WBC Muay Thai- XFIGHT Promotions, October 19th!

5 Oct

by FTX (2007-10-05)

San Francisco, CA, October 3, 2007.Promoter Mr. Michael Borbet of XFIGHT Promotions is bringing one of the most exciting ring sports – Muay Thai to the Bay Area with his first event on October 19, 2007 at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium.The event is marked as “War of the Contenders” as ranking fights with world-class athletes to be sanctioned by the World Boxing Council – Muay Thai Division (WBC Muay Thai), United States Muaythai Federation (USMF) and World Muaythai Council (WMC).This is a history in the making where for the first time, all three sanctioning bodies have united as one to support the growing demand for Muay Thai.
With public interest in martial arts at an all-time high, XFIGHT Promotions is working closely with Mr. Anthony Lin, President of USMF, North American Coordinator for WBC Muay Thai and sole representative for WMC, to sanction up to six events in year 2008.”The objective is to build the ranking system thus uniting the Muay Thai community and to hold National, International and World Championship Titles under the banners of WBC Muay Thai, USMF and WMC in USA.” said Mr. Borbet.
“For the first event, XFIGHT has been working closely with Fairtex and USMF to invite 30 athletes from 16 gyms in 8 States to participate in this ranking event,” added Mr. Borbet. The main event is a rematch between Fairtex fighter, Armando Ramos from San Francisco, CA versus Dan Rawlings from Florida.The event will have up to 15 bouts with male and female athletes competing for professional and amateur rankings.”We are excited to see that there are so many female athletes that want to compete in this event.I am excited to see one of our very own, Jenna Castillo from Mountain View, CA face Melanie Kohler-Edwards from Utah,” said Ms. Mimy Sisavat, General Manager of Fairtex Muaythai Fitness.
“It is an exciting time for the sport of Muaythai.” said Mr. Lin.”Muaythai is gaining the international recognition as one of the most effective and exciting stand-up combat sports.It is most suitable for MMA, self-defense, weight loss, and more… We are excited that Muay Thai under USMF, WMC and International Federation of Muaythai Amateurs (IFMA) has been recognized by the General Association of International Sports Federation (GAISF) in 2006, making it a step closer to becoming an Olympic sport.”As Mr. Hein Verbruggen, President of GAISF. Switzerland says, “Muaythai is now a member of the Olympic family…”
The popularity of Muay Thai has grown so much that the most powerful and one of the oldest boxing organizations, World Boxing Council (WBC) created a Muay Thai division to sanction the sport worldwide.The formation of the WBC Muay Thai followed a meeting of WBC President, Dr. Jose Sulaiman and WBC Vice President and WBC Muay Thai Chairman, Police General Kovid Bhakdibhumi with His Majesty the King of Thailand in 2003.”There is only one real Muay Thai with traditions that date back thousands of years.We all know that the new ring sports like kickboxing and K-1 have come from MUAYTHAI.It is the premier sport that is as exciting as it is skillful and what the world wants.” said Police General Kovid Bhakdibhumi, Vice President of WBC and Chairman of WBC Muaythai, Thailand.
“Muaythai, the fighting art of Thailand is the most exciting and popular ring sport. WBC is proud to sanction 19 weight divisions worldwide…” added Dr. Jose Sulaiman, WBC President, Mexico.
With the ever growing popularity of combat sports, we have seen the birth of reality TV shows such as the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s (UFC) The Ultimate Fighter (TUF) on Spike TV, and Reality TV King, Mr. Mark Burnett’s show “The Contender (Muay Thai) Asia.” “Our format will fit perfectly with the international phenomenon of Muay Thai, and we have plans to bring the series to several other countries to orchestrate a true worldwide competition,” Mark Burnett, Executive Producer of “The Contender Asia.”
Fairtex, Singha Beer, Superfly and All Pro Bail Bonds are the official sponsors for the event.
XFIGHT Promotions – War of the Contenders starts at 6:00 pm at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium located at 99 Grove Street, San Francisco, CA 94102 this Friday, October 19, 2007.VIP – $150, Ringside – $80, Reserved – $60 and General – $40 seating tickets can be purchased through City Box Office at 415-392-4400 or http://www.cityboxoffice.com.

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