Fairtex At IHRSA Brazil

10 Oct

by Ricardo Santana (2007-10-10)

The biggest fitness and wellness tradeshow in Latin America, IHRSA Fitness Brazil, took place on October 4th – 6th.IRSHA Brazil caters to gym owners, businesses, manufactures, and retailers of sports goods.This was the first year that the Fairtex brand was presented at IHRSA Brazil.Fairtex was represented by our Brazil distributor, Mr. Ricardo Santana.Also in attendance, and part of the Fairtex Brazil network, was Mr. Jorge “Macaco” Patino, owner of the training center Gold Team, and head coach of the Macaco / Chute Boxe team.All Macaco’s professional team made appearances, and participated in a 45 minutes presentation of Muay Thai and Mixed Martial Arts that generated a tremendous amount of attention on the tradeshow floor.For more information on Fairtex in brazil, please contact:

Mr. Ricardo Santana

Address: Rua Jacipora, 80, Sao Paulo – SP, Sumarezinho, 01256-110, BRAZIL

Phone: 55-11-3875-6150

Fax: 55-11-3675-6249

Email: ricardo@graftecsp.com.br

Email2: ricardo@fairtex.com.br

Web: http://www.fairtex.com.br

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