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Battle Colossal 2

31 Oct

by (2007-10-31)

Australian Muaythai Promotions presents the much anticipated return of ‘Battle Colossal II’ on the 3rd of November 2007.
The tournament will feature many new and exciting exponents with a range of fighters from not only around Australia, but also two of the very best from South East Asia; 4 Muay Thai warriors are set to battle it out for the prestigious WBC Muay Thai Green Belts as Perth fans will have to brace themselves for an extravagant calibre of Muay Thai, Kung-Fu and mixed Martial Arts all in one show-Battle Colossal II! Get set to explode at the WA Italian Club Perth!

IFL Jerseys Available Now!

30 Oct

by FTX (2007-10-30)

Authentic IFL jerseys are now available for purchase at are the same jerseys worn by the IFL Pros at every event.All team jerseys are in stock and shipping now.Check the IFL Gear section for every team.Grab your favorites before they sell out!

Two Fairtex Fighters On EliteXC!

29 Oct

by (2007-10-29)


Nick Diaz, KJ Noons Fight For EliteXC 160-pound World Title, Notorious Street Fighting and YouTube Legend Kimbo Makes EliteXC Debut, Jake Shields Faces Mike “Quicksand” Pyle RENEGADE
LOS ANGELES (Oct. 16, 2007) — The America Bank Center Arena will rock like it never has before when America’s hottest Mixed Martial Arts promotion, EliteXC, makes its eagerly awaited debut in the Lone Star state with “Renegade” on Saturday, Nov. 10.
What will be an exciting, emotional, memorable, hard-fought main event will feature an EliteXC world title fight in a brand new weight class – 160 pounds — between talented, crowd-pleasing Nick Diaz (15-6) of Stockton, Calif., and exciting, hard-hitting KJ Noons (5-2) of San Diego, Calif.
In a Special Attraction, infamous Internet street fighting legend Kimbo Slice of Florida will make his Elite XC debut in the cage.
A compelling co-feature will match streaking world-ranked welterweight, Jake Shields (19-4-1) of San Francisco, against the always-dangerous Mike “Quicksand” Pyle (14-4-1), of Dresden, Tenn. The Shields-Pyle winner could be fighting for the world title in his next start.
In another Special Attraction, Kyle “KO’’ Noke (13-3-1), a bodyguard of the late Steve “Crocodile Hunter’’ Irwin, will make his EliteXC debut in a 185-pound fight against Seth “Mass Destruction’’ Kleinbeck, M.D. (8-3) of Arkansas.
Tickets in all price ranges for the spectacular “Renegade” cage fight card go on sale Friday, Oct. 18, at 10 a.m. CT.

Kyle KO Noke crowned XFC Middlweight Champion

27 Oct

by Tony Green (2006-10-27)

Integrated Martial Arts/Fairtex Champion MMA fighter Kyle KO Noke was awarded the XFC Midleweight Title last friday night after convincingly defeating Americas highly touted Brian Ebersole.
Kyle had the hometown advantage over his American opponent and his strength advantage was clear from the start. Noke landed clean strikes with knees, fists and elbows. Trying to ground Noke at every turn Brian Ebersole seemed frustrated with Noke’s ability to avoid the takedown and return fire with quality strikes of his own. The judges were needed to decide a winner. The crowd had Noke a clear winner but one judge saw different. In the end a split points decision to Noke and in the process he collected the XFC Middleweight Title.
Should these two ever glove up for a rematch do your best to get to the venue and enjoy the spectacle.
Kyle would like to thank XFC and his sponsors,Go Fast,Redbak Supplements,Fairtex and Australia Zoo.

War Of The Contenders – Results UPDATED!

25 Oct

by Andrew Brady and Pictures by Anusorn Asav (2007-10-25)

The California State Athletic Commission praised XFight Promotions – War of the Contenders for how smoothly their first production went, stating that it was a pleasant surprise to see three sanctioning bodies, the USMF, WMC, and WBC, all working together to bring Muay Thai fights to American fight fans.This is a history in the making as it is the first Full-Muay Thai Rules event held in Northern California.The event was covered by Inside Kung Fu Magazine, SF Weekly and Thai Daily News.

On this cool, damp night the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco was buzzing with excitement and anticipation. As the crowd entered the hall they were treated to free samples of Superfly energy drink and were able to taste Thailand’s premium beer, Singha, at the concession stand, both are sponsors of the evening’s festivities. The fans were ushered to their seats to the beat of the thunderous drums of the Long Maah Chinese lion-dancing troop. The energetic and colorful performance was the perfect way to kick off an evening of nine exciting bouts between well matched opponents at this inaugural event.Over 2,000 people attended the event.

The first bout was between two local fighters, Cynthia Tamura, of FSA who defeated Fight and Fitness’ Gabrielle Aguinaldo in a split decision match.

In the next match up, Fuller Espiritua of World Team USA defeated Pacific Ring Sports’ Matt Lucas in another split decision.

The third fight saw Fight and Fitness’ Malia Spanyol win over Nichole Thomas from Saekson gym in Texas by unanimous decision in an exciting display of technique triumphing over conditioning.

The crowd went wild for San Jose’s Miranda Cayabyab, of Unlimited Kickboxing, sustaining her undefeated record who rode the crowds enthusiasm to a unanimous decision over Jill Guido, fighting out of Universal Martial Arts in Concord, in the evenings fourth match up.

The fifth bout saw an extremely focused Paul Tran, who flew in from Georgia, where he trains under Khunpon, take on World Team USA’s Carlo Rodis.Despite opening up a nasty cut over Tran’s right eye early near the end of round one, Rodis went down to a unanimous decision after three grueling rounds.

The sixth match up saw Prach’s Daniel Agid batter Unlimited Kickboxing’s Bryan Padilla with powerful right hooks for much of the first round before earning a TKO by the refs stopping of the bout at 1:10 of the second round.

During intermission, the audience was entertained by a piece of Chinese heritage from the Long Maah Chinese Lion and Dragon Dancers.All spectators were captivated by the high-energy performance and incredible display of teamwork and agility.

When we returned to the action for the seventh fight of the night, Chidi Njoukuani fighting out of Seakson from Texas defeated Concord’s Julian Bowers by unanimous decision in an exciting match up that threatened to spill out of the ring numerous times, as the combatants hurled each other against the ropes, in this energetic four round battle.

The eighth and most exciting fight of the evening saw Eric “The Hooligan” Utsch take on Marcus Fisher in a back and forth match up that saw these two Pennsylvania fighters give it their all. After four rounds of action Utsch took the win by unanimous decision.

The main event pitted Griffonrawl Academy’s Dan Rawlings, fighting out of Tampa, Florida, against Fairtex’s Armando Ramos, in a five round matchup that would prove to be the evenings closest match-up. Both contestants unleashed brutal kicks and punches, as well as demonstrating the evenings finest display of work within the clinch. Both fighters excelled technically as well as tactically, neither allowing his opponent any opening to get a clear upper hand. Despite a number of well placed elbow strikes by both fighters neither one was able to inflict serious damage on the other. In the end this electrifying fight was decided in favor of Dan Rawlings by a split decision, bringing an end to this incredible night of Muay Thai fights.

XFight Promoter, Michael Borbet, and Fairtex General Manager, Mimy Sisavat, would like to extend their thanks to all the participating fighters and coaches, along with their schools, supporting friends, and family members who helped make this show such a success! Exchanges of flurries and combinations proved Utsch vs. Fisher the most thrilling fight of the night.Ramos vs. Rawlings showcased a great amount of technique and finesse; exemplary of the sport we call Muay Thai. The crowd definitely showed their support and made all of the fighters and each of the beautiful ring girls feel right at home.

Below you’ll find the final bout rulings:
Cynthia Tamura def. Gabrielle Aguinaldo after 3 rounds by majority decision.
Fuller Espiritua def. Matt Lucas after 3 rounds by majority decision.
Malia Spanyol def.Nichole Thomas after 3 rounds by unanimous decision.
Miranda Cayabyab def. Jill Guido after 3 rounds by unanimous decision.
Paul Tran def. Carlo Rhodis after 3 rounds by unanimous decision.
Daniel Ajid def. Bryan Padilla, after 1:10 of the second round by TKO
Unanimous – Chidi Njukuani def. Julian Bowers after 4 rounds by unanimous decision.
Unanimous – Eric Utsch def. Marcus Fisher after 4 rounds by unanimous decision
Dave Rawlings def. Armando Ramos after 5 rounds by majority decision.

The after party at Roe was surely one not to be forgotten.Fairtex friends, family, and guests continued the momentum as they sipped and boogied the night away.This exciting Muay Thai event drew from the MMA and Boxing community as well, we had special guests such as MMA superstars Gilbert “El Nino” Melendez, Jake Shields, Gina Carano, and Tareq “Pashtun” Azim, present to support the event and enjoy all the action.Proceeding through the rest of the night, along with the entire “crew” everyone showed that we have one thing in common by chillin on the dance floor and shakin what their mamas gave them.

The organizers would like to thank all of the fans for the tremendous amount of support shown marking this historically successful event.Also, special thank you to the corporate sponsors, Fairtex, Singha Beer, Superfly, King Courier and All-Pro Bails Bonds.

Help Panda!

25 Oct

by Danielle Mora-Martinez (2007-10-25)

Juan Carlos Martinez, “Panda”, is a friend of Fairtex. He has coached many champions alongside world famous boxing trainer Freddie Roach.The account below is written by his wife Danielle.Please help if you can.
On Wednesday October 3rd, 2007 my husband Juan Carlos Martinez “AKA” Panda, left for our trip to El Paso Texas two days prior to his Visa appointment scheduled for Friday Oct 5Th, 2007 at 7:30am.In the letter we received from the United States Department of State National Visa Center, stated that the National Visa Center had completed it’s processing for my husbands petition and that it was forwarded to the American Embassy / Consulate inCIUDAD JUAREZ and that an Immigrant Visa interview was scheduled.
We were so excited that we finally received this appointment, through the years we had been submitting documents and fee’s and emailing, waiting on an appointment.As we saved and prepared for this day we wanted to make sure that we had all our paperwork in order , originals in place and even made copies of all the documents we received through out the years from the National Visa Center. A week before the appointment we went to a local center near one of the Immigration office in Los Angeles to ask if we had all our paperwork in order. My husband and I went into one office and then women in the office mentioned that we were going to need a waiverI-601 and that she would charge $500.00 to file the application, my husband and I were a little doubtful since it didn’t mention anything about this waiver on the letter that we received regarding his appointment. I mentioned to my husband that maybe we should ask around in the other offices near by and get a second opinion.
Well we went to another office and the women and the gentleman in the office said the same thing, they said that we needed a waiver and that we shouldn’t go to the appointment and reschedule and refile our paperwork with them. The women gave us a quote of $2000.00″. At this point my husband and I just looked at each other confused and just questioned the fact that “why would we have to refile”? The women mentioned that since my husband was petitioned by his father back in 1993 and approved in 1995 that we should just refile under the fathers petition.My husband and I just left there really confused and couldn’t understand why we would pay $2000.00 for them to refile under his father , when I had already submitted the adjustment of Status, when we got married.
Now bringing you to date of what our situation, on Thursday Oct 4 my husband and I arrived to his medical exam at 6:15am at the Consulate Clinic, he was the only one allowed to enter as I waited on the outside of the clinic under tarp and sitting on a hard chair. As I sat there waiting in the dark. Finally about 10:30am he came outand he told me that he had to come back to the office to pick up his medical exam at 2:00pm and that once he received these results that he needed to keep the package closed for the interview the next day.
Friday came and we walked over to the U.S. Embassy at 3:30am and noticed that there was a line formed already. As we waited in line we were told by the guards in Spanish that we could not take cell phones in, belts with metal buckles,watches and they also mentioned that spouses were not allowed in. I asked my husband to ask them if I can go in since I was the his wife, the petitioner and that my name was on the letter that they addressed for the interview, the guard said no.I was told that the spouses had to wait across the street and if they had any questions or they thought we had a suspicious case then that is when they would allow our spouse to come out of the Embassy to look for us. They would provide him with a pass and allow him 15 minutes to come out and look for us. So as I waited outside across the street along with the many other spouses. I thought this was odd since I am theU.S. Citizen and petitioner and I wasn’t allowed to be present. When the doors finally opened at 8:00am and they slowly but surely let them in, I waited across the street, not eating or drinking anything because I didn’t want to risk not being there just in case my husband needed me”.
When my husband finally came out it was 2:00pm. He did not look happy. He told me that he needed to fill out the I-601 Waiver and that attached with the application that I needed to write a letter of Extreme hardship. He said the female officer at the window finger printed him and ran his prints and she said they showed NO” Criminal History and that she was going to ask him questions such as: When did you meet your wife? where did you two first meet? when did you get married? They were just basic questions? They also asked him when did he arrive in the United States and he told them in 1997, they asked him how did you come across? And he told him that he walked through at the Border in Mexicali. He said he just walked through. Then the women at the women told him that he enter the United States Illegally and if he has been here one year or longer that he would have to get an appointment on-line and then return on the date given to him. He mentioned to her that his father applied for him in 1993 and that he was approved in 1995. She then said , Oh” Why didn’t you tell me that before. As he showed her the faded copy of the approval, and along with the attached copy of the case that I had previously got from the USCIS website, she said that she was unable to read the original and that he still would have to come back when he get’s his appointment.My husband said that he fought to the end explaining to her that he had a previous case and that if it was fine that he needed to pay that he had the money to pay! She said No” you have to come back when you have an appointment. She also stated that he could not leave Mexico because he would then be charged with illegal entry to the United States and that he could face jail, that he could serve 10-20 years”. Another officer told my husband that even when he comes back when he has his “Info Pass” appointment for the I-601 Waiver that it all depends on who he gets at the window. He stated that it all depends on the letter of “Extreme Hardship”, that the letter can’t only focus on Financial Hardship because everyone has financial hardship and that the government can take care of his family. He said the fee for the Waiver was $545.00 and that at the time of our appointment that they may also fine him up to $2000.00. I told my husband that was a pretty messed up comment and I also mentioned that how in the world do they expect people to have this kind of money on them. It was hard enough making the arrangements to fly out there and making sure we had the money for the medical exams, shots and hotel stay, and for possible fines. I thought the comment the officer made was messed up about he Government taking care of me. Why would I a U.S. Citizen apply for Welfare because of there messed up system. My husband and I just looked at each other in shock that here we were deceived in believing that we made this trip out to Juarez Mexico to get his Visa, instead we felt tricked.This is unethical for the United States Government to do this.
After we left the Embassy we went looking for a computer so that we can try to get this appointment they told us that we needed. None of these local offices would let you use there computer, they said that we needed to pay them to type out our application for the I-601 and form G-325Aand that they would put us on a list to try to get our appointment on-line through “Info Pass”. Which we paid the guy $60.00 since we didn’t have access to anything. My husband and I discussed what we should do, we had no choice but to leave separately. Thank God he had relatives in La Gloria Tijuana Mexico and for me to keep my arrangements to leave on Saturday October 6Th, from the El Paso Texas to Los Angeles. As we walked the streets of Juarez asking the people where he could take a bus to Tijuana , we both felt so bad as if we did something so wrong.I felt guilty for having him come to this appointment. I felt that maybe if I didn’t push him to do the right thing by filing his paperworkthat we wouldn’t be in this situation but then again I believe that the consequences would of been much worse if he would of never applied for his Visa”. I know now and even then that by processing his paperwork was the right thing. I have a new look on immigration. Maybe if I didn’t experience this my thoughts would be the same, but now that my husband and I are going through has changed my view on it completely.
I feel that my rights as a United States Citizen are violated. Why because I asked questions about my relationship with my husband? Why wasn’t I asked about my Citizenship status and why do we have to wait for an appointment on-line. On all the document’s the USCIS have sent us throughout the years why didn’t they inform us that they there would be a possibility that our spouses may not be able to leave and return home in the United States. We have done nothing wrong. We have made everyeffort in going through the process and paying our dues. Is this a punishment for the immigrants or are they punishing the U.S. Citizens? I do not understand how this system is effective.By having my husband in Mexico does not justify how the United States Benefits. How does our Government benefit from keeping these people out of work, keep them away from there families and force us to spend our money in and time in Mexico. It was enough punishment having to Travel to Juarez Mexico and coming home empty handed.I have been on the computer since I arrived back on home On October 6Th, and I’ve had no luck in getting anappointment. My husband has been away from our home for two weeks and I feel so helpless. All I can do is continue to be on the computer. This is so frustrating… There has to be a better way. The Immigration office said that it may take up to two weeks to a month for an appointment , sometimes even months. We need to have appointment expedited.My husbandneeds to be here, not only for myself but for the others who also depend on him for training in there careers in Boxing and for the youth who come to him to stay out of drugs and gangs and disfunctionalfamilies.
Please if there is anyone who can help me. Also if anyone knows how I can contact someone from the Media to tell them my story please give them my phone number. There is a lot to be said but I didn’t want to write a book, I just wanted to state the facts.
Attached are the documents that we received for my husbands appointment and the documents that he received at the Embassy on Oct 5, 2007.I sent another attachment for page 14 and pictures.
Thank you,
Mrs. Danielle M. Martinez
310-529-9613 – Cell
323-466-2799 – Home

Mrs. Danielle M. Martinez
1156 North Cahuenga Blvd Apt#11
Los Angeles, CA90038-1661
Cell# 310-529-9613
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Brawl 4 It All Cancellation Aftermath

22 Oct

by Josh Gross for (2007-10-22)

In the wake of Saturday’s cancellation of the “Brawl 4 It All” card in San Francisco, Calif., fighters and their representatives were left scrambling to recoup some of the money that was guaranteed to them in contracts.
Ken Pavia, who manages Gabe Ruediger (Pictures) and Vince Lucero (Pictures), said the promoter, a Phil Flathers, offered to pay fighters 20 percent of their show money.
“The promoter called a meeting of a number of the fighters that had gathered at the event and during the course of negotiations an altercation ensued in the back of the room,” said Pavia, who declined to expound on the altercation. “During the altercation the promoter took advantage of the distraction to grab his briefcase and run out the side exit and sprint to his car. People chased him, he jumped in his car and took off. At this time, despite the fact that my fighters signed bout agreements, made weight, and complied with all their medical obligations, they have not been paid a dollar.”
Attempts by to reach Flathers, who is based out of Sacramento, Calif., have gone unreturned.
The MMA card at the Cow Palace was cancelled Saturday afternoon when California State Athletic Commission executive officer Armando Garcia said he notified arena officials that the event, which had garnered just 300 tickets sold, was off because the caged fighting enclosure was missing two support beams.
The card’s status came into question on Oct. 16 when the CSAC notified media via e-mail that the advertised bout sheet featured several prominent names — Nick Diaz (Pictures), Jeff Monson (Pictures), Javier Vazquez (Pictures), Mia St. John and reality television persona Leland Chapman — were not scheduled to compete.
After last minute scrambling, Brad Imes (Pictures) was slated to fight Ruben Villareal (Pictures) in the headline bout of a six-fight card. Each bout consisted of three, three-minute rounds.
Refunds can be had at the location where patrons purchased their tickets.

Golden Thaiboxing

20 Oct

by Hans Olsen, Denmark (2007-10-20)

As the Northern Wars progressed in 1658 Charles X Gustav of Sweden crossed the frozen straits from Jutland and occupied the Danish island of Zealand. The invasion began on February 11th that same year. The Treaty of Roskilde was signed on February 26th 1658 giving up land to the Swedes.

On October 27th 2007 Roskilde is once again being invaded by the Swedes – and they are not alone! They are bringing invaders from all over Europe and they all share one thing: They are athletes and they are here for GOLD and HONOUR!

Thaiboxing promoter and pioneer Hans Olesen of Eboxing Promotion and Maeng Ho Gym, both of Roskilde is putting together the biggest ever instalment of the classic Thaiboxing series entitled Golden Thaiboxing. This time the event is moved to the Roskilde Kongrescenter which holds a capacity crowd of more than 6,000.

The fight card consists of professional and semi-professional fights with local fighters like Rhassan Muhareb, Rasmus Vajland and Kim Jensen all taking on international opponents. Jensen is not having an easy night! He is coming out of injury and is fighting Sweden’s Muaythai (Thaiboxing) legend Fredric Rosenberg who holds the prestigious WMC (World Muaythai Council) MAD (Muaythai against Drugs) title. This Super Light Heavyweight fight is sure to set the roof on fire – and it is not even the main event!

Another notable Danish Muaythai warrior entering the ring at Golden Thaiboxing on October 27th is strong and very technical Ali Reza who derives from Iran. Having moved gyms quite a few times over the last couple of years it will be exciting to see whether Reza has settled in with the strong Maeng Ho camp AND if he is focussed, sharp and tough as nails as he has always been when going to war.

The main event sees local wunderkind Mohammed El-Mir from Maeng Ho camp in Roskilde taking the BIG step up and fighting for the WFCA world championship title.
El-Mir who sports the nickname ‘Desert Storm’ has an incredible fight record with 48 wins in 54 fights – he has only lost six times. The nineteen year old prospect faces a real tough and experienced Portuguese Muaythai warrior.

Nuno Neves could recently be seen on Eurosport, the leading Pan-European Sports channel reaching over 100 million households where he fought and won the WFCA world title. Since 2004 Neves or ‘Lucky Luke’ has won several Portuguese, European and world championship titles and he has only ever lost three times in his career! He is an extremely experienced fighter (31 years of age) and an awkward opponent for the Dane making it for an extremely exciting match up leaving the fans of the sport all psyched up.

Tickets can be purchased from the following outlets:, and
• All tourist offices in Denmark

Press conference and weigh-in is at the Roskilde Kongrescenter on Friday October 26th at 10 o’clock and is open to all interested parties.

For more information please contact Roskilde Thaiboxing/Eboxing Promotions on +45 61 18 26 68 or +45 46 36 30 94.

Fairtex Fighters At Brawl fot It All

17 Oct

by FTX (2007-10-17)

Fairtex fighters Alex “The Russian Crusher” Serdyukov, and Gabe “Godzilla” Ruediger, will both be fighting this Saturday night in San Francisco, California.The event, “Brawl For It All” will be held at San Francisco’s historic Cow Palace arena.Tickets are on sale now at more information visit complete fight card is below.

–Vince Lucero vs. Cain Velasquez

–Alex Serdyukov vs. Mark Moreno

–Ruben Villarreal vs. Brad Imes

–Jake Hattan vs. Charles Bennett

–Matt Major vs. Marcus Gaines

–Kyle Rideau vs. Khomkrit Niimi

–Bo Cantrell vs. Bryan Pardoe

–Gabe Rivas vs. Gabe Ruediger

–Van Oscar Penvaroff vs. Eric Jacob

–Shawn Klarcyk vs. Ed Lavelle

–Arron Carvalo vs. Andrew Martinez

–Chris David vs. Michael Pedro

Fairtex Thailand Adventure Tour

17 Oct

by FTX (2007-10-17)

(November 27th – December 10th , 2007)
Are you inspired? You will be, after the
Fairtex twelve day Adventure Tour of
Thailand. This all-inclusive vacation package
includes five star resort accommodations at
Pattaya, delicious Thai cuisine, and the
adventure of a lifetime.
Stay at the world famous Fairtex Muay Thai
Camps in Bangplee and Pattaya. Meet and
train with legendary champions such as
Apidej Sithirun; Kaew Fairtex, Yodsanklai
Fairtex, Nong Tum (Beautiful Boxer) and more.
Enjoy one-on-one instruction twice a day, six
days a week with the best Muay Thai coaches
in the World.
Our local guides will lead sight-seeing tours
at Thailand’ s most famous tourist locations
in both Bangkok and Pattaya. From elephant
riding, to authentic Thai massages are just a
few of the many fantastic activities included in
this vacation package.

• 12 days in Thailand

• Packages includes

– round trip airfare

– shared accomodation

– 2 meals per day

– one on one training

(morning and afternoon,

six day a week with Sunday off)

– sight-seeing

• Limited to 15 people only,

first come first serve basis

• Booking is required and open

from now till November 9th, 2007.

Booking Office Contact Info:

(415) 777 5888 OR (650) 938 8588

Email –

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