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EliteXC Fighters Make Weight

30 May

by FTX (2008-05-30)

The boys made weight at EliteXC “Primetime” this afternoon in Newark, New Jersey.Fairtex/UTC fighter Scott Smith weighed in easily at 184.5 lbs, the same as his opponent Robbie Lawler.Theirs will be a five round championship fight for the EliteXC middleweight title.It is expected to be a war, and a candidate for Fight of the Night.With both men swinging heavy leather, don’t get up or blink until this one’s over.Scott was joined by his trainer Ganyao Fairtex.We wish our guy the best of luck on Saturday night.
Also making weight easily today was longtime Fairtex sponsored fighter Joey Villasenor.“Smokin’ Joe” made weight easily, and had an impressive stare down with his opponent Phil Baroni.If their face off was any indication of tomorrow night, it is going to b one hell of a fight.We wish our friend Joey the best of luck.
You can catch the fights live at 9pm ET/PT on CBS.For more information, please visit

Contender Asia Talks The “Diamond” Challenge

27 May

by (2008-05-27)

Yodseanklai Fairtex is officially the nicest guy and friendliest champion in Muay Thai. He can easily replace Condoleezza Rice as secretary of state any day. In a sport usually highlighted by boil over rivalries you couldn’t find a friendlier approach talking about your opponent. Rumour has it the Thai diplomatic service has earmarked him for life after Muay Thai.
However don’t let the boyish good looks and soft spoken words fool you- Yod is looking to save something special for his “Diamond” assignment. It’s been a while since this international super star of Muay Thai has fought a fellow countryman.
In his own admission, Malaipet who he considers a “very good” friend will receive special treatment when the WBC super welterweight world title goes up for grabs. The Jamaican extravaganza packed with world title fights, will feature the Yod V Malaipet fight as the headline act. Underlining this will be John Wayne Parr and Marco Pique!
It’s like when Metallica opened for Guns N’ Roses at Joe Robbie stadium back in 1992. It won’t get any better than this!
Malaipet in his interview about Yod and his preparation spoke of respect for each other ability and being the humble Thai he is, Yod is of same thinking. Best of mates, he promises something “special” on the night. After all this is a “Diamond” assignment- not any old fight.
He will be taking wing to Sweden next Saturday for a WMC world title fight and then fly to Jamaica to face Malaipet. As usual he took a few minutes off whilst on a heavy pad session to speak to ROGUE insider.
Without further talk let’s get right into the walk….
Q. You have Malaipet for the title coming up; who has promised a “memorable” fight- do you think you can KO him?

A.If I have the opportunity it will happen. Yeah we will see, if it happens it happens. I like that- he has promised a memorable fight, I can say the same.
Q. Are there any weaknesses you see in Malaipet you can exploit- if so what are they?

A. To be honest hardly any, Malaipet is a good fighter I like his kicks. He’s a great fighter- so not many weaknesses
Q. In the past, after Andy Souwer you said you didn’t have any particular game plan- is it the same or anything different for this fight? Have you got a “special” game plan?

A. Same, I just train hard and plan to win. If I do what have trained for and execute the plan—don’t want to give too much away but I am very confident of winning.
Q. Some people argue that you depend too much on your left kick and hard punches, anything different this time? Will we see Yod throw any elbows?

A. I will be fighting a Thai not foreign fighter so I am sure you will see something different. It will be exciting, watch the fight and you will see what will happen!
Q. Will you fight anymore Thai “top-guns” anytime soon, more action at home?

A. There could be more fights with Thai fighters in the future but see how i go first, yeah i think i have more fights to come soon.
Q. How as the whole experience of “Contender- Asia”? Did you enjoy it and tell us about the victory against John Wayne Parr?

A. I had good time and good experience. The victory was amazing for me, it was a dream come true to me. John is a good fighter and good friend. The whole show was great and I will remember it forever. I loved every minute of it!
Q. Does that mean you have edge over Malaipet and better prepared for the fight than him?

A. Malaipet is a great fighter I will find out in Jamaica I guess…
Q. How has your training gone so far, also you fight in Sweden soon- will that help in your build up for Jamaica?

A. I am always training hard and fighting every month. I am looking forward to Jamaica it has been a long time since I fought a Thai fighter, so I am very happy to have this fight in Jamaica.
Q. Lot of people and fans speak of Jamie Ong- you are good friends with her, do you think she will make a good ring card girl? What outfit will she look best in?

A. Ah yes.. He He Yes, she is a beautiful girl and would look good in anything. Very beautiful girl and like i said before to you we are very good friends also…
Q. Do you think she will be good in the ring under full Thai rules- maybe against….?

A. I don’t know- we might have to find out I guess, why don’t you set up a fight, I can be referee! He He He
Q. What are your prediction and any message for Malaipet- who will be reading this for sure…?

A. He is a good friend and I wish him the best. This fight will be one to remember, please everybody- watch this fight we want to have a great fight and may the best man win!
Q. Thank you very much for your time and any final thoughts?

A. To all the fans, please watch the fight and thanks for supporting me, please read : I love it, try and have a look when I am not training at Fairtex. If you can get some nice pics of Jaimee on the website..He He He…Thank You!

Manchester City Team Visits Fairtex Sports Club Pattaya For A Spot Of Thai Boxing

23 May

by Pattaya Daily News (2008-05-23)

On May 18, 2008, Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), whose owner is Takhsin Shinawatra,headed for Pattaya to relax after losing 1-3 to the All Stars Premier Team, Thailand, in the special match Manchester City FC Super Match, Thailand, 2008, sponsored by Singha.
The British team,led by Mr.Bpan-thong-thae Shinawatra, the Team Director, was hosted by the Fairtex Sports Club & Hotel. The team was apparently eagerly looking forward to learning the noble art of Thai Boxing.
The MCFC team arrived in Pattaya, first, for a 7-day programme of leisure, combined with a sightseeing tour of Thailand. Long impressed with the fame of Thai boxing and also being athletes, the MCFC team had requested the Fairtex boxing master to teach them the art of Thai boxing. Mr.Prem Busarakamwong, heir of the Boxing Camp, warmly welcomed the team and the individual stars of the team: Darius Martin, Clarke Vassell, Benjamin Thomas, Mee Shaleum, Narval Logan, David Michael Ball and Kieran John Trippier had the chance to practice Thai boxing with a real coach, individually, using the normal rule of practicing for 3 minutes and then taking a 3-minute break.
The visit concluded with an authentic Thai boxing match given by two of the best Fairtex Muay Thai boxers. The thrilling bout ended in a knock-out. For most of the MCFC team, it was their first taste of the art, and they were so enthusiastic about the boxing match that they leapt up to take many photos of the exciting duel.
After the visit, the MCFC manager and the team said that they had really enjoyed visiting the Fairtex camp, where they had learnt so much about Thai boxing. They added that it would have been really unfortunate if they had missed out on the opportunity. The lessons they have learned will no doubt be revealed in their play when they get back home.
Mr. Prem, heir of the Boxing Camp, stated that he was extremely delighted that Manchester City Football Team had managed to visit Fairtex Sports Club and Hotel. It was a pleasure that MCFC was paying such an interest in Thai boxing. The benefit was twofold in that it gave the team the chance to practice Thai boxing, whilst learning about Thai culture through watching and participating in the national sport of Thailand.
For more visit

Fairtex Congratulates Savant Young

21 May

by FTX (2008-05-21)

Fairtex was pleased to sponsor Savant Young for his Japan debut at Shooto.Savant had a very tough task against the #2 ranked featherweight in the world, Takeshi “Lion Takeshi” Inoue.However it would be Savant’s night as the American was able to secure a unanimous decision victory, following a very impressive performance.At one point Savant Young had choked Lion Takeshi completely unconscious as the pair fell out of the ring.The stoppage allowed Lion time to recover, and he was able to continue the hard fought battle.Credit to Lion Takeshi for his toughness in a very exciting fight.
With his victory in Shooto, Savant will look to establish himself as one of the top threats in the featherweight division.From everyone at Fairtex, congratulations Savant!

The First Ever Muay Thai Full Rules in Dubai

20 May

by (2008-05-20)

Dubai – June 13, 2008

3 World Class Championship Contest.
WBC Muaythai Super Cruiser Weight Interim World Title
Main 1
Rodney Faverus (HOL) Vs Ramazan Ramazanov (RUS) 95kg
WBC Muaythai Super Middle Weight World Title
Main 2
Najim Etouhlali (MOR) Vs Wehaj King Boxing (THA) 76kg
WBC Muaythai Light Weight World Title
Main 3
Kongpipop King Boxing Vs Saenchainoy Toyota Rayong 61.2kg
7 Support Bouts From International Contenders.
Bout 1.
Kaew Fairtex (THA) Vs Micheal Dicks (UK) 64.5kg
Bout 2.
Saiseelek N. Sripueng (THA) Vs Abdul Malik (RUS) 88kg
Bout 3.
Fikiri Tijarti (MOR) Vs Correli (ITA) 72.5kg
Bout 4.
Rambo King Boxing (THA) Vs (TBA) 70kg
Bout 5.
Phoontarat Fairtex (THA) Vs Issam Laafissi (QTR) 58kg
Bout 6.
Mourad Tijarti (MOR) Vs Zidov (RUS) 67kg
Bout 7.
BigBen Ch. Praram 6 Vs Kieren Keddle (UK) 67kg

WBC Muaythai Extravaganza In Jamaica!

15 May

by (2008-05-15)

CCGI Foundation Announces 4th Annual Celebrity Golf Tournament, Muaythai Fight, and Cultural Extravaganza.
Proceeds will be used to purchase computers and establish technology learning centers in primary schools in Jamaica
Friday night’s schedule of events will feature the highly anticipated Muay Thai fight with an international line-up that includes:


WBC Muaythai World Super Welterweight Title

Yodsaenklai Fairtex-Champion (Thailand)
Malaipet Team Diamond (USA-Thailand)

WBC Muaythai World Middleweight Title

Lamsongkram Chuwattana-Champion(Thailand)
Farid Villaume (France)

WBC Muaythai World Super Cruiserweight Title

Ashwin Balark-#1 ranked (Holland)
Steve McKinnon-#7 ranked (Australia)

IKKC Muaythai World Cruiserweight Title

Clifton Brown-Champion (Canada)
Kaoklai Kannorasingh (Thailand)

IKKC Muaythai Women?s World Lightweight Title

Germaine de Randamie-Champion (Holland)
Julie Kitchen (England)

IKKC Muaythai World Light Heavyweight Title

Manu N?toh-Champion (USA)
Vicente Vielvoye (Holland)
IMTC World Super Welterweight Title

Baxter Humby-Champion (USA-Canada)
Jiangtao Dong (China)

IKF Muaythai World Middleweight Title

John Wayne Parr (Australia)
Marco Pique (Holland)

IKF Muaythai World Super Heavyweight Title

Rick Cheek (USA)
Patrice Quarteron (France)
June 18th-Wednesday 8pm Jamaica time-Ritz Carlton VIP reception

IMTC Women?s Featherweight Bout

Claudia Vidaurri (USA)
Joanna MacEachem (Australia)

WBC Muaythai Jr. Lightweight Bout

Dylan Resnedov (Australia)
Genki Nakamura (Japan)
IKF Muaythai World Cruiserweight Title

Manson Gibson (USA)
Edwin Aguliar (Mexico)
June 20th-Friday night 8pm Jamaica time-
Trelawney Stadium.

Best Of The West This Weekend!

15 May

by FTX (2008-05-15)

This Sunday, May 18th On The Mat presents the fourth annual “Best Of The West” No-Gi Submission Grappling tournament.This event will take place atthe Hall Of Champions in Long Beach, CA.The tournament typically showcases some of the brightest up and comers in the world of MMA and Submission Grappling.For more information visit,

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