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WBC Muay Thai Championships

28 Feb

by (2008-02-28)

Blue Corner Promotions and Singha Beer proudly present, WBC Championships. Live Full Rules Muay Thai from the UFCW Auditorium in Buena Park, California. The night’s main event features, undefeated No Limits/Team Oyama fighter, Bryce Krause, going toe to toe with Team Dobbler’s Joe Davidson, for the WBC National Super Welterweight Championship. Both fighters are coming in to the fight to prove who the best super welterweight is and who will earn the right to wear the WBC title.
The co-main event features Shawn Yocoubian, facing off against Josh Palmer from Canada for the WBC National Jr. Welterweight Championship. Will the local California fighter live out his dream and be a WBC Champion or will the man from up north go home with the gold around his waist?
The night will also feature a special attraction between local Southern California Featherweights, Victor Sit Santi vs. Roberto Sityodtong, for the WMTO U.S. Featherweight Championship. This will be their 3rd fight. They split their first 2 meetings, now both men want to be crowned Champion and prove that they are the better fighter. Come March 1st, they will get their chance to prove it.
In other action it will be a battle of Southern California’s best Muay Thai fighters against Northern California’s best. It will be Team Diamonds’ Jorge Perez, squaring off against Fairtex’s Laurence Ward, for the WMTO Light Heavyweight Title. Team Dobbler upcoming featherweight Jesse Magusen, will compete against the talented Ryan Radcliff from Team Tstsui, for the WMTO California Featherweight Championship. In what should be a super fight that will feature two upcoming female fighters,it will be Team Zarate’s undefeated star Gevona Wondee Garibay, of East Los Angeles going up against Fairtex Star Jenna Castillo. Will Southern California reign supreme or will the North come out victorious?
The card also features:
Beto Rodriguez vs. Laurent Hedges

Jed Lara vs. Keven Dowell

Timmy Tim vs. Chris Brady

Ozzy Sityodtong vs. Josh Aveles

You won’t want to miss this great night of action.WBC Championships live on March 1, 2008, from the UFCW Auditorium in Buena Park, California.

Leopoldo Makes Weight

28 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-28)

Fairtex Mountain View Jiu Jitsu Instructor, Leopoldo Serao, has made weight at the IFL.Tomorrow night he will face UFC veteran Josh Haynes in the International Fight League, live from the Orleans resort casino in Las Vegas.The fights will be broadcast live on HDNet.
Leopoldo is feeling good, having fully re-hydrated, and eaten a good meal.He is being coached by Fairtex boxing instructor Tareq Azim, and MMA legend Mario Sperry.His coaches have kept him in good spirits, and will put him through a light workout later this evening.Tomorrow we are expecting and impressive performance from Serao.
From everyone at Fairtex, Good Luck Leo!
For more information please visit

ROGUE Assassin Yod looks to Souwer SLAMM 4!

27 Feb

by BOA (2008-02-27)

Yodsankalai Fairtex Interview on the eve of Andy Souwer Main event 03-02-08

Real life Muay Thai “assassins” don’t come any better than the “Hero” Yodsanklai Fairtex. Just weeks before he made easy work and a near mockery of two Kiwi pro’s- blitzing home to take the KO World Series 72.5 Kg class. In a division where most of the “assassins” are known for their in your face style, Yod’s brings a stealth like feel. Before you know it – a count is on, your body is hurting and the world around you is reeling! That dear friend is how the “Hero” destroys you…

Known to possess one of the most lethal (left) kicks- being a south paw and not to mention a complete Muay Thai arsenal, it is truly a case of the ROGUE assassin. Yod makes every shot count and it stings like a Bee with the venom of a Rattlesnake. His most recent opponents Shannon Foreman and Dimitri Simikouv felt the full brunt of his capabilities, especially the crippling effect of his power-kicks. The scary part is that he didn’t shift into the top gears, and never needed to. Yod’s who is a draw card where ever he goes, is truly deceptive with his diminutive yet humble style.

A true star in every facet, he is the ROGUE feature fighter who will never decline an invitation to capture his moves and thoughts. No wonder a man of his stature and quiet nature gets all the attention with a smile the size of Africa . The real beauty of “Super-Yoda” is that you sense the inevitable attacks about to come, and the covert approach can have you in awe when his opponent hits the canvas. The sort of stuff the French Foreign Legion looks for in their recruits.

The truly media and crowds darling, he won over a nation when he visited New Zealand and let his fighting do the talking. He took some time out from his gruelling training at the Fairtex facility in Pattaya to speak to us about his upcoming adventure, when he travels to Holland to face K-1 Max champion Andy Souwer- on the SLAMM 4 Main event.

His best “running mate” for this campaign Naruepol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex isn’t far away, where ever he goes, Naruepol is there. It’s kind of like Starsky and Hutch- Thailand version. We at ROGUE are honoured to be part of this menacing tag-team, who are true entertainers where ever they go.

It’s funny how some of the best fighters who take apart the home grown crop in such decimating fashion, are loved and revered in fight immortality. Hopefully Yod graces the Kiwi shores more often than not- who knows maybe a possible super fight with John Wayne Parr?

Q. So what did you really think of the New Zealand guys- honestly, were they any competition at all?

This was my first time in New Zealand and I was really excited. Everybody was really nice and happy to see me, they were great!

In the first fight the guy (Shannon) punched a lot but it was not really powerful. He is a good fighter and was tough though. In the second fight, he was better than the first one. But I think he was thinking too much, maybe he was a bit scared of me and I got inside and KO him. But he also a very good fighter! And all the respect to them, and thanks for the opportunity to fight in New Zealand . It was great experience and help for me…

Q. What’s the game plan for Andy Souwer in Holland ? KO or see how the fight goes and win on points?

Andy Souwer is good in his punches and low kicks, good fighter. But I have been training so hard everyday, that to make (100%) sure I will win by KO!!! That’s the game plan and I will do it…

Q. What is the secret to your super-power left kicks? Do you eat Spinach like Popeye?

I have not really got a secret. I just train hard twice a day, jogging twice a day and training for a lot of kicks. Everyday– more and harder, always harder and smarter.

Sometimes I eat Spinach… not as much as Popeye though… (LOL)

Q. Who do you see as a real challenge in your league at the moment? Are there any particular fighters you want to mention…?

Yeah those fighters are John Wayne Parr and Farid Villaume. They are good fighters and always a challenge for me to fight them.

Q. Do you think you will fight in the K-1 Max in the future?

Yes for (100%) sure- I will fight in the K-1. I really want it! I would love to be in the K-1!!!

Q. What does “Super-Yoda” do to relax when he is not training? What kind of music/girls/magazines do you like to read etc?

After my training I like to watch TV and play snooker. When I read magazines it’s about Muay Thai/martial arts. When I can I check out ROGUE on the internet, I do like music a lot and listen to Thai music. As for girls, all girls are beautiful and anyone with a smile is great! (I like the ROGUE ring girls too- they are great!)

Jake Shields Gets Black Belt!

27 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-27)

Fairtex Jiu Jitsu/MMA instructor Jake Shields was just been awarded his black belt by Cesar Gracie.This award has been a long time coming, as Jake is universally recognized as one of the top submission specialists on the planet.Please join all of us here at Fairtex in congratulating Jake on this truly impressive achievement.

Team Integrated At EliteXC

25 Feb

by FTX – photos by (2008-02-25)

Here are a few photos of our friends from Australia, Team Integrated Martial Arts, at EliteXC in Miami.These photos come courtesy of Team Integrated and Tracy Lee at the site for more photos from Miami, as well as tons of other events.
Pictured here are Kyle “The Ozzie” Noke, and his trainers Tony Green, Dan Higgins, and Greg Jackson.We’re looking forward to seeing Kyle in action again soon.
Fairtex has worked closely with Integrated Martial Arts for some time now, and it has been a privilege to have such close ties with Australia’s #1 MMA training facility.We’re looking forward to seeing the boys back in Thailand soon, and also cross training some of the Fairtex athletes at Team Integrated in Australia.
Thanks for sending the photos, and it was great hanging out in Miami!

Janjao Fairtex Wins Pattaya Championship!

25 Feb

by Tien Ho Ng (2008-02-25)

Janjao Fairtex is the son of champion trainer, Jarkit Fairtex.Eleven year old JanJao Fairtex has been training for years and it has paid off by his winning the prestigious Pattaya Champion Belt.The Pattaya Champion Belt is almost equivalent to a Lumpinee Title for Muaythai kids fighting between ages of 9 – 12.Only the best throughout the Nation in this category will be selected to fight in this league.Jarkit has been training his prodigy relentlessly and Janjao has responded brilliantly to his father’s instruction.
On the night of the championship, Janjao’s opponent appeared bigger and more imposing but Janjao was unfazed.As the crowd’s favourite, he delivered a magnificent performance which saw him dominating every round of the match.His opponent made use of his natural size advantage and tried to manhandle Janjao in the clinch, but Jaojao was fully prepared for this situation and used his technical superiority to counter the threat.With his skilful punch and kick combinations, JanJao annihilated his foe for the entire 5 rounds and went on to win the fight, cementing his reputation as one of Thailand’s future Muaythai stars.
Thanks to Mark from for the great pictures!

Mimy Leaves Fairtex

22 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-22)

“Mimy” Sisavat has left Fairtex to pursue her own business aspirations.Mimy had been the General Manager for Fairtex Muay Thai Fitness in San Francisco.Her smile, and personality will be missed.Everyone in San Francisco wished her the best of luck in all her future endeavors.
For anyone who might have pending business that had been coordinated with Mimy, please contact Anthony Lin, or Michael Bruno by sending emails to
For all Fairtex fighter inquiries, seminar questions, or anything related to our athletes and trainers, please contact either Anthony Lin or Michael Bruno by sending email to
Mimy is no longer the point of contact for any Fairtex fighters, athletes, or trainers.All questions and inquiries can be submitted to, or by calling (415)-777-0702.

Postcards From Miami Part 3

21 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-21)

This is the 3rd and final portion of our Miami trip.What an incredible place.We hope our guys will be fighting there again soon.What we know for certain is that we’re back on the road quickly, as Tim Mckenzie will be fighting in the WEC, and Scott’s next fight will be announced soon.
Also, Fairtex fighter’s Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, And Alex Serdyukov all have fights in the coming weeks.See you on the road!

Postcards From Miami Part 2

20 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-20)

Here is part two of our photo essay from EliteXC in Miami.We has a great time, and we hope you like the pics.

The Netherlands vs. Thailand:Andy Souwer vs Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex

20 Feb

by FTX (2008-02-20)

M-1 is busy in the Netherlands, preparing for its first M-1 Global Challenge.Similar to the Yarennoka show in Japan on New Year’s Eve, the event will be a joint venture with Slamm Events, one of the biggest kickboxing promoters in the Netherlands, to have a 20-bout mega show at the Topsportcentrum in Almere, 25 miles east of Amsterdam.
The crowd at the small but mighty 3,000-seat arena will be treated to the fourth edition of the highly popular Nederland vs. Thailand series in which the best kickboxers from Holland take on some of the biggest stars from the homeland of Muay Thai. In the main event, two-time K-1 World MAX champion Andy Souwer will square off against Lumpinee, Thailand and WBC Muay Thai world champion Yodsaenklai Fairtex.
Fight Cards of the night:

Brian Douwe vs. Hesdey Serge

Germaine de Randamie vs. Maria Verheye

Ginty Vrede vs. Rody Troost

Robert van Nimwegen vs. Mosab Amrani

Ali Gunyar vs. Farid Villaume

Hassan ait Bassoun vs. Anuwat

Marco Pique vs. Malaipet

Rachid Belani vs. Sengchai Sor Kingstar

Menno Dijkstra vs. Samranchai

Fardi Merza vs. Naruepol “Mr. GQ” Fairtex

Main Event:

Andy Souwer vs. Yodsanklai “The Hero” Fairtex

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