Jerome Le Banner News

14 Dec

by Alan Kermorvan (2007-12-14)

Dear friends and partners,
Jerome Le Banner fought last Saturday at K1 GP Final 2007. He won a clear decision against the Korean giant Choi (2m18 /7’2 , 167 kg/370 lbs) and battled a very good first round versus the now 3 times K1 champion Semmy Schilt (2m11 /6’9, 135 kg/298 lbs). Unfortunately, he got a right knee’s injury and the corner had to throw the towel during round 2, Jerome was willing to continue fighting but his health come first.
For your information Jerome had an ACL+meniscus surgery on his right knee just 8 months ago, so its a miracle he fought and won in September to qualify for the GP final. Also fighting at this GP final was a big challenge… Usually for this kind of surgery professonnal athletes have to wait 6 months before starting training and 9 months for competition!!! This time the injury is a smaller one and Jerome will be able to re-start training very soon.
All K1 fighters and trainers were impressed by Jerome’s come back and performances. The fans voted on K1 official site and Jerome won the 2 awards available! His quarter final versus Choi was awarded as the best fight of the tournament and Jerome as the MVP! Here are the results:
Best Bout
1. Jerome Le Banner vs Choi 26.7%

2. Hari vs Remy 22.7%

3. Semmy vs Glaube 13.3%

4. Aerts vs Remy 9.6%

5. Aerts vs Junichi 9%

1. Jerome Le Banner 31%

2. Aerts 29.7%

3. Semmy 12.8%

4. Glaube 8.8%

5. Remy 3.6% equal with Hari 3.6%

We are glad to show you the fan’s love for Jerome, our sponsors will always have the best exposition in K1, simply because Jerome is always the fan’s favorite. As you probably know K1 is broadcasted in 150 countries so the audience is very big.
More news about movies, video game, documentary, DVD, autobiography, fan club and off course FIGHTS will coming soon. 2008 will be Le Banner’s year!
Jerome Le Banner, Olivier Muller and I would like to thank you for your support. Also we wish you all the best for Christmas and new year!
Kind Regards,
Kermorvan Alan

Commercial Agent

Team Le Banner

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