Hervey Bay Fighters Succeed In Gold Coast Challenge

6 Oct

by Tony Green (2008-10-06)

A team of five young fighters from the Integrated Academy in Hervey Bay competed with great results in a Mixed Martial Arts Challenge event held at the Gold Coast PCYC on Sunday the 28th of September.

The Hervey Bay team consisted of Spencer Ahsam, Justin French, Jake Colvin, Dylan Kotevski and Josh Russell.
Academy founder and youth mentor Michael Green was very proud of all of the young fighters for their personal achievements and wishes to extend a heartfelt appreciation towards all of the team mates, instructors and family supporters of Hervey Bay’s Integrated Development Academy. This particular Martial Arts challenge was definitly a character building experience and has empowered all of the Academy participants to keep following their hearts with courage and determination on this shared journey of personal development.

The Academy is like a family now with so much team spirit being generated and shared. Our goal at this stage is to prepare five fighters for regular participation within these Martial Arts challenges that are held at the Gold Coast PCYC by Promoter Roy Luxton. Keep up the good work everyone and remember our team adage “Your Heart Is Free… Have The Courage To Follow It ! “

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