the middle of the ring, banging it out. In the end, it would be Yang Ying Chun who would finish the match with a well-executed guillotine choke. Yang Ying Chun gets the victory over Tala with a submission choke.
Match 3 – Maeshiro Noritaka versus Jiang Long Yun
In the third match, Maeshiro Noritaka of Japan takes on the “Tiger of Dong Bei,” Jiang Long Yun of China. Both are making their debuts in the Art of War™ ring. Jiang Long Yun is a complete wrecking machine!!! Early in round one, Jiang Long Yun lands a devastating series of punches that knocks Noritaka to the floor. Noritaka displays his Samurai spirit by fighting on and gets back to his feet!!! However, Jiang Long Yun is totally relentless and delivers a ferocious straight right hand that drops Noritaka yet again, prompting the referee to stop the fight! It’s a shame that we didn’t get to see Maeshiro Noritaka display his skills. We hope to see him recover quickly and step back into the Art of War™ ring. Jiang Long Yun is the winner via KO.
Match 4 – Bu He Ji Ya versus Liu Wen Bo
In the fourth match, Bu He Ji Ya and Liu Wen Bo step into the ring. This is their 2nd fight in the Art of War™. Both of them met defeat their first time inside the Art of War™ ring and they are both back to prove their skills. Bu He Ji Ya comes from a Sanda background while Liu Wen Bo comes from a Boxing background. Bu He Ji Ya utilizes his takedown skills to bring Liu Wen Bo to the mat. However, on the ground, Liu Wen Bo does a good job of protecting himself against Bu He Ji Ya’s onslaught. In an amazing turn of events, Bu He Ji Ya expends so much energy attacking, that he actually taps out due to exhaustion. Liu Wen Bo is declared the winner by forfeiture.
Match 5 – Shashi Sathe versus Zhang Tie Quan
In the highly anticipated fifth match, India’s Shashi “The Predator” Sathe takes on local favorite, Zhang Tie Quan “The White Wolf.” These fighters had a pretty good staredown during the weigh-ins and both have been training hard for the fight. Shashi Sathe has more MMA fights than Zhang Tie Quan, but Zhang Tie Quan has remained undefeated (5-0) in his fights to date. As the bell rings, both fighters stand ready to exchange. However, it is Zhang Tie Quan who backs Shashi into the corner and against the ropes. A well-placed punch lands square on the jaw of Sashi Sathe and forces him to cover up. Zhang Tie Quan follows up with a barrage of strikes and a devastating knee which floors “The Predator.” Zhang Tie Quan pounces on his downed opponent and unloads a series of devastating strikes, which prompts referee Francis Wang to call an immediate stop to the fight. It appears that Sashi Sathe might have suffered a shoulder injury during the initial exchange, which could have explained why he was not able to fight back effectively out of the corner. Zhang Tie Quan is declared the winner by TKO and looks forward to a rematch with “The Predator.”
Match 6 – Ao Te Gen Batar versus Dai Jing Qiang
The sixth match features the Art of War™ debut of 1996 Chinese Olympian, Ao Te Gen Batar, with a background in Judo. Ao Te Gen is also a 2x China National Games Champion. His opponent is Dai Jing Qiang, who is making his second appearance in the Art of War™ ring. Dai Jing Qiang is no stranger to fighting grapplers. Dai Jing Qiang pounded Zhong Yue in their last fight during Art of War™ 4, winning by TKO. Dai Jing Qiang is out to prove that it wasn’t a fluke victory. As the bell sounds, Ao Te Gen immediately clinches with his opponent, not wanting to trade blows with him. He executes a beautiful body lock, followed by a takedown and ends up in the mounted position. He starts to attack but Dai Jing Qiang is ready. With a quick shoulder bridge, Dai Jing Qiang escapes the position and ends up on top. From inside Ao Te Gen’s guard, Dai Jing Qiang unloads a barrage of strikes that forces Ao Te Gen’s corner to throw in the towel. Dai Jing Qiang defeats the former Olympian via forfeiture.
Match 7 – Setsuma Takeda versus Yang Jian Ping
The seventh match sees the return of Setsuma Takeda from Japan. Takeda is the first Japanese national to compete in the Art of War™ event and won his first victory by a beautiful triangle choke. This time, he will be facing Yang Jian Ping, who is making his fourth appearance inside the Art of War™. As round 1 starts, Takeda clinches with Yang Jian Ping and attempts a flying triangle, inciting wows and cheers from the audience. Once on the floor, Yang Jian Ping proved to be a tough customer for Takeda. Takeda clearly had the better submission skills and was looking to catch Yang Jian Ping with his signature triangle choke. Yang Jian Ping would have none of this and quickly stood up, motioning for Takeda to standup and fight! Yang Jian Ping clearly had the better striking skills and it looked like Takeda was going to be in for a war. Yang Jian Ping landed some solid punches which found their mark on Takeda’s face and it looked like at one point, that Takeda’s eye was going to swell up. Takeda tried repeatedly to takedown Yang Jian Ping, but was unsuccessful. Each time Takeda pulled guard, Yang Jian Ping defended well, not allowing for Takeda to apply a submission from the bottom. In the second round, Yang Jian Ping landed a solid kick punch combination that floored Takeda, prompting the referee to stop the fight. Yang Jian Ping wins by TKO.
Match 8 – Il Kwon Kim versus Dai Shuang Hai
The eighth match of the evening featured Korean Tae Kwon Do specialist, Il Kwon Kim, against Art of War™ veteran, Dai Shuang Hai. Kim hails from Seoul and is making his second appearance in mixed martial arts. He fights out of the NEOFIGHT organization based in Seoul. Dai Shuang Hai holds an undefeated 5-0 record in the Art of War™ ring. As the bell rings, Dai Shuang Hai immediately shoots in for a takedown. Once the fight hits the floor, Dai Shuang Hai proceeds to give a Jiu-jitsu Clinic! First from side mount and then to the full mount, Dai Shuang Hai is relentless, delivering strikes and elbows to the head and body of Il Kwon Kim. Much to Kim’s credit, he does not give up and looks for ways to escape. However, Dai Shuang Hai’s skills prove to be too much and Kim falls prey to a well-executed shoulder lock from the side mount position. Dai Shuang Hai is declared the winner via submission!
Match 9 – Mario Mazzocca versus Zhao Zi Long
The ninth match would see the return of former King of Sanda, Zhao Zi Long. His opponent is Mario Mazzocca, from Italy, who used to be a former German Kickboxing champion. This would be Mazzocca’s first fight in the Art of War™ ring. Mazzocca started off very aggressively, bringing the fight straight to Zhao Zi Long. Zhao Zi Long backed up playing a game of counter attack. In perhaps the greatest upset of the evening, Mario Mazzocca landed a double punch combination which floored Zhao Zi Long… TWICE!!! Referee stops the fight and declares Mario Mazzocca the winner by KO!
Match 10 – Sang Ming Lim versus Sai Yin Ji Ya
In the tenth match, 2004 Chinese Olympian, Sai Yin Ji Ya, makes his Art of War™ debut against Sang Ming Lim, representing the NEOFIGHT organization from Korea. Sai Yin Ji Ya, is a two time China National Games greco-roman wrestling champion. Sang Ming Lim is a Judo champion from Korea and has had 5 MMA fights already under his belt. Sai Yin Ji Ya got the early initiative by using his wrestling skills to bring the fight to the ground, where he quickly achieved the mount position. Once mounted, Sai Yin Ji Ya rained a barrage of heavy strikes down on his opponent. Sang Ming Lim is not a stranger to MMA competition and defended himself well from the bottom, not allowing himself to get hit squarely. As time wore on, Sai Yin Ji Ya grew frustrated as he wasn’t able to finish his tough Korean opponent, which forced the referee to start them again on their feet. Sai Yin Ji Ya repeatedly brought Sang Ming Lim to the ground, but lacked the submission and striking skills to finish the fight on the floor. As Sai Yin Ji Ya grew more frustrated, he became more bold and tried to exchange blows while in the standup position. This proved to be the wrong strategy as Sang Ming Lim landed some heavy blows which floored the Chinese Olympian. The referee stops the fight and declares Sang Ming Lim the winner by TKO!
Match 11 – Robert Sothmann versus Bao Li Gao
In the eleventh fight of the evening, Brazilian Jiu-jitsu specialist, Robert Sothmann faced off against former King of Sanda Champion, Bao Li Gao. During the weigh-in, Robert Sothmann told the press that Bao Li Gao was going to need to purchase accident insurance! This got back to Bao Li Gao who vowed to stop Sothmann with a KO in the first round. As the bell sounded, Sothmann charged Bao Li Gao against the ropes. In an amazing display of footwork, Bao Li Gao sidesteps and throws a hard left uppercut, right into the jaw of Sothmann, dropping him to the canvas. Bao Li Gao follows up with a soccer kick to his downed opponent, prompting Sothmann’s corner to throw in the towel. Sothmann doesn’t realize that his corner has thrown in the towel and continues to fight, getting to his feet and backing Bao Li Gao against the ropes!!! Referee Du Zhen Gao stops the action and declares Bao Li Gao the winner via forfeiture.
Match 12 – Alan Fenandes versus Ao Hai Lin
In the final match and main event of the evening, the Indian Tiger meets the Chinese Dragon!!! The challenger, Alan “The Bull” Fenandes hails from Nasik, India and is 10-1 in MMA competition. This is his first time in the Art of War™ ring. The champion, Ao Hai Lin, hails from the grass plains of Inner Mongolia and has an undefeated 5-0 record in MMA competition. Fenandes comes out strong and goes immediately to clinch with Ao Hai Lin, hoping to bring the fight to the ground. Ao Hai Lin stuffs the takedown and immediately goes for his own takedown, followed by an armbar attempt. Fenandes defends the armbar well and attempts to replace the guard position. After a brief scuffle, Ao Hai Lin rolls Fenandes to his knees and drops some heavy kicks and knees to the head of Fenandes. Referee Francis Wang intervenes to stop the fight, much to the dismay of Alan Fenandes, who claims that the stoppage was too early. Fenandes is visibly upset by the referee decision. At this point, the referee committee decides to restart the fight!!! The fans cheer in anticipation of more action! At the restart, Fenandes makes another takedown attempt and again, Ao Hai Lin counters with his own takedown. This time, Ao Hai Lin gets the mount position and lands heavy strikes from the top position, forcing Fenandes to expose his arm. Ao Hai Lin takes advantage of the exposed arm and swings into a textbook straight armbar, forcing Fenandes to signal surrender. Ao Hai Lin wins via submission!

Shields and Gracie Win At Dynamite!!! USA

6 Jun

by FTX (2007-06-06)

Both Jake Shields and Royce Gracie won their repsective fights at the historic Dynamite!!! USA show on Saturday in Los Angeles.
Shields quickly overwhelmed Ido Pariente, submitting him quickly at 2:06 of the first round.Following his win Jake had this to say, “I was trying to finish it as quick as I could to show the world I have what it takes to be number one, just give me a guy and I’ll beat him!”Jake looks to move ahead to contend for a title later this year.
Royce won a unanimous decision over rival Kazushi Sakuraba.The two fought a technical fight, but in the end it would be Royce’s striking that would make the difference.Looks like all that time with Ganyao paid off.
From everyone at Fairtex, congradulations Jake and Royce!

Fury in Macau Supershow

6 Jun

by (2007-06-06)

Macau was the venue for yet another great event, televised around the world and sanctioned by the Macau & Hong Kong Muaythai Association under the umbrella of the World Muaythai Council (WMC), International Federation of Muaythai Amateur (IFMA) and Federation of Amateur Muaythai Asia (FAMA, under IFMA).
The Macau Games Dome was the appropriate venue for this event and the capacity crowd was included many VIPs from Hong Kong and Macau.
The opening fight was To Hang Lam, IFMA Gold Medalist 2006, vs Suchart Sukead of Thailand, which was the right fight for the opening – five rounds of world class Muaythai, the Thai taking the fight on a very close decision.
Next up was Kuy Donald from Australia vs Li Bao Ming of China, which was another spectacular fight, and showed that China is definitely ready for the challenge of the Indoor Asian Games and upcoming IFMA World Championships. The boys went toe to toe for four rounds, and in round number 4, Li Bao Ming exploded with a powerful punch combination, stopping the Australian fighter.
Next on the card was the female Asian Title – Joey Lee from Hong Kong taking on Jamyuthing Keat Nor Vor from Thailand, which was a fantastic fight – four rounds of nonstop action, with Joey Lee taking the points decision, putting her into the WMC World Rankings.
Heung Pak Wing, the Hong Kong superstar, took on Stephane Celeste of France, in what was another crowd pleaser. Both boys showed world class technique, the bomber showing his trade mark leg kicks which took their toll in the fifth round, ending in a TKO – a big win for Hong Kong.
In the rematch of the WMC S1 Final from 2006, Ramazan Ramazanov fought Malek Dimitriov from Belarus in the battle of the heavy hitters – both boys showing how quickly and powerfully heavyweights can move. Three rounds of toe to toe action had the crowd on their feet, until in round number 3 Ramazan exploded with a 5 punch combination, putting Malek down, who could not recover before the 10 count finished.
Next up, the Australian Superstar Bruce “the Preacher” Macfie took on Somdet Mawang-lat from Thailand in a fight that was highly publicized. The first round was very even, as was the second, but in round 3 Macfie opened up and out of nowhere stepped in with an elbow, finishing the Thai’s dream. A big win for Macfie, securing his place in the WMC Top 10.
The main fight of the evening saw WMC Heavyweight World Champion Paul Slowinski challenged by the current World Sanda Champion from Iran, Abbas Asaraki. This was a highly anticipated fight which had huge press coverage in China, and Slowinski showed why he is the WMC Heavyweight World Champion. In the first round, Asaraki came out all guns blazing, with Slowinski going for the legs and the body with powerful kicks. This continued throughout the first two rounds, but in round three the legs of the Sanda champion could not take any more punishment and the referee had to stop the fight.
A great night of Muaythai – thanks must go to the promoter Pierre M Ingrassia , co-coordinators Jeremy Chan and Nigel Harper and certainly the Macau and Hong Kong Muaythai Association for all the technical work. Another great promotion for Muaythai, and there’ll be more events to come in Macau shortly, building up to future events. Our special thanks to MAIGOC for supplying the dome, which is with no doubt the premier venue in Macau. With events like this and the work of the Macau Muaythai Association, IFMA, FAMA (under IFMA) and the WMC, Muaythai will no doubt be one of the most spectacular events in the upcoming Indoor Asian Games.

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