Manchester City Team Visits Fairtex Sports Club Pattaya For A Spot Of Thai Boxing

23 May

by Pattaya Daily News (2008-05-23)

On May 18, 2008, Manchester City Football Club (MCFC), whose owner is Takhsin Shinawatra,headed for Pattaya to relax after losing 1-3 to the All Stars Premier Team, Thailand, in the special match Manchester City FC Super Match, Thailand, 2008, sponsored by Singha.
The British team,led by Mr.Bpan-thong-thae Shinawatra, the Team Director, was hosted by the Fairtex Sports Club & Hotel. The team was apparently eagerly looking forward to learning the noble art of Thai Boxing.
The MCFC team arrived in Pattaya, first, for a 7-day programme of leisure, combined with a sightseeing tour of Thailand. Long impressed with the fame of Thai boxing and also being athletes, the MCFC team had requested the Fairtex boxing master to teach them the art of Thai boxing. Mr.Prem Busarakamwong, heir of the Boxing Camp, warmly welcomed the team and the individual stars of the team: Darius Martin, Clarke Vassell, Benjamin Thomas, Mee Shaleum, Narval Logan, David Michael Ball and Kieran John Trippier had the chance to practice Thai boxing with a real coach, individually, using the normal rule of practicing for 3 minutes and then taking a 3-minute break.
The visit concluded with an authentic Thai boxing match given by two of the best Fairtex Muay Thai boxers. The thrilling bout ended in a knock-out. For most of the MCFC team, it was their first taste of the art, and they were so enthusiastic about the boxing match that they leapt up to take many photos of the exciting duel.
After the visit, the MCFC manager and the team said that they had really enjoyed visiting the Fairtex camp, where they had learnt so much about Thai boxing. They added that it would have been really unfortunate if they had missed out on the opportunity. The lessons they have learned will no doubt be revealed in their play when they get back home.
Mr. Prem, heir of the Boxing Camp, stated that he was extremely delighted that Manchester City Football Team had managed to visit Fairtex Sports Club and Hotel. It was a pleasure that MCFC was paying such an interest in Thai boxing. The benefit was twofold in that it gave the team the chance to practice Thai boxing, whilst learning about Thai culture through watching and participating in the national sport of Thailand.
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