Rough Weekned-Bright 2008

2 Jan

by FTX – pictures by (2008-01-02)

It was a rough weekend for Fairtex Fighters Gilbert Melendez, and James Irvin.Gilbert headed into his bout with Mitsuhiro Ishida looking to establish himself as the consensus #1 ranked lightweight in the world.Although Gilbert fought an exciting fight, clearly doing more damage to his opponent, Ishida was able to out point El Nino with his takedowns in the first round.Melendez looked great, but Ishida managed to run from El Nino, staying out of range from Gilbert’s Dangerous striking, and then shooting in for a quick score with his aggressive takedowns.At the press conference, Gilbert was clearly disappointed, and wanted a re-match as soon as possible.The bout was very close, and one of the most high energy fights of the evening.Hopefully, Gilbert can get that rematch soon.
James “The Sandman” Irvin came into his bout with Luis Cane at UFC 79 looking to re-establish himself as one of the up and coming stars of the Light heavyweight Division.The first period started well, with both fighters standing an trading.James’s stand up looked sharp, and his hard work with his trainer Ganyao fairtex, and also at the Fairtex camp in Bangpli was very evident.
Then, at 1:51 of the first round, Cane threw an illegal knee to the head while Irvin was down.The ringside doctor ruled that James was unable to continue, and Cane was disqualified, giving the victory to Irvin by DQ.James was visibly upset, as he had trained harder than ever for this fight.It was a very unfortunate turn of events for the Sandman, but one that I am sure he will rebound from quickly.
It was a rough weekend to be sure, but both Melendez and Irvin showed true warrior’s spirit.The future holds great things for both fighters, and Fairtex is proud to be associated with each of them.Here’s to a bright 2008.

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