Kaew Defeats Supachailek

18 Feb

by Tien (2008-02-18)

Kaew prepared himself really well for this fight at a packed Lumpinee stadium and was the crowd’s favourite to win the fight.In the 2nd round Kaew was dominating, using a combination of punches and left round house kicks that rocked his opponent.
Kaew’s opponent, Supachailek, is a strong clincher with a better reach advantage than Kaew. Supachailek was wary of Kaew’s trademark punches and tried to counter attack with his strong clinches and knee strikes.In round 3, Supachailek somewhat managed to control the fight and was leading on points with powerful knee strikes to Kaew’s body.
Kaew retaliated in round 4 with precise roundhouse kicks and the fight was even after round 4.With sound advice from Kaew’s corner, Kaew fought intelligently in round 5 and Supachailek had no answer to Kaew’s timely teep and roundhouse kicks. Kaew went on to win the fight with a unanimous decision.
From everyone at Fairtex, congratulationsKaew on a great fight!
(All Photos Courtesy Of Matt from muaythaiuncovered.com)

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